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The Shortened Amplitude Technique of Building Muscle



The Shortened Amplitude Technique of Building Muscle

Once you get to the gym is impossible do not notice that some experienced bodybuilders specifically alter the nature of the exercise. In pursuit of greater weight, they usually begin to build muscles, trimming the amplitude of the training movements: squat with a barbell on the shoulders of running a half or even one-fourth of the amplitude, some movements are performed only in a ninety-degree angle at the elbows.

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Ignorant people may think that they also can follow this technique and while training the feet can cheat and reduce the load. Also, they may cheat intending to build hands muscles, but they absolutely forget about the tremendous importance of right exercises execution.

Well, some newcomers still deceive themselves and do realize that the risk of injury to spinal ligaments increases many times over. Regarding experienced bodybuilders, it can be said about them that their choice of this type of reduced exercise is intentional.

If work following the method of reduced amplitude, it is possible to cope with the extra weight more than usual. Why so? Firstly because here work the laws of physics - the movement of the weight over a greater distance requires making more energy.

But the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, which trained during the bodybuilding, can afford at different stages of the same type of movement to develop the capacity of different efforts. Here work a usual lever system - the smaller the lever, the less muscular effort is applied, and vice versa.

The next question which may appear is how to distinguish beginners from professional athletes, and what type of training program is suitable for each category?

Giving an answer to this question, at first sight, does not work. Beginners and even advanced athletes who have more than a year of constant practice, almost in all exercises follow the technique and at the same time the whole amplitude execution.

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People working hard to get an excessive increase of muscle mass, and neglecting at the same time the reduction of the amplitude, in short periods of constant training process risks to get injured in the most unexpected moment. This can happen even because of the less slightly strengthened tendons and ligaments.

It’s absolutely another case when we talk about experienced athletes who have several years of continuous training. Their tendons and ligaments became stronger and thicker during the long training programs. In consequence of which they are able to handle the weight, increase requirements to the muscles and be very well at the same time.

As you see shortened amplitude technique has a lot of advantages. It can help you to get your muscles grown in a fast way and makes you trainings successful. But like any other think it has a big disadvantage: totally do not fit beginner bodybuilders.

That’s why do not allow yourself being tempted by this method when you come to the gym and see some bodybuilders with nice muscle doing it. Use common training methods, and after a few months of intensive training, you will be able to use it.

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