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Define Your Abs Muscle With Roman Chair Sit Ups




There is a wide range of exercises for building and strengthening press muscles and lower back. Some of them are more useful than others. Roman chair exercises are considered more useful than many other exercises. You have to make it a part of your workout as it effectively is very high. In this post, we will talk about exercises performed on roman chairs, what muscles can be worked through it and how to train safely.

First of all, have to be said that romanin chairs machines designs may differ from one model to other. So, according to its design, you will be able to work back muscles through hyperextensions or press muscles using your body weight. By performing roman chair exercise you get your lower back and press muscle used to more tension.

Thus, when you will turn to basic exercises with big weights such as bench presses, you will be able to train with bigger weights while staying safe. Also, roman chairs exercise to improve your body posture, making your shoulder and press muscle look better even they are not well trained.

How to Do Roman Chairs Sit-Ups:

How to do Roman Chairs Sit-ups

To roman chairs exercise sit, first of all, on it.  The pelvis should be placed entirely on the seat so that the buttocks does not go over the edge. Put your hands on your chest and cross, in the lower legs rest against the rollers. Keep legs straight, and take a deep breath. Further, hold your breath and begin to lower the torso below your thighs.

Next step would be to twist forward amplitude of 30-60 degrees from the horizontal. If you find difficult to perform this way, you can simplify it by lowering the torso to a position perpendicular to the floor. Once you get to the highest point of the exercises, exhale and you will overcome the most difficult part in raising your body exercise.  Take a pause, as much as possible straining abdominal muscles.

Exhale completely and come back to the starting position. This exercise has to be done by performing a slow or moderate tempo. Do not jerk while lifting the body, since this will not give the expected result. During the performing of this exercise, the body can rotate in one or direction and then the other, involving in work intercostal muscles.

There are many bodybuilders who choose to use some free weights while doing it. But this is not a great idea, especially for novice bodybuilders. Your lower back is still too weak, thus the risk of injury is very high. Contrary, from this point of view, professional bodybuilders can use free weights, but they do not do it. Why? Mostly because their goal is not to increase abs muscle mass, but to get it defined.

Advice on Roman Chairs Sit-Ups:

Advice on Roman Chairs Sit-Ups

-In order to get the most from this exercise, lower your body just below the horizontal. This would be a hyperextension, during which the spine is curved outward. All this time abdominal muscles are contracted, which means that they work at the great degree.

-When you move up to make sure of rounding your back, and not just lift the torso with the help of your back. The basic movement here is to bend the spine, but not the hip.

-Very often people sit in the simulator so that the pelvis is in the air. In this case, the bending occurs in the hip joint, while the press gets less load.

-Avoid to do this exercise holding heavy loads on your chest. This will not give you a positive result since the press gets already sufficient load. Instead, it will include in work hip flexors, which upon receipt of the load will be shortened. In the end, this will turn into an ache all over the lower back.

- Since roman chair machine parameters cannot be changed, it is not suitable for tall athletes. A tall athlete will seat on the mead -thigh, making this exercise not only inefficient, but also very traumatic.

-Proper positioning of the pelvis on the seat is of great importance for the effective work of abdominal muscles, and to prevent possible injury. Pelvis should be fully supported by the seat. Because of this, it will be easier to round back when moving up and the load will be directed to the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle. If the buttocks are out of the bench and you sit mostly on the thighs, the load is focused on the hip flexors and lower part of the press.

- Never bend the spine too much. This is the most common mistake among those who love to do roman chair exercises. Bending the spine while can lead to traumatic stress in the spine and this cause herniated disc.

Does Roman Chair Sit-Ups Fit all Bodybuilders?

Does Roman Chair Sit-ups Fit all Bodybuilders?

Roman chairs exercises are designed for bodybuilders with a medium and high experience of a gym workout. This is an isolation exercise, especially used for getting your abs muscle defined. So, until you get to this stage, you have to work hard on gaining overall muscle mass.

In other words, you need to focus foremost on basic exercises and then turn to isolation ones. Also, roman chair exercises put the big load on your lower back. An inexperienced bodybuilder has the lower back less developed. Thereby the risk of injury is high.

How many Sets and Reps of Roman Chair Sit-Ups Have to Be Done?

How many Sets and Reps of Roman Chair Sit-Ups Have to Be Done?

First of all, these exercises have to be a part of a press workout. If you train your abs twice a week and are not a novice bodybuilder make sure you do roman chairs exercises before training bottom of the press. Before doing roman chairs leg lifts exercises, do reverse curls. Exercises that followed roman chairs movements should include oblique twist exercises.

Regarding the number of sets and reps, try to do 3-4 sets by 10-12 reps for each one. Such a number of sets&reps are great for working your abs muscle without overtrained them. Along with roman chair sit-ups, there are other other exercises performed on this machine. It is about back extensions, knee raises, oblique crunch.

Roman chairs exercises are very effective for toning and strengthening muscles groups. But roman chair sit-ups in special is great for strengthening and defining your abs muscles. This exercise helps you to get those six packs on your abs, and what can be more exciting than this.

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