How Many Sets for Each Exercise?

How many sets for each exercise?

If you have ever trained in a gym, or at home, you probably not once have asked how many sets for each exercise is right to do in order to achieve great muscle growth? You are right asking it, as this detail is very important. You will see further in this article that using different number of sets you can increase strength, size or muscle endurance.

Why you have to know about the right number of sets? Because there are many people who do not pay attention on it and then wonder why they do not get any results despite of working hard in the gym. So, 68KXKVY49NMP be wise and get informed about the
number of sets that  you have to do.

It may seems that performing such exercises as pull-ups, or lifting the as many times as you can until you get exhausted, can put on your muscles enough stress and strain. After that, you get enough rest time, and the muscles begin to rapidly grow and become stronger, and the next training again doing the same thing, and your results are growing all the time, and the muscles are getting stronger.

But the practice has shown that it is not as simple as it may appear to a first glance. as the practice is not so simple. It was proved that most of people can work at 100% of their physical capabilities during a one set. moreover, such an approach may cause unwanted injuries that will keep you out of the gym for a long time. And this absolutely is not what you want.
Also, there have been made some researches that have shown that the longer period of time athlete train, the more anabolic hormones their body produce.

Hence, an increased production of hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone, in turn, stimulates the rapid growth of muscle mass and strength after power loads, and even has a positive effect on the muscles and your whole body.
Also, training for a long period of time you will be able to burn more calories and lose weight quickly. You have to know that if you decided to build muscle than you have firstly to get rid of fat. Why? Because muscle tissues will be covered by fat, and would not be seen.

Choosing to do more sets for each exercise is a great option in case if you want to increase your endurance. Short exercises with big weights are not effective in this case. It’s advisable to make your exercise program as long as possible using light weights with big number of sets.

The number of sets is directly influenced by the goal of the exercise, the goal of the workout and the your physical condition.
Further we will talk about some basic recommendations about how many sets to perform taking in consideration different situation.

Firstly, if you are starter in the gym, then during first 4-6 weeks is recommended to perform no more than 2-3 sets for each exercises. The main explanation is that you body has not achieved yet the required muscle endurance to increase the load above these limits. Have to be mentioned that the same rule is available for period after recovery from illness or long break in training.

Bench press, deadlift and squat with a barbell included in basic exercises require more sets than isolation exercises. In case of basic exercises  have to be done a number of four, five sets, while in case of isolation exercises three sets are enough.

Weight training with few reps and heavy weights require a greater number of sets. A powerlifting workout include seven up to ten sets for basic exercises. This is necessary not only for given the muscles required tonnage, but also to improve the technique of performing exercise.

The number of sets is directly influenced by the number of reps for each exercise. The maximum number of reps and sets allowed is 50. Hence, if you do 10 reps, then there will be only five sets.

The number of sets depends on the number of exercises for each muscle group. For example, if your exercise program has 3 different exercises for the muscles of the back, the number of approaches in each of these must be calculated so that the total number of reps for all exercises to be no more than 120 times. An exception from this rule can be aerobic exercise and training.

A great advice regarding this issue was given by one of the most famous bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger. He advice to
do five sets of each exercise. He have enumerated some very important reason why choosing five sets can be very useful for your muscle growth. The most important is that five approaches provide an ideal load for all muscle fibers. In case of more sets, you risk to overtrain, in case of less sets muscles remain unworked.

Another argument is that namely this number of sets can help you to easily set up a three-day split workout. Thus your all your group of muscles get a load ac, and be able to fully recover after a workout.

Have to be mentioned that this technique can’t be applied in case of strength training.The reason is that the load used here is obviously much higher, and the intensity will be higher too.

Contrary to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer says that, everyone, no matter of experience have to do a well-executed approach to any given exercise. He says that if a person decide to do more sets, than this represent too much load. Hence it will damage your muscles and will make the recovery time longer than you want it. increasing recovery time.

In order to find out the right answer to this question has been done a research. The study group was composed of 42 adults, mean age 39 years, with experience in training for about 5 years. They all have trained for a year on the same program, consisting of 9 exercises, one for each approach. Since the goal of the research was to find out how much sets have to be done, some of the participants increased the number of sets to three. All the exercises were designed to work to capacity.

After four months, the results showed that, regardless of how many sets they performed, both groups similar changes in muscle tone, and in the composition of the body. However, a closer study of the results show that group of men that performed  more sets have reached more than those who continued do one set for each exercise.

If we compare the results by some important parameters, then here is what we have.

  • Composition of the body. Group of men who performed three sets for each exercise have observed a significantly increase of chest and arms muscles. Also they lost more fat compared to the group who did only one set.
  • Muscle endurance. To the group who performed only one set was observed an increase in quadriceps endurance of 48.2%, while the group with three sets with 58.4%.
  • Group of men who did three sets were able to do a bigger number of bench press than the second group.

Despite the difference is not too big, it show that a greater number of sets leads to more release of anabolic hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. This explains some differences in the results during the above study. For example, the loss of fat in the group with a large amount of sets is due not only to increase the number of calories burned, but the release of anabolic hormones. And we said above growth hormone, and testosterone have a positive effect on body composition.

As you see there are many opinions about the right number of sets for getting big muscles. Even most famous bodybuilders have different recommendation for it. Arnold Schwarzenegger advice to do five sets for each exercise, while Mike Mentzer just one very well executed sets for each exercise. The fact is that there is an obvious difference between doing few and more number of sets and the research confirm it. It’s up to you to make the right decision, but before this you just have to pay attention to some basic rules  regarding the number of sets. It is about following the rule of new starter in the gym, and do no more than  2-3 sets for each exercise. This will keep you away from any injury. Also, make a difference between weight lifting exercise program and a usual workout. Basic exercises require more sets than isolated ones and many others.

Neverless, the most important advice is only one, get more engaged in doing exercises and not be afraid to experiment. Learn to listen to your body, read the advice of famous athletes and coaches and try different options. Eventually, after trying more combination of sets and reps, stick to one who seems to give you great results.

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