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Is Growth Hormone Truly a Fountain of Youth?




        You may also be one of those people who would do everything to maintain their beauty. You may try out some expensive creams and injections, including downing pills to fully erase wrinkles. Also, you would want to lift your sagging skin and maintain your body to be so soft and young. The good thing is that human growth hormone is introduced to build the muscles and shave off some fats.

Claims That Growth Hormone is Anti-Aging:

          There have been many claims made considering growth hormones to be anti-aging. One more thing is that it is proven to reduce the aging process. This further increases longevity, even if only a little evidence supports it. Suzanne Somers, a television personality, says she takes it to keep her bones strong.

           All she wanted was to keep her muscles strong. Dr. Jeffery Life also seemed to look decades younger. This is mainly attributed to the consistent use of human growth hormones. In addition, some say they really feel better than they were in their thirties.

     According to him, he felt better after transforming his body, considering vitamin supplements and exercise. He also did utilize HGH and testosterone.

Beware of Something:

          If you are eager to buy a growth hormone bottle and to look young again, it is believed that growth hormones have no scientific evidence. In addition, researchers discovered that if it is taken consistently, it may cause many unhealthy and severe side effects.

           These may include joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, soft tissue swelling, an increase in men's breast size, an increase in the prevalence of pre-diabetes, and an increase in the risk of diabetes.

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Research Suggested:

         In one particular research suggested at Stanford University highly emphasized that growth hormone must never be used in anti-aging.

            This will only cost one to spend hundred of thousands of dollars every month. In addition to that, there is no such thing as scientific evidence that will support it. It will cause real and serious side effects.

Healthy Senior Citizens, Who Use Growth Hormones?

           In another review published involving healthy senior citizens taking growth hormones, it was found that the drugs could increase muscle mass or lean body. The change is about slightly more than 2 kilograms or even 4 pounds.

           The changes in the body did not result in benefits. There are no significant improvements in blood sugar levels, stamina, cholesterol levels, bone density, and longevity.

The popularity of Growth Hormone as an Anti-Aging Therapy:

           With the popularity that growth hormone achieved being a supposedly anti-aging therapy, the scientific evidence only involved 500 patients. They were included in the rigorously controlled trials. And only a few two-hundred of them received the growth hormones.

Other Essential Facts:

        Growth hormone is classified as a protein that is produced by a particular gland that calls the pituitary gland. This naturally helps regulate growth during childhood, including metabolism in most adults.

             It is during the childhood years that production peaks. It is also during the teenage years that the production peaks dipped at around the age of thirty.

The Side of FDA:

         Before the side of the FDA only approved a drug produced synthetically. This will be effective in treating children having short stature. This will also treat adults with a deficiency in growth hormone, including other conditions like low energy, high cholesterol, and bone loss.

         The pharmaceutical companies also banned marketing growth hormones for anti-aging. But, it has not stopped most internet vendors from peddling and selling injections, sprays, and pills that contain GH. Almost thirty thousand people are using human growth hormones.

Growth Hormones Already Considered as an Anti-Aging Sensation:

          In the year 1990, growth hormones have already considered an anti-aging sensation. This was according to the paper published in the NEJM. In that study, twelve men aged sixty were injected with GH 3 times a week for about 6 months.

           In the ending part of the treatment, they increased their bone mineral and lean body mass. Before the study's authors, they did not claim it helped reverse the aging process.

           They also did stress that more studies are needed to draw more conclusions. They did not even emphasize that the decrease in fats and increase in muscles equal the changes incurred during ten to twenty years of aging.

Suggestion Made About The Use of Growth Hormone:

         Scientists suggested that it should never be used for anti-aging. Instead of considering growth hormone as a fountain of youth, eating just right, getting adequate sleep, not engaging in smoking, and exercising often is a lot better.

You have learned if growth hormone is truly a fountain of youth!

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