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Best Infrared Light Devices for Recovery, Hair Loss, And More




             In this era of rapid technological advancements, it is hard to find untreatable conditions. From hair loss therapy to muscle recovery, many devices have been invented by scientists and physicians to make our lives comfortable. Most importantly, you can now use these devices from your home since they come with complete guides. Hair loss is a major problem faced by people from various causes. It is not only uncomfortable, but it also affects many other aspects of a person's life. People with premature baldness usually wear caps, and head wraps to conceal the baldness. It is enough proof that they're not comfortable with baldness at all. Here are effective infrared light devices that can treat and manage such conditions. Find below the Best Infrared Light Devices for Recovery.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

                 iRestore is an FDA-approved hair growth device & one of the Best Infrared Light Devices with excellent results. The laser device is typically used to regrow lost hair in both men and women. It is also used for hair thinning by those who feel their hair is too thick. With a 6-month 100% money-back guarantee, iRestore is among Amazon’s best-seller hair treatment products. People who have used the device to restore receding hair have reported their hair grew back after 3-6 months. Customers are advised to return the product for replacement or refund if the hair does not grow back after the period. However., this scenario is quite unlikely since the device’s efficiency has been studied since 2017, and the results have been 100% positive. Moreover, this device boasts at least 43% hair restoration capability in both genders.

>> iRestore Laser Hair Growth System <<

               Using the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is 100% safe, thus saving people from more dangerous biotech methods. Additionally, the device has been manufactured in GMP-certified facilities with a reputation for quality and safety. The product is not only durable but also portable and user-friendly. You can find this item on Amazon for over $400.

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Medical Sauna Medical 5

           Medical Sauna has developed this laser device to target conditions such as high blood pressure, dementia, heart problems, and arthritis. The device works based on the theory that increasing temperature and humidity alters the cardiovascular system. For instance, in the case of narrow blood vessels, the device can be used to expand them, thus allowing more blood to pass through. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the heart and the veins themselves. Consequently, the chances of one developing hypertension and a heart attack are reduced significantly.

>> Medical Sauna Medical 5 <<

                 The use of the device is lauded as safe and effective because it doesn't involve smoke or any other harmful substances. All that is needed is a light to warm the cardiovascular tissues, and you're good to go. Additionally, the lasers come in different sizes, most of which are portable and easy to store. Most importantly, you don’t need rocket science to operate one since it has a comprehensive manual. Grab this life-saving device at your nearest electronic shop for as low as $6,000.


Avologi Eneo Advanced

               If you have young, flawless skin you'd like to keep for many years, Avologi Eneo Advance is your product. Renowned for treating blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin conditions, the device goes for only $7,050. The device’s working mechanism involves promoting cellular regeneration and boosting blood flow. This means more nutrients and water reach every part of the body, thus nourishing the skin. It also has a vibration feature that makes puffy skin tighter. Additionally, the device emits a blue light that destroys bacteria on the skin that causes a range of skin conditions, including acne.

>> Avologi Eneo Advanced <<

               Avologi Eneo Advance is approved by the FDA, making it safe. However, like every other device, bounds to counterfeit in the market. Make sure to buy it from an established entity with complete business information to avoid scammers or to buy a sub-standard product. Keep in mind that this item is quite expensive and things like it should give value for your money.

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DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt

             Another best-selling infrared device on Amazon, DGYAO Red and Infrared Light therapy belt relieves muscle and joint pain with astonishing efficiency. The device boasts 117 powerful led lights that penetrate deep into the body to relieve pain. It comes with a hands-free design to make its handling more convenient. The belt’s most important feature is an adjustable lumbar support wrap that accurately targets the pain area. Most importantly, the device is portable and easy to store whether you’re using it at home or in the workplace.

>> DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt <<

              DGYAO Therapy Belt also comes with 2 Velcro straps for a full-body wrap. One of the straps is longer and reaches the hip and back region, while the shorter one works on the neck, arms, and surrounding regions. And then there’s another cool feature worth mentioning – a timer. The time is set to a maximum of 20 minutes, ensuring you don’t overdo the therapy. This device is beneficial to bodybuilders, and other athletes prone to injuries and body aches after training or contest.

Revian Hair Growth System

                  Revian is an excellent product for hair replacement therapy. Going for barely $1000, the device is one of the cheapest in the market. But let not the low price deceive you into doubting what it can do. Revian Hair Growth System’s manufacturer claims you only need to use it for 24 hours to get the desired results. Worn as a helmet for the period indicated, the device uses infrared light to enhance blood flow to hair follicles, thus providing nutrients necessary for hair growth. As the scalp thickens and inflammation in the affected area reduces, the hair follicles get favorable conditions for hair growth.

                  Most importantly, the system comes with a tracking up that shows a change in hair growth and the general progress of the treatment process. The good news is that the FDA has given the treatment the go-ahead, so you shouldn't worry about nasty side effects. Your only worry should be getting a genuine product since fake ones exist.

 Beurer ILSO Infrared Heat Lamp

                This infrared device uses red light heat to relieve various types of pain, such as muscle pain. It works by promoting blood flow to regions of injury or inflammation. Like the Best Infrared Light Devices mentioned, Beurer directs light in the region of pain. The resulting heat warms the capillaries and causes them to widen. More blood reaches the affected area, taking the nutrients needed for tissue replacement and healing. Additionally, the heat destroys pathogens and other toxins in the affected area by destroying their cells. Beurer relieves joint, muscle, and tissue pain without damaging body tissues.

