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How To Figure Out The Elements Of A Successful Exercise Program



How To Figure Out The Elements Of a Successful Exercise Program

           It’s nothing strange to look for the best in everything we need. The same we want when it comes to a workout routine able to provide the best results within time shortest time. If you need something special, awesome, tailored to your needs and not ready to simply copy another exercise program and apply it to you, then you are in the right place. Further in this post will be explained to you most important aspect to consider for designing a perfect workout routine just for you.

           You may be aware of the role some of the components play in setting a highly functional exercise program. If you are not, then it’s time to get closer attention to not only top ingredients of a successful workout routine, but also the way to mix them to come up with the best recipe of fast muscle building.

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            So, here we are. To make your perfect workout a reality, the following criteria have to be taken into consideration:

1. Set Your Weight Training Goal:

Training with too Big Weights:

           The very beginning of everything you are about to do is to detect what you want to achieve. Without having a clear image of what the finality of workouts should be is not just hard, but almost impossible to create a proper workout routine. By lifting weights, you may want to achieve some of these goals:

  • Lose weight;
  • Gain weight;
  • Get in shape;
  • Increase muscular mass;
  • Get lean;
  • Get stronger;
  • Or any other mix of these goals.

         Whatever is yours, make sure you know exactly what you want. This is foremost step to take toward building a workout routine able to make wonders in the shortest time. Immediately after this, comes the next thing not less important which is...

2. Fitness Level:

What Your Goal Should Be?

           Evaluate your fitness level before proceeding to give contour to your workout program. Based on your level and experience of lifting weights you have better chances to design the fastest workout. Being a beginner bodybuilder, intermediate or advanced determines you to approach things from different perspective meant to benefit you later.

     Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of your preparedness and don’t fall into the trap of jumping higher than you can. Be smart enough to set a workout difficulty that you can overcome; otherwise, you risk ending up with injuries or getting overtrained.

3. Workout Exercise Program Periodicity:

What Kind of Workout can Give us such Results?

          How often you are going to be in the gym for working out is what workout periodicity supposes to mean. What much individual miss, is that it also refers to how many times a week each group of muscle will be trained or body part.

           Generally hitting the gym 3 times a week is a norm among most bodybuilders, but if you have a higher level of physical preparedness than you will surely want to go for more. And you are indeed entitled to do so.  

4. Choose The Appropriate Workout Intensity For You:

           Workout intensity is about the effort you are going to put into your training. How hard you plan to lift weights and how heavy or light these would be defining the intensity you work with. Depending on your goal- losing fat, gaining muscle mass, increase strength- the way you hit weight will be changed.

          For more strength and muscle mass, lower reps with heavier weights are the common path to follow, while for cutting higher reps with light weights is ideal. It’s all depends on what you want from your training.

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Choose The Proper Workout Volume

Excess of Cardio Exercises:

            The amount of work you plan to do in the gym measured in a number of exercises, sets and reps daily or weekly is what workout volume supposes. A higher workout volume is specific for bodybuilders with some experience in the gym, while starters are advised to go with a lower one.

5. Figure Out Most Effective Exercises and Their Proper Order In a Workout:

High-Risk Exercises and Alternatives to Them

            Yes, there is a range of popular exercises with poor effects on the body. Avoid losing your time and effort with some of the most useless exercises and concentrate on the best ones.

           The way exercises are distributed in a workout program plays a huge role. Never underestimate it and set exercises randomly. Want to know what it the right order of exercises in a workout routine? Click on the text link and get precious insights about this.

             These are the pillars of a successful workout routine. Once you acknowledge the importance of each of them and know how to stack them properly then in short time improvements in your body will be visible.  Add to them a diet able to support your goal and you have your own recipe of sculpting your body the way you want it.


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