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The Last Repeat – Key to Success in Bodybuilding




This article is meant to answer the question about the importance of last repetitions while training and how it works. You will find the right way to perform the last repetition in order to achieve maximum results. Firstly, we would like to talk about the moment when you should consider this technique. During the first months of training with weights, as a rule, there is no particular difficulty.

Whatever training program the beginner bodybuilder gets good results both to the growth of power performance and in terms of growth of muscle mass. The only thing at this time which is tremendously important is regular training in the gym and adequate stress nutrition, rich in protein and complex carbohydrates.

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But, fortunately, or unfortunately, the beginning of a promising development is also the beginning to wind down - the growth of results on all fronts is beginning to slow and eventually stop altogether, and sometimes even dropping back.

Naturally, an advanced bodybuilder cannot accept such situation and begins to seek new ways of development, often complicating the split and trying to find all sorts of miracle supplements that can help to progress greatly. And here is neglected such an important aspect of training, the nature of performing exercises in the gym.

After all, exercise and that training stress lead to subsequent growth in the form of adaptive gain strength and muscle mass. This way the unfounded increase in the number of exercises and approaches only exacerbates the situation, leaving the body unable to respond to physiological stress. Moreover, there are neglected also the effectiveness of individual exercises - whether it's squats, pull-ups or breeding of dumbbells while standing.

The Last Repeat - Key to Success in Bodybuilding

In turn, for the effectiveness of an exercise is responsible directly the way is carried out the final repetition of the basic workflow approaches. And here cannot be a misunderstanding as this is the cornerstone of the entire training process. It is usually assumed that the final repetition should be performed at the limit of physical capacity. But this recommendation is differently understood by different people.

Some believe that for a successful completion of the exercise is quite enough to make even difficult, but highly half amplitude repeats. Others train themselves by the principle of accumulation of fatigue for each exercise and stopping after one or two repetitions until getting that muscular failure and intended thereby to save power for future approaches. Still, others work in a single approach, working to exhaustion as at the final of the exercises it becomes impossible to continue the approach.

Moreover, the same person at different times with different muscle tone and psychological can switch from one mode to the final repetition to another. For example, during a ten-training cycle may come a time when the execution scheduled before full load it will be impossible.

This can occur for many reasons, including due to the accumulation of fatigue from the past no less intense workouts. Reasonable in this situation would not be speeding up the load and its skillful adjustment to the current physical abilities, which may, for example, be achieved by choosing a gentler mode in the final iterations.

It is worth noting that the ability to monitor the own style of completing the exercise, largely determines its effectiveness, and lead to a cumulative effect in the future. But this is not easy and even not available for all people in the gym.

You must have a research character, desire for each workout, each exercise to study the feelings that fill the body during the really hard final repetitions, especially in the basic exercises like squats on his shoulders, and deadlift, etc.

The complexity of this operation is explained by the fact that almost all novice bodybuilders in the gym spend their time constantly looking for exotic training systems able blow up the muscles for 6 weeks. But, unfortunately, these systems look good on paper and nothing more. Instead, it would be wiser to focus your efforts on the study your own behavior during the final step of heavy basic movements, as well as to monitor the effectiveness of a particular type of training.

So, let’s see some practical advice for performing high impact last repetitions. Be aware of the fact that research is the foundation of bodybuilding or any other kind of sports. The main reason for this assertion is that there is no one true system of training, suitable to all, and in a completely different time.

It could be that in one moment a particular training program leads to muscle growth, while another time could be a radically different program from the first one which works great. And, yes, sometimes none of them work and this is also a great opportunity to study new premises.

In practice, the alternation of different regimes implies a constant load novelty, its incognizance for the muscles. For example, in the 6-9-week cycle, you can work in a key set of exercises in five ways, with the focus directly on the latter approach.

In fact, the first approach should be performed with preservation of strength, and the latter approach overcome past records - an increase in operating weight by one to two kilograms, or an increase of repetitions. Of course, there always could be a place for adjusting possible variations of the performance of all sets and reps in their full amplitude.

There is another option to go beyond own physical capabilities, requiring an even greater focus on what is happening. After a couple of light warm-up, approaches should set the maximum operating weight for the chosen number of repetitions.

Then, with this weight need to do transcendental approach. In these same approaches from two to four, to try to repeat the last result, despite the fact that the number of repetitions is falling down, and ending with partial repetitions approaches. At the next training session to take another attempt to carry out all work sets the maximum possible number of repetitions, fighting for every inch of them.

The Last Repeat - Key to Success in Bodybuilding

It would also be an appropriate combination of warm-up and working sets of a pyramid when weight gain is accompanied by a decrease in the number of reps. In all of these options is possible to use techniques of forced reps, when the most recent approach, lifting weights helps experienced partner. Forced repetition - an extremely intense technique, however, when used skillfully.

But if one or two forced repetition were carried out with a real increase in the intensity of the exercise in its final part, you have to return to it until 1-2 weeks. It is necessary to give the body to fully recover fully after a hard workout.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the selected type of final repetitions is advisable to practice them for few weeks, and do not jump from one program to another. In this case, it will not be possible to track the impact on the body of various schemes of individual final repetitions and choose the most appropriate at this stage of training.

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