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How to Get Shredded?




If you are a bodybuilder who works hard in the gym for a long period of time and have achieved great results than inevitably come a time when you want to show your physique at the best way possible. You can have many reasons for this such as a competition, special occasion, to be more attractive for the opposite sex or something else.

Namely, at this moment come to the idea to get your muscles shredded. What does this mean? Shredded it’s a term which defines extremely low body fat level. Surely you have seen bodybuilders whose skin look like cellophane, and you are able to observe striation in every muscle.

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So, this is very hard to achieve state and many bodybuilders fail in this attempt, despite they are working hard in the gym for long period of time. Moreover, getting shredded or ripped is recommended at least because the sharp transitions to the fat burning training will provide you the later greater impact of usual training on strength and muscle mass.

So, anyway, you will have to get shredded sooner or later. However, there is one condition, without which the training period of shredded can turn into a real disaster. It is about the passage of the initial phase of the basic set of total muscle mass, which lasts usually from six months to two years.

So, When is the Best Time to Get Ripped?

So, When is the Best Time to get Ripped?

If you successfully passed the initial phase of gaining muscles mass, namely you increase it up to 20 pounds, then it's time to think seriously about getting shredded. In other words, you will work on burning body fat, which can obscure muscle mass.

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It is very important to understand what should be your expectations even after a successful cycle. First, it is important to prepare mentally. Since there will not be less training will, diet is more under control, then hoping to get muscle growth during the shredded stage is not necessary.

You need to set just one goal, and in this case to burn unwanted fat depots. This also applies to gain power performance. In case of malnutrition, and it will be, fighting for those extra pounds is extremely difficult.

More likely you will have to work in a different mode, such as trying to keep the bar's own security record, at least at the same level. This is a difficult job. And how do you deal with it will depend on power rates, with which you will begin to next after shredded stage training.

But that's not all. Confronting the physiological decline in muscle strength, you are going to actively help preserve the maximum percentage of muscle mass in the body. As you have probably realized, this is one of your tasks. So, in order to implement the body fat burning cycle, lasting 14 weeks, you must first do plan, and then follow it with stringency.

Need to determine what level you will get your muscles after this time. The fact is that the precipitous weight loss, practiced among "non-athletes" is absolutely inappropriate for bodybuilders. The reason is quite simple: in case of sharp weight loss disappears not only fat but muscle mass too, all these being accompanied by dehydration.

Based on the fact that the muscles represent protein and water, for the most part, this option cannot be useful to you. It is advisable to plan to burn fat stores at the rate of a 1.1 pound of your own body weight during a  week.

That is, during a month you will lose about 4.4 pounds and for 12 weeks only 13,2 pounds or so. In this case, you can be sure that from all lose weight 75-80% were burn body fat and not muscle mass. Be realistic, do not chase ephemeral results.

If your excess weight is clearly greater than the above numbers, be patient, you may need to go through several stages of shredded, mixing each of them with other types of training. In this case, you end up with great muscle build muscle mass and very low percentage of body fat.

What Kind of Diet is Most Advisable to Follow During Shredded State?

What Kind of Diet is Most Advisable to Follow during Shredded State?

To reach the fat burning stage, you need to make some necessary adjustments to your diet. The first thing to do is to organize a calorie deficit, but the deficit has to be small about 250-300 calories. You will have to pay big attention to everything you eat.

.Avoid to exceed this threshold deficit since there is a high risk of triggering muscle mass lost. And sooner or later, the excessive deficit will slow down all metabolic reactions in the body that only slow down the burn of fats. And this is something we do not need at all.

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It is important to exclude openly unsportsmanlike products such as sweets, pastries, fast food, low value in terms of nutrition for a bodybuilder gastronomic masterpieces. It is important to accentuate the complex carbohydrates from cereals, animal proteins, preferably without too much fat.

Necessary body fat is important to obtain from vegetable oils, nuts, and it is not excluded pharmacy fish oil. Even this vegetable oil will be a little bit, but it still will be in your diet. This is needed for the joints and for the whole body, including the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

What Should your Workout include in Order to get your Muscle Mass Ripped?

What Should your Workout include in Order to get your Muscle Mass Ripped

It is believed that a calorie deficit, potentially leading to a reduction of fat, can be achieved by increasing the duration of training. In particular, previously such results were achieved by a transition of all strength exercises to 18-20 repetitions. But as time passed, it became clear that a long period of training leads to a more significant loss of muscle mass.

Therefore, in case of making changes in a training program, they should not be radical. It is best to stay in the same mode of repetitions up to 8-12. But, nevertheless, adding innovations to your workout routine is highly recommended.

Constantly struggling with falling down working weights to each workout you have to combine supersets at your sole discretion. Maybe it will be one or a pair of supersets, and maybe the whole exercise will be linked to this principle, it is not so important. And supersets can be both for a target muscle group, and for the relatively distant muscles.

The main thing is the rest period between different approaches has to be minimized, ideally - no more than 30 seconds, and a superset even less. It is clear that in this case, the working weight will fall, and muscles will not have time for a full recovery. In short, the training program has to be focused on power endurance.

In order to spur fat burning effect is necessary to include to the final of training some aerobic exercise. It should not be extreme, 20-30 minutes is quite enough for this.  That is, the intensity of aerobic exercise should resemble undulating process, with the recession in the beginning, middle and end of the session.

A good example of aerobic exercise could be bicycle races. You should not include aerobics at the beginning of strength training. When the cardiac load comes after anaerobic, fat burning effect will be more noticeable, because they have to work in conditions of low blood sugar.

Which, of course, will cause the body to burn fat stores it, and relatively quickly. Of course, to achieve this goal will require some time. Usually, 20-30 minutes three to four times a week would be enough.

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What About Supplements, are They Useful in an Attempt to Burn Body Fat?

As for supplements that stimulate fat burn process can be used following products that contain carnitine, caffeine in combination with aspirin. Keep in mind that you have to use them only as a supplement, strictly following the recommendation of the manufacturer.

If you have problems with the lining of the digestive organs, then you have to exclude aspirin completely. Caffeine known for its features to mobilizes the psyche is appropriate. But it has to be consumed in adequate quantities and only in the training days in the morning and an hour before workout.

As anti catabolic products, which allow you without risk to resist loss in muscle mass, use BCAA, amino acids, but, again, in the doses that are registered by the manufacturer, based on your weight. Excessive doses of amino acids may also lead to the breakdown of the digestive tract, which minutely affects the overall performance of the shredded process in general. Also, take amino acids with a meal in the morning, before and after training.

Since training in a state of malnutrition and heavy exercise program requires much patience, it is important to set yourself in advance that for next 12 weeks you will have strength collapse, mood changes and the desire to eat plenty temporarily banned products, as well as disrupt the character of the selected split. Naturally, all of this must peacefully be swept aside, as the main and the real prize ahead-very well looking athletic figure.

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