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Why Milk Is Good For Bodybuilders



Why Milk Is Good For Bodybuilders

In bodybuilding, a key role as a diet. It is very important what you eat, that’s why this aspect should be carefully held by all people looking to get big. If you follow a poor diet, then do not dream about big muscles. You will never have them. Especially important for building muscle mass are proteins from meat, poultry, fish. Milk is considered the ideal food for building muscle mass, since it is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and nutrients, and is great for adding calories to your diet.

Meanwhile, there are people who consider milk inappropriate for adding muscle since its cause bloating and have other side effects. In this article we will find out the benefits of milk for gaining muscle mass, and how much to drink to support your goals. First of all, you have to know what milk contains and in what doses. So, 100 grams of pure cow's milk contains 88 g of water, 3.2 g protein, 3.2 g of milk fat, 5.2 g of disaccharides, 113 mg calcium, 143 mg potassium, 10 grams of magnesium, as well as a large number of vitamins.

Also, is very important to be said that proteins from milk are assimilated into the bodies much faster and better than meat protein. Milk proteins are absorbed by 95%, while meat protein is assimilated by 60-70%. Bodybuilding and consumption of dairy products are almost inseparable from each other. Numerous scientific studies have shown that milk proteins are safer than meat proteins, and they are now successfully taken by athletes all over the world for the full payment of training.

Daily consumption of milk, yogurt, and cheese provide the body with all the key nutrients. Milk and its derivatives have a positive effect on a healthy body, reduce weight in the case of obese people, if taken at least three times a day and in parallel decrease the calorie intake.

Dairy food strengthens bones with a unique set of nutrient, useful for increasing bone mass and strengthen bones. Also, supplement the body with such nutrients as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. That's why irregular consumption of milk cover only 40% of your body calcium needs.

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Milk Calcium

Milk Calcium

Have to be said that this mineral not only strengthens bones but also promotes muscle growth and fat loss. Researches have shown the increased consumption of calcium contained in dairy products, reduced the amount of fat in the body.

Thereby, bodybuilders who consume calcium from low-fat dairy products, have less body fat than those who did not receive calcium. By the way, non-fat dairy products are also useful in the prevention of hypertension: using milk diet can effectively reduce blood pressure and prevent seizures hypertension.

There is a wide range of dairy products you can choose out there. For better results, try to combine milk into gainers and protein shakes. Also, choose to add in your cocktails milk instead of water. This way you enrich it extra protein, vitamins, and minerals. Cocktails will only become richer and tastier.

A good choice among dairy products is yogurt. It is rich in calcium and proteins. Yogurt is useful when dealing with colds and excess weight, it helps to reduce body fat. Thus, 500 grams of yogurt a day can reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal area athlete at 81% compared with athletes who do not consume this product.

Yogurt is perfect for recovery. Due to the high content of carbohydrates and proteins its promotes better muscle recovery after a tiring weight training.

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Milk Drawback

Milk Drawback

Despite it has some many benefits, milk is unable to fulfill all bodies necessities. Especially, a bodybuilder body. For example, milk doesn’t contain creatine and other compounds very important for muscle growth. Aside from this, milk can be people and may cause water retention. This stereotype affects many bodybuilders who excluded milk from their diet. But this is a wrong approach.

Despite everything, for a bodybuilder dairy products are an essential part of the diet. The solution is to keep the balance. Just two glasses of milk contain a significant portion of protein, more than 170 calories, 80% of the daily requirement of calcium and many vitamins. However, the use of milk may cause various problems, which are most commonly associated with lactose intolerance or banal allergy

So, the real drawback of milk is lactose intolerance. This is about people whose bodies poorly digest lactose. For this category of people, milk is a real nightmare, as it is associated with stomach cramps and other discomforts.
Lactose intolerance is caused by the lack of lactase - the enzyme that promotes the splitting of lactose. For this reason that the milk cannot be fully digested.

A great alternative for those intolerant to lactose are fermented dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese.
Complete rejection of the milk and its products will only worsen the situation. That’s why, even in case of lactose intolerance, dairy products have not to be excluded at all from your diet.

Severe lactose intolerance is rare. There very often just better are absorbed some products, while others less. Another solution that may work is to take milk with meals. Nutritionists found that 70% of the observed patients who cannot digest lactose, digestive problems are reduced if the milk enters the stomach, along with other food.

Summarizing the above said, the most important to keep in mind is that dairy products are a great source of nutrients for bodybuilders. Even in the case of lactose tolerance, there are ways to enrich the diet with some dairy products is possible. It is about yogurt, cottage cheese, hard cheese products that are a great alternative to milk.

Many bodybuilders associated consumption of milk with gaining fat. It is true that dairy products actually may actually cause weight gaining since even low-fat products contain a high number of calories. That’s why a milk-based diet is often recommended for hardgainers ( people who find it difficult to pack on muscle mass). Meanwhile, athletes who have a serious attitude to their diet should consume dairy products with low fat or no fat. There is a wide range low fat or even no-fat dairy products to choose from.

Do not forget that milk is a great source of calcium, which is needed for the growth of bone, muscle and fat burning. But in the case of lactose intolerance, there is a great replacement -orange juice fortified with calcium or mineral water with a high content of this trace element.

Like in case of other important products for a bodybuilder diet, when it comes to milk consumption the keyword is a balance. This is the solution to all issues that can be related to milk consumption. Also, milk should not replace meat consumption, regardless it contains much more proteins than meat.

Milk and dairy products have no creatine, which is needed for muscle building. If you completely give up meat, which is the main source of creatine, it can cause weakness in the muscles, which is especially important for bodybuilders-vegetarians. An athlete who decides to completely eliminate meat from your diet, it should supplement creatine supplements.

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