How to Learn To Do One Arm Pull-ups?

How to learn to do one arm pull-ups?

It is very true that performing 20 pull-ups is nothing new. Quite another thing is to do one arm pull-ups. One arm pull-up is quite difficult exercise and not everybody is able to perform it. Even with a very good level of preparation it may happens that you can not do it. The main explanation is that during performing 20 two arm pull-ups are included in the work slow fibers. While during one-armed pull-ups are involved fast fibers, that is, power. Here,m a very important factor is the the weight of your body. So, try to keep it normal.

When it comes to one arm pull-ups every extra kilo counts very much. You can have enough power, but a couple of extra pounds of fat will pull you down and will not allow you to make extra replay.

Further in this article we will talk about specific training methods used for gaining the skills of one-armed pull-ups.
One of most popular method is about pulldown in one hand. Pulldown is performed while you grip the bar with one hand, when the chin is above the crossbar , in one line with hand. Downward movement must be controlled, that is, performed smoothly and slowly.

Do not begin to use pulldown for learning to perform one-armed pull-ups as soon as you are not able to do 20 two-arms pull-ups.  And even in this case, exercise may seem difficult, especially in the lower part. But even the lower part of the trajectory is a key site, because most people are helplessly depends on this one, most difficult part of the trajectory of pull-ups on one arm.

Alternation of hand during pulldown.
Following the same training method you have to alternate the hands while do pulldowns. Try to perform up to 12 reps, 6 for each hand. This helps equalize power capabilities of the hands and, in addition, reduces the risk of injury.

As you know one-arm pull-ups are tough skills to achieve. That’s you have to know that this process may take from 6 months to several years. So, patience and perseverance are key factors in this equation.

Let’s go further to the description of the exercise
Stay right under the crossbar, with the face to one of its ends. This pull up will be different from usual pull-ups as both palms will look at each other, lying on opposite sides of the neck (called the baseball grip). Little finger of the right hand should touch the thumb of left hand. In this case, your body will be perpendicular to the crossbar.

Pull-up using the power of both hands and holding the chin on the left side of the neck. When the chin is above the level of the neck, release the left hand and pull it to the right to help in keeping the balance, since your body will start to rotate slightly clockwise. Your chest is almost parallel to the neck. Hold this position for a second or two, and then start to pull down.
When you pull down your left hand have to be slowly turned to the left.

Maintaining balance, which you begin to develop right now is very important when doing one-armed pull-ups. Get down at a constant speed, slowly walking distance from the top to the bottom of the trajectory for about 6-10 seconds. You may find that it will not work the first time, but each time you will get better and better.

When you reach the position of one the line hand, extend your left arm and secure grip so that now the little finger of your left hand touching your right thumb. Again, place the body perpendicular to the bar. Pull up, using the power of both hands, but now holding your chin on the right side of the neck. When the chin is above the level of the neck, release the right hand and pull it to the left - your body will be slightly rotated counterclockwise. Get down on the left hand as you did on the right. Then change the grip in the bottom point and continue the exercise is to your right. And so on.

When you are able to do 2 or 3 sets, consisting of 12 alternating subsidence, you can try to do one arm pull-ups.

The technique of execution one arm pull-ups
One arm pull-ups begin with standing on two hands gripping the bar, in which the palms face each other. Release the left hand. Imagine that what you want to do now depends your whole life. Pull up hard and keep the balance trunk rotation in a clockwise direction (but not too much). It is very true that talking is easier than doing. All your attention should be focused on moving up this!

And as soon as you start to perform pull-ups, release the left hand and follow next steps:
-Pull the left hand to the right, along the chest;
-Turn your head to the right, in the sense of counterclockwise;
-Slightly lift up your legs and turn them to the right;
-During pull-up hold the right elbow as close as possible to the body.

Another training method is pull-ups with the fingers on non worked arm.
This method uses fingers of free hand for the "reduction" of body weight and by working hand in successful completion of pull-ups. Grip of bar with fingers can be painful. That’s why is I highly recommend to use a special device for finger, or simple glaves.
It is extremely important to focus on the working arm. You can get it by closing your eyes, or just looking on the ceiling. It was proved to be helpful the psychology attitude of looking to the ceiling and wanting to touch it. Of course, you will not get it, but you will succeed in you pull-up surely.

Begin the exercise by gripping the bar with both hands. Do two or three pull-ups in this position and then remove the thumb finger. Repeat the same number of pull-ups and then remove the pinky finger.

When all the repetition and approaches with your index and middle fingers are easy, go to the exercises, helping just one middle finger. Practice, practice and train again. Try to focus all your attention on the working arm. This is very important. Pulling up on the one hand is a hard, tedious work.
It's possible you'll find that the transition from one finger to another with less force, is too difficult. Then you can try a combinations of fingers, for example, the combination of the index and ring, but this would not be very comfortable.
Pulling with help is another good exercise. Grip the bar with the left hand as close to you as possible, while with right hand grip the bar as far as possible.Thus, the main burden falls on the left hand and with right you just help yourself. The further you put aside your right hand, the harder it will be for the left one.

Pull up using a towel is a another variation meant to help you to learn to do one arm pull-ups. Pass the towel over the bar and grip it with one hand, and with the second hand grip the bar too. If it possible hang on a belt weights. Pulling up on two hands with the weights is perfect for the development of hand strength.

To become a master of one arm pull-ups, you must not rely on techniques, but on effect.
When you're hanging in the starting position on a straight right hand, you will always rotate counter-clockwise. To prevent rotation, learn a special way to put pressure on bar with your  hand, especially that part which is under the pinky finger. Using this technique, you can stop twisting and control the rotation of your body.

Choose two exercises for yourself and follow them for 4-5 sets of 5 reps. From time to time, exercise is necessary to change to avoid addiction. Exercise should be no more than three days, or even less frequently. The thing is that the  fast fiber power slowly restored. So pay attention to your well-being.

There are some very common dangers when doing one arm pull-ups. Pay attention to  them and listen to your body.
Tendinitis. This is a problem faced by many in the way of training. As soon as you notice an acute pain in the elbows, stop training for a while, up to few weeks until the disease passes. Then coming back to training should be gradual. To avoid this problem, train slowly. It is better to take a few steps back than to sharpen the problem.

The shoulder joint is also easily hurt doing pull-ups on one arm. Even under normal pull-ups when you are in the down position, your shoulders should be tense. Relaxed shoulders are more easily to get damaged when they are subject to so much weight.

As you see one arm pull-ups are one of the most difficult exercise to perform. That’s why when you are able to perform at least one one arm pull-up this how great endurance and strength skills of your body. The lean and smaller your body is, the more easier is for you is to perform this kind of exercises. And vice versa.

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