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Pull-Ups Exercises



Pull-ups exercises

Among most useful exercises for building back and arms muscles that can be performed with success at home are two with the greatest impact: floor push-ups and pull-ups. It obvious that not in every house we can find a pull-up bar, but this is the case when the resulting multiple exceeds the efforts.

By learning to properly do pull-ups, and doing this exercise two or three times a week, you build up not only a broad back, you just pump up the arm muscles (biceps and triceps), as well as the deltoid muscle. So let’s consider the types of pull-ups and their effects on muscles.

Maybe this will surprise some of you but pulling up is a diverse exercise. Depending on the type of grip, a width of the arms and the fact that you pull to the chest or overhead you get involved in work different muscle groups from the back to the arm.

When pulling up with upper grip (palm down) to the work are included the latissimus dorsi, during a broad grasp they are involved the best of all, whilst in lower grip (palm up) are involved the arm muscles. The most effective formulation is the narrow hands.

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Exercises For Back Muscles:

Pull-ups exercises

All the exercises for the back muscles like the thrust of the upper block pull the dumbbell in the slope, and others are based on continuous monitoring and sense of most of these muscles. Keep in mind that as long as you do not learn how to do pull-ups properly you do not use them.

Be aware also to the fact that when doing pull-ups exercises is not so important the number of repetitions, as the slow rate of repetitions and the correct technique. Also, always make a warm-up before exercise, in order to avoid tearing the muscle.

So, how to execute pull-ups properly? Learning to pull up as a beginner can be achieved only if you pulled until this moment counterweights, or your legs were supported by a partner, helping you to skillfully perform repetition. Only this will allow you to learn to feel the muscle.

Remember that if you pull the body up, using only the force of arms, you are performing the exercise in a wrong way, and you get no more than 20% of its full impact. Exercise again and again, until you feel the stretching your back muscles.

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How to Learn to Do Pull-Ups?

It is very important that when performing the exercises correctly you should feel the most of all the work of the back muscles, not your biceps and arm muscles. Grab the horizontal bar the upper grip, hands slightly wider than shoulders, legs crossed together.

Try to pull the body up due to back muscles, be sure to feel how this muscle is reducing during the exercise. At the top point touch the horizontal bar with the upper part of your chest, retain yourself in such position for a few seconds, and then slowly lower down.

Despite the fact that pulling up is one of the basic exercises, not all bodybuilders include it in the training program. And even among those who included it, very few do it the right way. The gold rule is to feel the muscles working firstly, and only after this, you may improve the technique.

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