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Push-Ups For Building Muscle



Push-ups For Building Muscle

How to make a home program of push-ups to achieve the growth of pectoral muscles and how often and how many times you need to do push-ups? These are some of the most important questions asked by people looking to build muscle at home. We offer you below answers to all these questions and an innovative opinion about push-ups effectiveness.

Despite the frequent advice about performing as more as you can push-ups, doing more than 15 push-ups exercises is not efficiently. Since in this case, you're not working on muscle strength, and, moreover, the volume but on endurance. In addition, performing push-ups for many times can burn muscle. That’s why keep in mind that maximum your muscles need is 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Also, it’s very important to understand that you do not need to increase the number of push-ups but work on technique and on the complexity of motion. It’s about moving to push on the platform and using just one hand.

Which muscles are involved in work while performing push-ups? Depending on the type of push-ups vary the involved muscles. For example, in the classical performing most requested are chest muscles, part of load falls on the triceps, and quite a bit on the press and back.

By changing the position of the hands, you can change the load on different muscles. You can load chest muscles of the chest (wide hand position), or triceps (narrow hand position). In addition, push-ups on fingers or fist strengthened the wrist.

Push-Ups with Weights:

Push-ups with Weights

Studies have shown that during conventional push-ups you are working 64% of your body weight. When performing push-ups on your knees - 49%. In other words, if your weight is 80 kg, then when you do push-ups you are working with 51 kg.

For a beginner is highly advisable to start with 35 kilograms (push-ups on knees), then increase the weight to 45 kg. But, unfortunately, very soon you will need to increase the load. Those attending the gym would be said that push-ups with a weight of 45 kg are not so much.

That’s why another frequent question is the possibility to increase the load while performing push-ups. Here you need to know that if you use a footrest, you may increase the load. The same study says that using the stand at 60 cm beneath the feet increases the workload to 75% of body weight. In addition, you can do push-ups on one arm.

Another way to increase the load in the push-ups is to use extra weight, which is located on the back. Unfortunately, this is possible only with the help of training partner, whereas placing the weight on the back by you is quite difficult.

How to Build Chest Muscles at Home?

Push-ups are recommended by professional trainers only to those who never were engaged in power training room. Those who are fully engaged in fitness, push-ups can be used more as a means of maintaining the form without simulators - for example, during a vacation.

It is important to know that those who are seriously engaged in the gym, is not necessary to add this exercise to the main program. Be aware of the fact that performing 50-100 push-ups on a daily basis, you do not build muscle but only worsens the recovery process after exercise.

So push-ups are needed only for those who were never engaged in strength training. As part of the program, they are useless. Also, do not burn yourself with hundreds of repetitions. Keep in mind 4 sets of 12 reps are more than enough.

Start with easy types of push-ups like stand with the arms, then move on to the pushups on your knees, the usual push-ups, push-ups with a footrest, and on one arm push-ups (or push the load). In addition, practice up to three times a week.

How to do Push-Ups Properly?

Like we said in other posts to properly do push-ups, you must learn to feel the muscles of the chest stand straight, hold the front of the palm to the chest, then slowly allot arm forward as if pushing something away from you, trying to stretch the chest muscles.

Repeat the movement again and again; feeling included in the work the chest muscle. Second hand you can put on the chest to get a better feel it. The next step will be slow push-ups from the knees, again, with full control of the muscles.

Despite popular opinion, push-ups are not a magic exercise. It may be useful for beginners or those who want to keep fit outside the gym, but it absolutely does not need to include in the basic training program.

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