How to Strengthen Grip

How to strengthen grip

Mostly people pay less attention to grip strength, considering not as important as building main group of muscles like biceps, triceps, shoulders and others. The idea is that with a weak grip you will never be able to build massive muscle mass, as firstly you risk too much to get injured and secondly you will have no power to work with big weights. Strength grip allow you to grabble better, thus makes your lift workout safer and more effective as well.

Before taking about how to improve grip, have to be said mentioned that it is not mandatory to have strong and big hands from nature: all these can be developed through training. This is a fact, and you have not to feel discouraged if you have small hands.

The easiest way to improve grip is the use of hand expander. You can stay in the commodity of your chair, watching TV and meantime squeeze it in your hands.  This is a great alternative for lazy people, who still want to strengthen grip.
The main advantage of this option is its mobility. You are free to do something else while exercising with expander.  This is a big plus, since our days, when we are very busy; we hardly find time for such training.  You can do it in your way to work, or during a break.

An alternative to usual expander is a more actual and expensive device called Power ball. It has the size of a tennis ball, and has inside it an internal device which provides resistance. It allows the exercises that improve the wrists and forearms strength. All exercises related to powerball include rotating it in a clockwise/counterclockwise direction. You have to know that power ball perfectly work and other group muscle like biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids and others. However, regardless of what group of muscles are target, wrists is always involved in work. Thus, they are trained all the time you work with powerball. There are no specific exercises for wrists.

Fist push-ups are perfect for strengthen wrists. They are similar to regular push-ups, but in this case use your fits, rather than hand, to push off the floor.

Another great exercise for improving grip is fingertip push-ups.  Use your finger, rather than your hand or fits, to push off your body from the floor.  Ideally would be to exercise fingertip push-ups until you will be able to do them using only two fingers.  Do it this way: when you get to 10 fingertip push-ups begin to decrease the number of finger you use until you get to two. When you will master this type of exercise, you greatly train your wrists and strengthen your grip very well.

Continue strengthening your grip by using a pull up and two towels. This is quite popular method of improving grip strength among bodybuilders. Hold the towels, instead of gripping directly the bar, and begin do pull-ups.  Namely such a type of training will focus the entire load on your hand and wrists, strengthening them in a great way.

Great variations of this exercise that will help you feel how your writs works suppose the use of two tennis balls instead of towels. Keep the balls on the top of the bar and grip them with your hands while do pull-ups. During this exercise you will feel how your muscles form the writs till the fingers work hardly.

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Free weights exercises are great for improving wrists strength. Do wrists curl with dumbbells, they are very effective. For this grip the dumbbells with your hand and raise them up using only your wrists and not including bicep muscle. Always start with light weights and increase them slightly every other two or three days.

Climbing a rope can be a very effective exercise for strengthening wrists. This exercise includes in work and many other groups of muscles, thus it is considered a very good strengthening activity.

Strengthening grip is especially important in bodybuilding, since here you work with big weights and need to have your wrists ready for this. Most of bodybuilder is not interested about how much someone can grip, instead pay a big attention on how big a biceps muscles. And this is wrong, since the stronger is the grip, the bigger weights you will be able to lift. And as you know, for great muscle growth and strengthen you have to work with big weights.

If you want very much to strengthen your wrists, keep in mind following tips.
- If you have no experience with push-ups on the floor, begin with push-ups on the wall. This kind of push-ups will help you gain enough strength for doing floor push-ups. Begin with leaning into the wall at 60 degrees and slowly reduce the angle until you will be able to them on the floor.  Further, do traditional push-ups using your palms. Only after mastering this kind of exercise you can go further for more difficult variation like fist or fingertip push-ups.
- Since this kind or training is not as popular among bodybuilders, you may feel weak when you start doing it. So, this is the way it should be if you never trained your wrists before.
- Exercises as much as possible. The easiness of doing these exercises comes with time and experience. If you used to do hand grip exercise while watching your TV, than is time to switch to more complicated exercises. Push-ups on two fingers, or pull-ups using two tennis balls will not seem to you hard to do after a time of training. In change you will get strong writs and good physician condition.
- Whenever you exercise you risk to get injured. Wrists are very sensitive and you have to be more careful do not damage them while training. Such an injury can keep you out of the gym for a long time, since wrists and hand injuries take much time to heal.  That’s why is very important to use wrist wraps for keeping your wrists safe during the training.

These are the most important tips to follow when it comes to exercises for strengthening wrists. All the time begin with the less and work your way up. Only this way you will be able keep your wrists safe while working on their strengths.

Hopefully you find useful all exercises shared above for improving wrists strength. They are easy to do, safe and most important very effective. They have been used by many successful bodybuilders, who manage to build strong wrists unless nature was not so generous with them on this chapter.  They have proved that strong wrists can be achieved through long and correct training.
So, if you have small wrists and hands is not the case to despair.  You can succeed in bodybuilding, just know very well what you have to do. Learn from other experience and mistakes, and never admit them again. Only this way you will keep your wrists safe and will manage to increase their strength in short time.

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