Does Music Improve Your Workout?

Does music improve your workout?

Have you ever asked why do you listen to music during your bodybuilding workout? If if you answer is yes, then you will be interested to find out the answer to this question and other important details related to music in the gym.

The main explanation is that music gives the bodybuilder a certain mood, as the music rhythm almost coincide with the exercises rhythm, increasing the excitement of those who work out. In other words, through music is created a nice atmosphere for training.
There are less people who prefere to train in silent.

Many studies done on this subject have been proved that a proper music choice while training make it more effective. On the other hand, there are some kind of music genres that have to be avoided, as they decrease the willing to train.

When we talk about music in the bodybuilding or other type of sport, the main role of music is to suppress the pain. Science says that a properly fitted melody are able to block the secretion of prolactin cerebellum, which in turn significantly reduces the level of stress in training. As a result, a bodybuilder feels tired much later than usual. Thus the male athletes are able to increase training duration by 30%, while women with 25%.

Different music can act differently, so the task about music choice have to be carried seriously and competently. As the the same research has shown best type of music for bodybuilding would be hard rock with its pronounced rhythm. During recovery period, you should opt for classical or other slow rhythm music.  It turns out that human brain biorhythms and the rhythm of the heart, for unknown reasons, do adjust to the rhythm of music. The slower is the rhythm, the quieter works the heart, brain and nervous system. In the post-workout period, you can use music to stimulate or suppress appetite. Eating under energetic music can make you eat more. Instead,  slow music, especially the orchestra with solo flute, greatly reduce the appetite.

That’s why you have always to listen to music while training, even if doesn’t give you strength in the beginning. After a while you learn to push and get a powerful surge of energy, and music will keep your mood and attitude to train. It's no secret that the health of a person depends on his mood. This thesis applies the growth of muscles aspect too. The better you feel and the more confident you are, the more effective the training would be.

Music has to motivate you, inspire you to get new records, so during your training avoid listening to sad and slow songs. Also, listen to pop music is not an alternative. This is because it causes muscle spasms. These spasms are almost unnoticed and do not harm your health, but, for example, when the lift rod to the chest with large weights, such a spasm can cause serious troubles.

bodybuilding and music

So, there are three main points the melody you are going to listen while training has to meet:
-The song should not cause you negative feelings;
-Decent lyrics; no funny or embracing words;
-Bodybuilder has not to think about the meaning of lyrics, just do movements under the song rhythm.

The number of gym where music comes from radio is constantly decreasing. Why? Because gym owners understand that every bodybuilder may have its own music tastes, and there are no chance for a full gym of people to like the same music. That’s in most of gym is silent, every bodybuilder listen the music on headphones. Thanks God the number and types of devices for listening to music are very large.

Most listened genres of music in bodybuilding
So, listening music for bodybuilders is a good. But what kind of music bodybuilders prefer?
A research done for this purpose has shown that heavy music, such as rock and metal is listened by more than 60% of bodybuilders. Electronic music is preferred by just 8%, while other 6% work out on electronic music. Rap music is very rarely listening among bodybuilders, just 5 out of one hundred bodybuilders make their choice for it.  Other 21% of bodybuilders have other music tastes.

As you see most of bodybuilder prefer to listen to hard rock music while training. Back in ‘70s a study done by the research center of Joe Weider, has proved that the audience of a rock concert have felt two days away a surge of sexuality. This proved to be associated with increased production of testosterone that stimulate muscle growth. To prove this theory its has been done another experiment this time on fruits and vegetables. In result it was observed that fruit and vegetables, exposed to rhythmic music, began to grow better and bear fruit. After this, there were no doubts that rock music in bodybuilding can improve results.
Over forty years this theory has proved its efficiency, so thus today the large majority of bodybuilders turn to hard rock when training.

The popularity of electronic music is due to its energetic rhythm and lack of lyrics. The last one is very important, there are no words to catch your attention and to make you think about their sense.

In order to use the music for improving your results, you have, first of all, to expand your musical boundaries. And from the wide variety of genres, styles and artists you have to choose those have the greatest impact on you and stimulates you better than anything else.
It is about selecting 3-5 songs that you are willing to listen to everywhere and whenever. Once you found them, do a separate playlist, as the intensity of music increases with every three minutes of work out. So, the final movements would be accompanied by the music with highest intensity.

The fact that you know these songs have listened to them many times before guarantee that they will not distract you, acting largely not on your emotions, but on the lower levels of physiological perception.

Bodybuilding music advices
Here are some very important tips to follow when it comes to listening to music while training:
- Make use of small, lightweight music devices when you work out. In this case it is preferable to choose a compact mp3-player, which can be easily attached to clothing. Bigger music devices are awkward to use. Imagine your phone call you while you do bench presses. This will surely distract your attention and decrease the efficiency of your workout.
-The wider is the range of reproduction, the greater is the effect of the music, so it is possible get quality equipment with comfortable headphones.
-Do not listen to music too loud, or for prolonged time since this may cause you hearing problem. If it is possible to order the music, use it.
-Our brain is very sensitive to sound vibrations, so the excess of music, especially in training, can drive it in stress. Therefore it is recommended to listen to music on headphones for no more than 40-45 minutes.

This being said it becomes clear that  music is a very important and often underestimated part of bodybuilding. Choosing the right music helps improve the mood, set the rhythm of the train, and to delay the onset of fatigue. Most bodybuilders prefer work out under rock music due to its rhythm and energy. It is indeed a good choice, but it still depends on musical taste, so the choice is, as always, up to you.

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