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Best Pectoral Workout For Men




Having mountains of muscle on chest is the dream of every bodybuilder. The reality is that in spite of hard trainings and long hours in the gym your pectoralis still look small. There could be many reasons for this, but the one who play the biggest importance is the workout routine you follow. Performing the right exercises and in the proper form is the key to massive chest.

Many wonders why developing chest muscle is so hard. They are fed like any other group on muscle on the body with the same food, supplements, get the amount of rest, but still grow very slow. Search the answer in your genetics and your body type. If you are not genetically gifted to develop massive muscle, the immensity of efforts you put in will never be enough for this. Also, being a mesomorphic guy you are definitely advantaged as by nature you have natural muscle, size and strength. Less fortunate are ectomorphs, or also called hard gainers, who look slim and struggle for any pond they put on. Endomorphic have more fat, thus every time they begin bulking the amount of fat the gain outweighs the muscle mass.

Among other factors that directly influence the speed you build muscle mass are:
- Slow or fast metabolism;
-Poor blood circulation;
-Different skeletal frames.

Well, it is not the case the put the whole responsibility for slow muscle gains on your pectoralis on genetics. It is a determinative factor, but with hard work you can manage to improve the shape of your chest.

Despite chest is a big muscle group, in order to work it better, it’s good to divide into 3 zones of work. So we have upper, middle and lower part which have to be trained using different angle of exercise execution.

The best exercises ever for building chest muscle are bench press and flyes. So we will use them but with different angle of execution. The upper part is better stimulated from exercises done on a 30-45% incline bench, while for middle chest most productive are exercises done on a flat bench. In order to work out lower part is good to do perform bench presses on 30-45% declined bench.

The number of reps for each exercise plays a big role too. Too much, especially if you are a beginner, can lead to overtraining or future injures as you are not ready yet to handle such stress. The best would be to go with a low or moderate number of reps for each exercise, which means 4-6-8, but never much more than 12.

Free weights is your ally in developing chest muscle, especially if it quite weak. Machine exercises are good but rather fit an experienced bodybuilder with solid pectoralis than a newbie. Stick to free weights and make your workouts easy to perform even at home.

An exercises done in a wrong way gives no benefits to you. It is imperative to learn the right form of exercise execution and to follow it strictly. Otherwise there will be no performance overtime and even worse there are always risk to get injured.

How best chest workout program should look like?

First of all, remember the rule of dividing chest muscle into three portions and work each of them at different angle. I propose a 3 day split workout which focus on each part of pectoralis in different days.

I day- Upper chest workout
As we said the best would be to perform exercises at a 35-40% incline bench press. Some of the exercises that have to be part of your workout program are:
-Barbell inclined bench press.
-Incline dumbbell press and flyes.
Perform 3 sets of 4-6 reps as it will be enough to stimulate the muscles.

II day -Middle chest workout
All the exercises have to be performed on a flat bench. Include these exercises:
-Barbell bench press-middle grip;
-Dumbbell bench press and flyes;
Follow the same number of sets and reps. In case of dumbbell flyes and pushups you can go with a higher number of resp, up to 12.

III day- Lower chest workout
Exercises have to be performed on decline bench. So, here what we have:
-Decline Barbell or/and dumbbell Bench Press
-Decline Dumbbell Flyes;
The same amount of sets&reps as in case of previous workouts is advised.

Warm up before going straight to your chest workout. Take 15-20 minutes to do some cardio exercise to prepare your body for more exercises. It allows to improve the blood circulation and pump more oxygen to muscles.


So, the best chest workout should include bench press and flyes exercise performed on flat, inclined or declined bench. It is very important to allow your body enough time for recovery. That’s why try to work out after a day, three times a week. With a proper diet and following the above listed exercises you have all the chances to increase the size of your pectoralis within months of training. So, stay motivated it will keep you on the track for the long run.

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