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Bodybuilding and Sex




There is two most vehicles formula when it comes to this subject: bodybuilding with sex equal results or bodybuilding minus sex equal results? So, further, we will detail which one is true or will try to find out if bodybuilding and sex can be combined without any problem. You are self-confident because you have cool muscles, excellent relief more than enough power ... But let's understand and speak frankly: with all of your perfect external data, do you risk to turn out a poor lover in bed? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not gratifying.

Your risk is that if you strive for an ideal, big, beautiful muscles, meantime ignoring the main rule of bodybuilding -you have to know when to stop, do not overtrain in the gym and do not resort to the potent steroid, in the early stages of muscle mass. As you know various exercises improve and strengthen not only health but also the potency. It has long been proven that bodybuilding for men represents a fountain of youth.

Systematic, regular exercise, balanced diet, all of this improves health in general, applies to this potency. There are no doubts that exercise it's wonderful. But as it was proved in the practice more doesn't always means better. You have to know that in training, as in general, there are reasonable limits if overstep these limits will suffer everything: health, and of course sex.

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Perhaps overtraining keep the old look on your muscles and they will be as strong, but cause to overtraining, the other part of the body can deny the very right moment. The time when you increase the intensity of your workouts by increasing the load and number of approaches is the most unfavorable for having sex, since during the weight training the level of testosterone in the body is reduced, thereby reducing the number of sperm, hence the general desire to have sex. If your workouts are built correctly and properly, such problems would never occur. Good training always gives an impulse and provide with good and psycho-emotional mood for having sex.

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All the contrary, a reasonable workout improves sex because a man starts to feel better, become more resilient and strong, resulting in increased sexual potency. And this was noticed for young, middle-aged and older men!

Further lets the influence of sex on testosterone and prolactin. Some studies show that during sex in the blood levels such hormone called prolactin. This hormone is not welcome among the people leading an active lifestyle as it suppresses testosterone levels. The effect of prolactin action lasts very long, and do not have time to have a significant impact.

Meanwhile, other studies have shown that regular sex acts contribute to an increase in testosterone levels. It was even calculated the optimal frequency for sex acts. It is once a week. If a man is sexually excited, but it does not reach orgasm, the testosterone level is even higher. However, such a way to raise the amount of male hormone is not recommended because it can lead to many unpleasant diseases of the prostate.

Also, many bodybuilders mistakenly believe that, together with ejaculation, they lose a lot of protein that they need to build muscle and spend a lot of energy, which is also highly desirable. However, the reality is not so scary. The number of consumed protein is 0.1 grams, and it is so few that his body will not notice. About the loss of energy, during a sexual act is burned 50 calories, an amount that is very easy to repair. Thus, all these fears are greatly exaggerated, in fact, these factors cannot be taken into account.

Another incertitude among bodybuilders is about should they have sex after a workout, or not?

Here have been done researchers, that show that for most bodybuilders, the optimal time for the sexual activity is the first few hours after the workout. During sex increases, the activity of the cells and, thus, the body recovers faster.

Briefly summarizing the results of different studies, we can draw the following conclusions:

- If your body does not get tired during sex, and the next day you are able to adequately train, there is no reason to limit the quantity. Otherwise, you have time to give your body the necessary time to recover;

- In the training day is better to postpone sex because it causes the rise of prolactin levels, which suppresses testosterone;

- After sex it is desirable to sleep a little longer, ideally 9-10 hours;

- Sex after a workout is a great way to quickly rebuild the muscle.

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As you see bodybuilding and sex do not contradict each other, you just should know when to stop. Working with weights makes your body stronger, more beautiful, you feel better about yourself in terms of health and in terms of attractiveness, sexuality, you are liberated behave in bed.

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