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Myths About Six Pack Abs



Myths About Six Pack Abs

Along with back and shoulder, press muscles are the one who are worked out most of all. Every bodybuilder is looking to get those six packs as soon as possible and search for gold formula that will the best for him or her. But not all the times the hard work put on this brings the so expected results. Understanding where are you wrong and what you have to change is the first thing every bodybuilder stop attention on. That’s why in this article you will find most common stereotypes related to abs building muscle. Read them carefully and make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes.

Train Abs Muscle 7/7 Days to get Maximum Results

Train Abs Muscle 7/7 Days to get Maximum Results

You should know that nutrition, workouts and genetics are key factors when it comes to building muscle mass. Genetics is what give your press the main shape. Abs exercises can help you to thicken this group of suckle, but you not gonna change the form definitely.

That’s why abs muscle have to be seen as other muscle groups and work out with no exaggerations. Training twice a week and following a proper diet is what you need to get your press contoured. Also,remember, muscle grow during recovery time. Give your body enough time to recover,and sleep at least 8 hours per day.

Moreover, such factors as age, and gender have a say on your abs shape. The older you get, less chances to have a flat stomach, especially if genetically you are not designed this way. Also, men can more easily get those six packs on abs than women, because of physiological characteristics. So, trying to surpass all these obstacles through exhausting daily abs training will give no results.

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The more Reps you do, the Bigger Abs Muscle Get

The more Reps you do, the Bigger Abs Muscle Get

Many reps for each set is not gonna work as you want it to be. As in case of other group of muscle trained this way, you will get an increase in muscle strength, but not in size. Using load prioritization training is gonna work for abs muscle too. It is about dividing your whole training into two stages; the bulking period and then the cutting one. Adding to each of them proper diet and great results are ensured.

Upper and Lower Abs needs Different Exercises to be Worked

Upper and Lower Abs needs Different Exercises to be Worked

Every exercise which target press muscle work out the whole muscle. However such exercises as reverse crunch or double twisting target more specific muscles. During reverse crunches are worked low abs muscle, while double twisting involved in work upper abs muscles.

Surely, you can choose to do both types of exercises, but since most of bodybuilders have not enough time for this, choosing to do one of the would be smart decision. Since lower abs muscle are less worked because are not required when doing other basic exercises, chose to do reverse crunch which perfectly work this zone.

The truth is that there is no especial need to perform a special exercises for each abs zone. Stop to one which greatly involve in work the whole abs muscle. But if you have enough time, go with other exercises to like long arm crunches, vertical leg crunches, exercises ball crunches, captain’s chair leg raises.

The Percentage of Body Fat is not Very Important

There is nothing more wrong than this. The higher is the body fat percentage, the less visible are muscles. You can work hard in the gym for long time, but if you do not follow a proper diet for losing weight, you will not see those six pack on your abs very soon.

Diet is the key for making your abs muscle visible, since through hard training you only add muscle mass, but do not burn fat essentially. To get a ripped look, you have to attain no more than 10 percentage of body fat. Reaching such a level is quite difficult because our body tend to store fat deposits namely on this zone. That’s why the role of diet is so important.

Abs Muscle are Different than other Group of Muscle

Abs Muscle are Different than other Group of Muscle

This opinion is quite popular among bodybuilders who spends hours on training this zone. But, as i said it above, there is nothing special with your abs muscle. You have to train them as you do with other muscles, two, or three times per week, giving your body time to fully recover.

The tendency to work out press muscles more than others muscles can lead to some unwanted results. Over the time was observed that press muscles trained in excess cause an expand of waist. A big waist is surely the least thing any bodybuilders can dream of, especially women. Training intelligently using proper technique with no exaggerations is what you need to get nice abs muscles.

Weak back Means no Abs Training

Weak back Means no Abs Training

Many people talk about the role of back muscle for building press. They consider a weak back have not to be loaded with abs exercises. But it is not so.

The opposing muscle in our body always help each other, having a supportive role. The opposite training routine means that opposite group of muscle benefits from training the actual one.

Thereby working abs muscle automatically strengthen the back muscles too.

Six Packs can be Achieved only Through Intensive Cardio Training

Losing body weight is always associated with hours of cardio training. And this is true to some extend. Practicing cardio for long time can help you to increase metabolism rate and speed up the burn fat process.  But this doesn't means that there is no other  ways to get defined abs than this one.

Especially if you do not enjoy training cardio too much. Weight training and right diet is what can give you results if done properly. The biggest accent to put on diet, since the amount of calorie you gonna burn with weight training would be quite low than through cardio. So, it is  possible with less or even no cardio exercises to get press defined.

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You are Free once you Get those Six Packs Abs

You are Free once you Get those Six Packs Abs

Getting those six packs on your abs doesn’t mean that you are done with it. If the buttle to come to this point was hard enough, it is not the time to take a big break. Your press muscle will not remain visible as long you forget about diet and exercising. So, take care about maintaining them in the same shape.

For this stick to a well established diet and workout routine. Do not expect to get them covered again for beginning to work on them. It is much more difficult to get them visible, than maintaining. Keep in mind these myths any time you plan abs diet and workout routine. Stay realistics and focus on things that really work.

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