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Men Are Turning to HGH to Look and Feel Younger




     Anti-aging experts recommend HGH daily injections. A user asked about the HGH experience; he gave positive responses in favor of better sleep, better mood, and better skin. So, why people go for it? Because they want to look younger, healthier, and more lively!

HGH Production:

HGH Production

        HGH protein is produced naturally by a pituitary gland in the human body that stimulates bone growth and a muscle cell. After 25 years of age, the body’s GH production reduces.

        The similar hormone is developed in the laboratories by amino acids to reverse aging effects.  The results show positive influences such as reduced body fat, improved sleep pattern, and better memory, younger skin, low BP, improved libido, and better workouts.

HGH Legal or Illegal Use:

           FDA has approved HGH use for patients whose bodies cannot make requisite quantities of HGH for proper functioning. Moreover, kids suffering from growth disorders and degenerative muscle problems or GH deficiency issues are recommended this hormonal injection with correct dose’ levels. However, the treatment is expensive, but the trend is rising.

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Growth Hormone leads to healthy body composition, but at the same time, it reduces body fats and develops lean tissue.  HGH therapy is used for brain injury as well; while WADA reported that the HGH enhances athletic performance, therefore it is also used by athletes. Its use is illegal for bodybuilding and performance-enhancing purpose in the sports’ area.

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Side Effects:

Side Effects

         Its’ use is not without harmful aspects; in older patients, it may lead to excessive water retention, joint pain, and syndrome carpal tunnel.  Hoffman pointed out the diabetes problem due to HGH use; he said that HGH causes healthy tissue growth and may also develop cancer cells; however, his theory has not approved scientifically, but the research is on the way. As HGH hormone is highly expensive, therefore the limited analysis has been carried out in determining it's long-term or short-term potential and persistent side effects.

Hormonal Effects of GH on Human Skin:

           The HGH hormone has gained much popularity as many Hollywood's stars have gone through HGH therapy to get rid of wrinkles, saggy skin, body fat, and to increase energy level, muscle mass, sex drive, and to maintain the younger-looking appearance. Many contemporary research studies are presenting the evidence of HGH decisive role for the human body.

         Clinical analyses and examination demonstrated that GH has a dominant role in skin development, repair, and maintenance. In the natural system, the skin structures changes in response to alternation in GH production levels during varying life phases. HGH has said as the critical determinant of aging and health for skin, and this vital HGH is the secret of beauty and youthfulness even in the middle or old age.

Mode of Intake / Controversies:

  • HGH injections are available to enhance HGH hormonal levels, but these appear extremely expensive and per month treatment cost can exceed up to $1500 or more.
  • Another controversial point is that it impacts HGH production natural levels.

SeroVital HGH Capsules:

      HGH principal purpose is "anti-aging," and researchers have developed HGH capsules to boost HGH natural levels, and that is seriously amazing.



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        These are available with the name of SeroVital, but it affects well with proper exercise and diet plan. You need to use SeroVital-HGH at the morning time with an empty stomach and do not eat anything until the next two hours, that important consideration is empty stomach either in morning or night time.  SeroVital cost is $100 per month that is less costly as compared to HGH injections.

HGH Facts:

          Some go for it to get their youth back, while athletes use to enhance the performance to get a higher competitive edge. HGH has a protein structure, and the pituitary gland releases it into the body bloodstream. Hypothalamus brain part and pancreas regulate its production in the body.

        Exercise and better sleep patterns trigger natural GH production levels, and its production rate is higher during the night time as compared to day-time. The most upper production life stages are childhood, puberty, while it starts to declines after age 3o.

          Growth Hormone influences the whole body tissues, and in the younger age, it stimulates cartilage and bone growth while other functions are protein production, fat utilization, insulin balance, and increase sugar levels in the blood.

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          For medical use, GH injection prescribed for children who have short stature or have GH deficiency while for adults it can also be medically administered to treat high-level GH imbalances in the body after checking the blood GH levels by critical testing systems.

HGH Doping:

       Athletes use GH to build muscles for performance enhancement. The IOC Olympic Committee has banned these substances, and similarly, Major Baseball League, Football League, and WADA abuse GH impacts and risks. GH use has been prohibited while on the other hand,   athletic performance has physical, competitive, and psychological factors that need extravagant considerations.

         The research was conducted in California to find the GH influences in athletes. For that research work, young physically fit athletes of age 27 were selected who had index 24 lean body mass. They were given GH injections on daily bases, one dose per day, and after 20 days, it was found through examination that GH improved body mass and fluid mass, but it did not influence or enhanced the performance level. Moreover, GH takers were found with fluid retention, and they experienced fatigue more than the regular players.

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HGH and Aging:

HGH and Aging

      The GH therapy duration is 52 weeks; however, varying doses also boost IGF-1 levels by 88%. GH recipients showed side effects such as breast enlargement, joint pain, and syndrome carpal tunnel. The research studies have presented the cancer risk in general during prostate cancer as the primary area of concern.

GH and Other Considerations:

          It shows that GH is not safe for athletes and even for older men. To reduce the chances of side effects, you need to check for regular exercise and a perfect diet.  Your dietary supplements must have large protein proportion of about o.36 g per pound of your body weight. Thirty minutes daily moderate level balanced exercise and particularly strength training is best and must considerations for the athletes.

HGH and other steroids

  • HGH has not dominant muscle-building role as similar to testosterone. Dr. Khjaer conducted a study; he injected HGH to men of age 20, and when those men compared with not- receiving. A group of men it was found that injections promote connective tissues growth rather than muscle growth.
  • HGH also speeds up the process of injury recovery.
  • Its use to treat battered joints reported by the professionals of the departments of orthopedic surgery at Michigan University.
  • HGH also can heal brain injuries. The better sleep improves psychological discomforts such as a study conducted, and 0.6 milligram GH injections were given to the patients to check either it will relieve the mental and physical brain trauma consequences, it was observed that better and deep sleep improved the brain functioning.

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  • Some celebrities and athletes on HGH banned substance; estimates show that 20% of Hollywood actors use it.
  • At the age of 40s, your body develops only half of the GH quantities the body produces at the age of 20. That small amount also has a fundamental role in body maintenance.
  • The FDA permitted its usage in 1985 to treat children of extremely unusual or short height. Later its use for the recovery of patients from HIV/AIDS diseases.
  • After 1985, HGH produced by companies through contamination-free technology; they inserted GH producing code gene into the bacterial culture, and they transformed into HGH factories.
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