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How to Strengthen Back Muscles




Among all group of muscles of the human body, the back is considered one of the most difficult to build and to strengthen. A large back is the body part all bodybuilders who come in the gym want to develop. This is a sign of masculinity, so getting a V form body has the priority among other goals. Strengthening back muscle is not an easy task, as on it depends on your security while performing a wide range of other exercises. That’s why in this article we will talk about why getting a strong back is so important for a bodybuilder and how to manage to achieve it.

First of all back muscles have the greatest weight, except, of course, the leg muscles. Namely, for this reason, strength training of back muscles have to be done using bigger weights than usual. On the other hand, back muscle is composed of any groups of muscles. The number of outer muscles group is quite bigger. And if take into consideration the inner muscles than the total muscles number get higher than you can ever imagine.

There is a wide range of exercises for building back muscles. Most common of them are barbell shrugs, seated rows, hyperextension of the trunk that provide you with back muscle growth. Pumping back muscles give you additional weight.

There are many bodybuilders who focus all their efforts on building lats and trapezius group of muscles. And this can be understandable since developed lat muscles look pretty impressive. The main problem is that building these group of muscles requires time, much more time than you can allow for it.

Building lower back muscle is not the priority of any bodybuilders. Many of them do not even know about its existence. While others do not pay attention to it, considered it unimportant. Most of the workouts are really exhausted, and there is no time at the end of each workout for training this group of muscle additionally. Despite this, there are still people who acknowledge the importance of building lower back for strengthening the whole back muscle.

Moreover, all the heavy exercises, including squats and deadlifts, and even the bench press, create one of the worst kinds of tension, namely static one. Athletes who are older, and not only they but many do, often speak of the pain in the lower back. But in most of these cases, it is not a spinal injury, or even denial of the intervertebral nerves, and only so-called spastic convulsions.

Many of them want to know how to get rid of this pain and what cause it. The main thing you should know is that numerous static exercises performed for a long periods of time cause this pain. But the reason for this has been known for a long time: weak muscles of the lower back. Medical solution is also very simple- has to be strengthened lower back. It has observed that bodybuilders who do  hyperextension with weights, and have been experienced back pain during years, get rid of it through this movements.

It always happens this way: a beginner, work with too big weights, and as a result, is damaged lower back and thus cause a strong pain backache. The same negative effects have high intense pumping press. In bodybuilding, usually are pumped up simultaneously antagonist group of muscles, such as biceps and triceps, quadriceps and hamstrings.

This training approach is considered to be optimal, since simultaneously training of antagonist group muscle strengthens ligaments and joints. For example, primarily get stronger biceps ligaments and then the triceps ligament, as they are at the back of the elbow joint.

For the lumbar muscles, an antagonist is press muscles. While the press and the back are not exactly antagonists, have to be said that  one-sided training may deform the skeleton.  This being said we understand that the stronger is the press and less developed back, the higher is a risk of a severe spinal injury.

There are also more arguments about the importance of a well developed back. One of them is that week back do not allow you to get improvements to all the exercises you do.  Since lower back ensure the equilibrium of body during squats, deadlifts, and perhaps in all exercises performed while standing.

This statement was proven by athletes through this experiment done many time ago: it was observed that if you today pump up the back, the next day you will not be able to perform sit-ups. Working out fully lower back today, you will not be able to do squats the next day with even a half of your body weight.

After saying this, it becomes obvious that strengthening the whole back relies firstly on strengthening the lower part of it. Lower back is strengthened through extensions: first tilt the body, then unbend the back. But there's an important detail: the back needs to be rounded a little. If you will do an extension with a straight spine, than in work will be involved hamstrings and glutes, instead of lumbar muscles.

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Exercises For Strengthening Back Muscles:

Exercises For Strengthening Back Muscles

Best exercises for strengthening lower back are hyperextension and slopes. The slopes can be performed with weights and dumbbells. And even with a barbell with light weight. Keep in mind that barbell in your straight hanging down hands with back rounded a bit. If you work with small weights, there is no risk of injury. As you strengthening whole back muscles rely in strengthening, first of all, lower back.

A weak lower back do  not allow you to do many exercises, exposing you to a spinal injury in very seconds. That’s why, especially if you are looking to train with heavy weights, you have to strengthen your lower back firstly. This will ensure your boy equilibrium when doing compound exercises that greatly develop almost all bodygroup of muscles. Such exercises are squats, deadlifts and others.

So, strengthening your lower back means that you will be able to train with bigger weights while stay free of any injury. And as you know, working with heavy weights means greater muscle gains. This is the goal of each bodybuilder!

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