How To Build Deltoid Muscle

How to build deltoid muscle

Massive shoulders is a sign of athletic figure, and what men has never dreamed to have it?! Thus many bodybuilders are interested about most effective exercises for building this group of muscle.
First of all, you have to know that shoulder muscles get the form of you skeletal, but for improving it have to be developed deltoid muscles.

By reading further this article you will find out what are the best exercises to build your deltoid muscle and how to perform them properly. Since, you should know about this, only proper exercises execution gives you results in muscle growth. Otherwise, all you efforts are worthless and  expose you to serious injury.

Deltoid is the most powerful superficial muscle of the shoulder, composed of three heads-anterior, medial and posterior. Thus for building shoulder muscle and keep them safe have to be worked all “heads” of deltoid muscle. The main function of deltoid muscle is the abduction of the shoulder to the side, back and forward, and turn around longitudinal axis of upper arm.

Thus, in this article we will share the most effective exercises for building deltoid muscle.
Before proceeding to this, let’s point out some very important moments that every bodybuilder should be aware of before getting into deltoid training.

Every time you target your deltoid muscle, you will feel involved in work trapezius muscle. This muscle will get the load whatever type of exercises you will do; even when you will do it absolutely correct manner. Thus, is very important to include metal component of training too- it is about mentally straining the muscles of the shoulder, feeling the tension in the heads of delts.

deltoid muscle

Regardless of the type of exercise that target deltoid muscle, the number of sets for each of them should not exceed 4 times. Even if you are working for cutting, and look to get muscle definition, you are advised to do 4 sets of 6-12 reps and limit yourself to this.
You can go for more sets only if you are an experienced bodybuilder. Otherwise it is pointless to loss your time and
efforts performing a big number of sets.

Everyone looking to build up deltoid muscle want to know exercises that give great results. We will help you with this task, telling you that there are mainly two exercises that you have to focus your attention on: seated barbell and dumbbell presses. Of course there are a lot of variations of these exercise and each of them would be mentioned here.

It is a well known fact that seated dumbbell/barbell presses increase the muscle volume and strength. Thereby it is a basic exercise for each workout. Compare to other types of exercise, bench presses have a very strong advantage- the weight you work with can be easily changed from one exercise to other. And this is especially important because, as you know, for keeping your muscle grow you have to increase constantly the load you work with. This will keep your muscle away from reaching any plateau stage, and thus keep the growing.

It is very important to start your deltoid training with seated bench or dumbbell presses. Since in the beginning of your training deltoid muscles are relaxed you will be able to work with bigger loads on barbells, and this add strength and muscle mass to your deltoids. Only after performing these basic exercises -seated barbell press and seated dumbbell press- you can go for other isolation exercises side/lateral dumbbell raises, bent lateral raises, face pullups and others.

When doing raises it is quite difficult to train with big load while following the right technique. Only more experienced bodybuilders are able to do it properly. Thats’ why novice bodybuilders start with bench presses by slowly increasing the loads. Once you handle bench presses, you will be able to raises with bigger loads too.
Generally, seated barbell/dumbbell presses are safer since shoulder joints are not bend too much.

Upright barbell row is a great exercise that can be done right after barbell/dumbbell presses. It is especially recommended for novice bodybuilders to choose it instead of of any kind of dumbbell raises.

upright barbell rows

If you are a novice bodybuilders there are no reason to work out  the   anterior part of deltoid muscle. It will be perfectly worked during bench presses. Instead, posterior head of the deltoid has to be trained, and upright barbell rows are very effective for this purpose.

A great way for building deltoid muscle is to alternate seated barbell presses with seated dumbbell presses. The main reason for this is that load would be changed and this surprise your muscle, making them grow faster.

Top most useful exercises for building deltoids
So, making a top of most effective exercises for building deltoid muscle are, it would look like this:
1. Seated barbell/dumbbell presses.
2. Upright barbell rows;
3. Side/lateral dumbbell raises;
4. Behind the neck barbell presses while sitting;
5. Cable one-arm front raise in a standing position.

Cable one-arm front raise in a standing position

Since deltoid muscle is composed from three parts you have to pay attention to each of them. Training deltoid muscles not only makes the shoulder looks bigger, but will also prevent from any injury when training with bigger weights.

Do not forget to warm up before deltoid training. Do a 10-15 minutes of warm-up program exercises, and only after this switch to deltoid workout. Also, choose to work with weights you can handle, and slowly increase them with every training.

How often should be deltoid muscle be trained?
There are many opinions on this subject. However, if you will do a search on bodybuilding forums you will find out that most people share the idea about training delts twice a week. If you take anabolic steroids, than you can work deltoids more often, for making their grow faster.

Do not forget that for great results you have to follow a rich diet and rest enough. These factors are essential when building any type of muscles, and have to be remembered by all bodybuilders as being very important aspects.

As you see, there are some very effective exercises for building and strengthening deltoid muscles. Just make sure you work with weights you can handle, as this will keep you away from any injury.  Since staying safe is the most important for everyone of us!

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