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Six Packs Abs: What To Do To Get It?



Six Packs Abs: What To Do To Get It?

         Getting a belly with no fat and that Six Packs Abs pronounced is the dream of every bodybuilder, especially now when summer is close. If you want to know what to do to get a belly that everybody will envy than this post is exactly what you need.

1. First of All, Lose Fat:

1. First of all, Lose Fat.

             Indeed, this is the very first step toward a nice belly. Don’t look for wonder exercises or diet, as there is nothing that can help you get 6 packs fast as long as you have a high-fat level. Lose overall body weight, as the last who gone, is belly fat. There are many people who claim they want to get rid of belly fat only, hence no need for an overall fat loss. This is wrong. You cannot lose fat locally, and if you do it then all your body is affected.

             You need a diet designed to support your weight loss goal. If you want to know what foods are great fat burners then read our post what to eat to rapidly burn fat. A range of products slow down the fat burning process, so make sure you omitted from your diet. Instead, make room for foods which rapidly burn fat by improving metabolism and having a very low caloric contribution.

             Did you know that muscles are visible only when the fat body percentage is lower than 10%-14%? Your muscles have always been there on your abdomen, hidden under the fat layer. The thicker is fat level, the less visible muscle is. Therefore, unless you reach such a level of fat, all other your efforts to get those six packs are in vain.

            Men need to get a fat level lower than 10% to see their packs, while for women this percentage should be around 14-20.

2. Fake Belly Fat: Get Rid of It:

2. Fake Belly Fat: Get Rid of it.

            Many people struggle with fake belly fat which can be caused by a bloated stomach or water excess. Monitor what cause you bloating and try to avoid them. Not few are those who develop intolerance to dairy products, so if you are one of those then you will feel a strong discomfort in your stomach feeling how you belly gain size.

           Cut them off from your diet or choose the ones with a softener impact on your stomach. Another cause of fake belly fat can be bad posture, called Lordosis, making your belly look fatter than it is in reality. Improve your posture through exercising and massage and make sure you always keep your back straight.

3. Workout Your Abs:

3. Workout your abs

          Once you follow a diet able to cause lose fat then supporting this goal with a proper workout routine will do wonders within weeks. Crunches are the number one abs exercises recommended to go to for flat abs along with its all variation: reversed, oblique or crunch machine exercises.

          You can also define your abs muscle with roman chair sit-ups or make use of many other exercises proved to be very effective in working out belly muscles: lower ab hip thrust, abdominal planks, hanging leg raises & reverse sit-ups and others.

4. Get a Smaller Waist:

4. Get a Smaller Waist

              In order to make your six packs visible, you need to work out your waist too. Cast away those waist handles that bothers you though diet, first of all. If there are any exercises that help you get a slimmer waist then all of them are complementary, since the very basic factor for getting a small waist Sisto to lose overall weight.  If you begin a diet regime mixed with a well-balanced workout program than wait for 4-6 weeks to get rid of waist handles completely.

Must Read: How Body Builder Work on Tight Waist with Growing Age

             If it was to make a top of most important criteria to meet for getting six packs fast then surely in the top will be dieting. No exercise will help you get a crazy 6 packs abs as long as you follow bad eating habits. The worst is that belly fat is the last to go when following an overall body fat loss diet, therefore only when 10%-14% of you fat left to burn you can concentrate on belly fat.

            Don't let stereotypes cause you to abandon the path you choose to follow. There are a number of myths about six packs abs. Read and know your enemy.

               No wonder that people talk about belly as being one of the most difficult zones when it comes to burn fat. That’s why don’t underestimate the importance of what you eat and try to set up a diet routine tailored on you real needs. Is not the case to starve.


             Normally you can lose up to 4 pounds a week while eating 1200-2000 calories daily. The bets is to split this amount into 3 basic meals and other 2-3 snacks, eating in small dosage and avoiding products that can cause you bloating. You can also consider contacting weight loss hypnosis if you are facing problems in doing it yourself.

             Make sure you also see this Five tips for getting a six packs fast to get a better idea of how to build those six packs fast.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.

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