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Abs Exercises For Bodybuilders




Everyone coming to the gym want to work abdominal muscles regardless of sex or opinions about practicing bodybuilding. The main reason is that strong abs are very often associated with a nice figure and a great-defined waist. Along with this, strengthening abs muscle has the role to prevent all type injuries that might appear in the lower spine.

The most important movement specific for all abdominal muscle is flexing the trunk from the median region. One of these exercises is crunch and its variation. It is one of the best known and largely used exercises. It includes lifting the trunk horizontally, while the body is lying or declined and with face up.

The legs remain fixed during the exercise under the trellis or are blocked by a training partner. With hands behind your head, get up to 70-90 degrees so that the abdominal muscles always remain firm. Descend slowly, keeping the abdominal contraction, and repeat without touching the floor at the bottom of the exercise.

The proper breathing should be this way: exhaling is explosive in the upper point of the exercise, and inspiration occurs during the trunk down to the starting position. This exercise knows many forms of execution, in bed, declined to 30 degrees or 90 degrees (the trellis, upside down).

It can also be done with feet in the air (at right angles), calves parallel to the groundwork was supported by the bank. As we said above, these core exercise has many variations. One of this exercise is reversed crunch. Although it is like regular crunch, however, the execution of this exercise is opposite.

Supine with trunk stuck to the seat, legs at 90 degrees (thighs perpendicular to the ground) and your hands holding the bank. Maintaining a constant angle between thighs and calves, tense your abs to lift your pelvis to the chest.

The top position should be that bank balances not to touch, and his knees close to the chest. Back up in position touching the floor basin and then repeat. Hold your breath while climbing up legs to the chest, which is the most difficult part of the exercise. On superior position expires, then breathe while whilst down.

The third exercise is the oblique crunch. This is a variation of traditional crunch but especially the abdominal oblique muscles. From supine, with shoulders on the floor, hands behind your head, rotate your hips to 90 degrees to the side and bend your knees. Contract oblique muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the floor. In superior position, trunk should be at 30 degrees from the ground.

Coma back to initial position and repeat the movement.  At the end of the set rotate your hips to 90 degrees in the opposite direction and resume exercise. About the right breathing take the breath in the superior position when oblical muscles fully contract initial starting position.

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Abs Crunch Machine Exercises:

Ab crunch Machine Exercises:

These exercises very effectively isolate the abdominal and intercostal muscles. The execution of the exercise is like traditional crunch, with the difference that in this case, we are dependent on the machine we work on.

The main advantage of the crunch machine is it ergonomy which allow the execution of a large number of repetitions without causing pain to your back, neck or thigh.

The disadvantage is the high price of these machines, which break down relatively quickly. That’s why the classical methods are more recommended, whereas they do not cost you money and will not break anyway.

Keep in mind that all described above exercises can be performed with or without weights depending on the number of repetitions you do. If you use weights (discs) they will be set with hands crossed on his chest and will be selected so you can perform a number of at least 20-25 reps.

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When it comes to abs muscle the number of repetitions is very important detail, whereas fortification of the abdominal wall is more important than brute muscle. If you want to achieve visible results for middle abdominal muscles it’s recommended to perform each workout at least 3 sets of 20-50 reps. These four types of crunch are very effective in strengthening the abs muscle. Add to this ingredient a proper diet and you will get great results.

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1 Comment

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