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How to Increase Muscle Mass After Training?



How to Increase Muscle Mass After Training?

Most of the bodybuilders would like to know what they should do after a workout in order to increase muscle mass. Moreover, how long carbohydrate window should be, and what is the proper way for recovery between these two options: sauna or a cold shower.

During exercise, muscles fill the need for energy due to glycogen. Glycogen is stored in muscle and liver, and is a derivative of glucose - its reserves are replenished by the consumption of carbohydrates.

That’s why is so important to take carbohydrates before and after exercise since this is the only way you will provide optimal nutrition for muscle growth. But it is important to remember that a sauna and a cold shower have the different effect on protein synthesis and recovery. Maybe you have heard about carbohydrate window, and you know what it supposes.

How to Increase Muscle Mass After Training

But if you are one of these who still trying to understand what it means then we will explain it further. So, after a workout, the body needs to recuperate, and all of the calories consumed within half an hour after the power load, go to the growth of muscle tissue. If during this period the body does not receive energy from the outside, it starts to burn the existing muscle.

Namely, this half-hour is called so carbohydrate window. Specialists say that the best choice for getting quick energy is fast carbohydrates. The recommended amount is about 60 g.

Besides carbohydrates, the body needs protein too. The best of its source is the amino acids that are so quickly digested. You can use them in liquid form and in capsule form (e.g., BCAA). You have to know that the rate of assimilation is about the same.

Protein from protein shake requires a longer time to be assimilated, so the best would be to consume cocktails before a workout. If you have no possibility to take amino acids after training, then know that protein cocktail is better than nothing at all.

Now let’s consider the injury of sauna on muscle recovery. Although most of the bodybuilders consider a sauna the best choice for recovering after a workout, studies have proven it has a negative impact on muscle growth. These studies have shown that glycogen synthesis, and, consequently, the recovery of the muscles slows down considerably at temperatures above 30 degrees. In other words, a sauna after a workout is not the best choice.

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These studies suggest also that the temperature below room temperature, achieved, for example by making a cold shower is the best option for a workout. This temperature accelerates glycogen synthesis and muscle recovery.

In addition, has been proved that washing the face with cold water immediately after exercise is also very helpful. Firstly is a slow heartbeat, and secondly normalizes blood pressure. In addition, increases the oxygen content in blood, as well as its availability to the muscle tissue, which is important for the rapid transport of nutrients for optimal recovery after training.

If you really want to build muscle and do not make your workouts inefficient,  give up the sauna or other methods of heating, and replace them with a cold shower, which significantly improves the condition of the body and speeds up recovery.

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