The Myth About Building Muscle without Training

Every one of us dreams to have a nice looking body, with well-worked muscles. And if we can get this is a short period of time, then this is absolutely great! So, you have decided to rapidly gain muscle mass, there are usually three ways that you may take into account. Firstly is about persistent exercise and a balanced diet. Secondly is about persistent exercise and eating what and when you want. And finally, the third one is about quit training altogether, watching TV and begin eating burgers and cakes. And of course, you can also use some anabolic steroids to enhance your muscles to the sky.

The myth about building muscle without trainingAs you may be deduced already, the third option, of course, adds weight, but pretty sure not that kind of weight you would like. Talking seriously which of the first two options seems more correct to you? maybe you have heard the opinion of so-called  “professionals”  which claim for increasing muscle mass is enough to give up aerobics, eat more and tasty food, and even increase your intake of fat! Before you give credit to such self-grown “professionals”, let's see what the truth is. Be aware of the fact that the only way to build muscle, not fat mass is an intensive training course, plus a well-balanced diet. And the most important detail is to perform both in the complex.

If you somehow neglect one of the components (training and nutrition), there either will be no result,  either it may be just the opposite of your intention instead of the muscles grown you'll  increase the fat mass!

Build muscles without training is not possible, and it should be obvious to everyone. Therefore, strength training is the basic foundation for building a strong body.  It’s true that there is a wide range of techniques and strategies for training. We will not go into details for every training method, as the essence of all systems may be reduced to some very important rules: the load must be intense and have to be increased gradually.

In other words, to ensure the growth, you need to continually improve the load on the muscles (overload principle). Only following this condition you will get your muscle grow more and more.

Along with these “gold” rules, there are other very important recommendations for getting your muscle mass grow quickly:

·         For every exercise perform 5-8 reps.

·         For each body part make 2-4 exercises by 3-4 sets.

·         Rest period between sets has to be quite short - 1-3 minutes so that the muscles do not have time to fully recover.

·         Every part of your body needs to be worked out once a week. Try to work more on complex movements.

·         Alternate "heavy" periods with "light" ones.

Keep in mind that time you spend in the gym must be a hundred percent useful! Do not cheat, is not reasonable for you! Your progress in getting muscles mass is directly proportional to how you exercise.  And remember if you do not load your muscles to the maximum, then no diet and supplements will make your muscles grow!

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