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How to Increase Concentration During Workout?




Nothing is more important for success than concentration. Regardless of your attitude to bodybuilding, nothing can be accomplished if you do not use your abilities to work to best effect. Bodybuilding is not just about lifting weights. It requires the same persistence and skill as any other sport, and more.

In bodybuilding, weight is not a goal but a tool with which you handle their muscles and gives them the form and quality of what you want. And if you do it is scattered, not concentrated, the load just dissolve, disappear, dissipate throughout the body and has no effect.

You have to know that developing the ability to concentrate is not an easy task. It’s impossible to know all the tricks of bodybuilding just with your first visit to the gym. You have to try to put in every exercise so much mental energy as you can, and you will get it -muscle growth. That’s why is very important how to get high concentration during the training, in order to achieve best results in record time. Read further and you will find how you can do it.

First of all try to concentrate in the evening, on the eve of training. Try to focus your thoughts on work you will do in the next day in the gym, try to develop enthusiasm. Before going to sleep bed think about the atmosphere of the gym, successful approaches, and you will get up determined to achieve new results.

How to Increase Concentration During Workout?

A great tool for this purpose is a training diary. Before you go to the gym, check your records from the last workout. This is a great impulse to want to do more, to overcome yourself. Also, plan every exercise, every movement you usually do in the gym. Due to this, once you will get to the gym you already know what you want to do today, and do not feel unsure about what you have to do.

People are different. This is an all known fact. But it was proven, that getting more concentrated is much more possible when in the gym are few people. However, if you catch a full gym, then avoid direct contact eyes with other people. This will get your thoughts on everything else than your exercises, and you lose the quality of performance. Also, this will be a sign for other people that you do not want to be disturbed.

There are many people who believe that when the muscle starts to burn it break concentration, but you have to use this process as a part of your concentration. Burning keeps you start another repetition, but that it helps gives you the confidence that you are everything as planned

During each exercise try to emphasize the negative part of the movement, it makes you concentrate harder. Try to perform negative movements slower than positive. Also, if you perform exercises with a partner you can work till the failure, but without talking to each other.

A good partner for training always knows exactly when and how much to help you, without dropping your concentration. If you decide to train alone, this may cause you more difficulties because of rest between sets. A very important aspect of training with a partner is to be sure that you are not in competition with him.

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When you start to compete with someone, you can not focus on how to get the most out of the movement. you have not to worry how much weight raises my partner in the last approach, because it is irrelevant and does not help you at all. You just need to care about helping each other to perform the maximum you can do.

To avoid the distraction and loss of concentration at the end of training, try do not make them too long. the main goal is to keep enough energy for the whole exercises. Usually, the length of a training program should be minimum 25 minutes and maximum 45 minutes. Also, do not forget about the warm-up process, that should take about 15-20 minutes.

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Also, you have to prioritize exercises. Begin with the strenuous exercises, such as exercises for legs.
So, the main rule is that if you lose the concentration during training, it means that the training is too long.

Some people complain about finding hard to concentrated while are on a diet. Is concentration influenced by what we eat? You have to know that what you eat, acts not only on your body but also the brain. Your ability to concentrate is not an independent variable. If you do not eat properly, for example, too few carbohydrates, then your blood sugar, and therefore the energy is too low and your mind will not work at full tempos.

If you're looking for a magic or secret mixture to improve your concentration, you have to know that there is nothing to help you. Alertness, both physical and mental, depends on persistent, well-balanced, high-protein, relatively low-fat diet that provides you a constant blood sugar level throughout the day.

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This does not mean that you can eat all day anyhow, just before a workout to eat something nutritious. Nutrition is important not only during exercise but during the recovery process, all day, until the end. Do you know that a good concentration will keep your away from any kind of injuries? Let’s see further how can be explained this.

It’s a fact that almost all injuries occur not because of too big weight or because bodybuilder gets too tired, but because of lost concentration on the right execution of the exercise. If you focus on exercise, but the weight is too big or you're too tired, you just do not overpower this load.

On the other hand, we can talk about excessive concentration.  Never underestimate the power of your will. It can be stronger than your body. Just as you control the exercise to avoid getting injured, also you have to control yourself, not to cross the limit of the capacity of your muscles. You have to set some limits, but to be able to let them down in case of necessity.

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Another aspect related to concentration is its presence in case of injury. This is the moment when you need to fully concentrate, as you need to feel the extent to which the injured area may work, and secondly, you must be sure that the damaged area worked sufficiently, it will recover faster. In other words, you should not train too much, but enough.


As you see getting too concentrated is quite easy to happen. That’s why try to avoid it by forget about training during the day, think about something else, and only in the evening you may think about the next day and that you will do in the gym. When the time comes to training, you will have enough mental strength to 10-15 minutes to dedicate ourselves to working mood by 100%.

Summarizing the above said, we can cross a line and define some very important rules that will help you to get concentrated during the training:

-  Keep all negative thoughts far of your head, “lock them in the room and threw away the key”.

-  Always imagine your workout in most colored shades. Positive thinking is a must combined with an encouraging manner.

-  Once you are in the gym and do your exercises try to focus only on them, and nothing else. No looking, no competing, no desire to prove you're the best. Just do your exercises at maximum you can. You are in the gym to train, but not to socialize. Wearing headphones is a great way to avoid talking with somebody.

-  Carefully plan your workout as you will not get distracted by anything else. Every evening before a workout you have to know what you will do next day I the gym, how long and what exercises will be first.

-  Do not get lazy and come to the gym every time you have to do it. It is easy to find excuses for missing a training, but this absolutely disadvantages you.

-  Being on diet influence the ability to concentrated during a training. So take in consideration next time when going to exercise.

-  Concentration means no injuries or at least much less than you can imagine.

-  Performing exercises requires both physical and mental concentration. Keep this in mind!

-  Constantly imagine how you would like to look at a time. This will keep you concentrated and will make to look forward to the results of a successful workout.

As you see staying focused is very important for a successful training. Never underestimate this factor in your way to build a nice lean muscle mass.

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