>> Beurer ILSO Infrared Heat Lamp <<

                Unlike other infrared devices, the infrared lamp keeps you warm during extreme cold. The heat from the light causes the muscles, joints, and tissues to relax, allowing warm blood to flow there. Moreover, the device can be used as a supplemental treatment for bronchial congestion, thanks to its ability to unclog mucus in pathways, reduce inflammation, and ease swelling.

TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device

               Last on our list is this custom infrared light device used to treat conditions such as joint and muscle pain, arthritis, poor blood circulation, and stiffness. Trendline is built explicitly for pro athletes like bodybuilders who are susceptible. Although the device only relieves mild pain, it creates a solid foundation for more potent forms of treatment. Even so, treatment with a tendlite has sometimes led to complete pain relief and full recovery. Proven to be 100% safe, Tendlite uses a manageable 600nm red light wavelength for treatment. However, the period of therapy must not be prolonged. Directing the light for approximately 20 minutes should be enough. Finally, Tendlite is easy to use. You only need to shine the light for 1-minute doses for the period mentioned.

>> TENDLITE Red Light Therapy Device <<


            Scientists have made breakthroughs in turning light into a treatment option using the abovementioned devices. Although the infrared light treatment method may not offer treatment at 100%, it continues to be a convenient method for managing specific conditions. It is essential to know that cumulatively, skin conditions, hair loss, and chronic pain can eradicate a person’s life, not to mention their career. With infrared light treatment options, people can now live their lives normally.

               Additionally, this method is safe, and most of the devices are FDA-approved. However, you may have to pay a fortune to acquire one of these devices since their prices come in four or five figures. But considering it, assuming you get a durable, quality product, the price is worth it. We hope you get a product that will help solve that little hair, skin, or pain problem once and for all.



Best Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): 100% Recovery Within 6 Weeks





           Steroids are hormone testosterone’s synthetic forms that enhance muscle mass and strength. Steroids are used because they can defeat the natural production of testosterone. Therefore, the users use some substances post-cycle therapy to reduce the problems associated with the restart of testosterone production.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

             Post-cycle therapy, therefore, is a period that begins immediately after finishing a cycle of drugs that prescribes to improve performance. These are drugs like selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)and prohormones. Post-cycle therapy is simply the behaviors and drugs that users of steroids have to reduce the adverse effects of the drug after several weeks. The therapy is essential to steroid users because it reduces the adverse effects of withdrawing from the drug by helping the body to bounce back to average testosterone production. It means that as soon as the performance-enhancing drugs cycle is over, the body’s average testosterone hormone production has to begin again. This is where post-cycle therapy becomes essential to improve hormone production, thus helping you to recover quickly. Post-cycle therapy is done to help the body start natural hormone production as soon as possible.

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               There are different, most popular best post-cycle therapy procedures. However, you will need to use the best of the best because the recovery process highly depends on the best products used. So many very effective types of post-cycle therapy supplements will make the recovery process very fast. They are as follows;

Post-therapy stack that combines rebirth post-cycle therapy and enhances recovery

             Rebirth post-cycle therapy is a designed drug for post-cycle therapy, and that's why it is called rebirth. It contains six capsules made of clinically proven ingredients that help fasten recovery. Enhance is a potent testosterone booster. It is not like other testosterone that is weak. Enhance contains eight capsules. This combination means taking fourteen capsules daily (6 rebirths and 8 enhancements). This post-cycle therapy should take 4-8 weeks.


              PC power is mighty because it has the following components; a 3-in-1 formula that ensures one retains the cycle muscle gains and strength by restoring the production of testosterone naturally and helps to prevent an increase in estrogen production. Post-cycle therapy supplement also has estrogen blocker, testosterone booster, and liver support with fenugreek, and chrysin which helps to support the liver health and detoxification of the body. This drug contains estrocontrol that helps stop the body from forming an enzyme known as aromatase.

            The body uses aromatase to change androgens to estrogen. When the body has a source of hormones from outside, it reduces the natural production of testosterone. Therefore, estrogen levels increase hence increasing muscles and strength. This can cause strain on the liver because it has to convert prohormones to detoxify the body. Taking PCTpower has so many positive benefits, and it is proven to work in different ways. This is;

  • The drug has estroControl that helps stop the production of aromatase enzyme that helps the body convert androgens to estrogen.
  • The drug has Liver support that contains powerful antioxidants and different herbs to improve liver health.
  • It also has testosterone support that enhances testosterone production naturally by the body.

       The PC power supplement plays a significant role in the body by boosting natural testosterone production but also helps to reduce signs of high estrogen levels. It is highly recommended after a cycle of very harsh drugs that causes harm to the liver because it is a combination of scientifically proven natural formula.

Estrogen blocker for men and hormone balance for women

            An estrogen blocker is a natural post-cycle therapy with anti-Aromatase enzyme production and anti-estrogen support formula. It helps cystic and hormonal imbalance that causes acne. It helps to regulate hormone levels which helps to curb unwanted breakouts. This product does not have any synthetic drugs or even chemicals.

          Improving hormone balance helps improve the body's energy, lower cholesterol levels and even boost one’s confidence. The most robust estrogen blocker is pride nutrition estrogen blocker which contains nutrients that helps to reduce estrogen levels which may be associated with different health conditions like; high cholesterol, estrogen imbalance, and gynecomastia. Both men and women can use estrogen blockers.

Iron labs nutrition Post Cycle Therapy extreme capsules

          These are post-cycle therapy drugs that contain 80 capsules and post cycle therapy booster, and advanced formula. This product is a PCT support supplement of a full-spectrum blend featuring carefully selected ingredients to help achieve your health goal.

            It contains 15 active ingredients that range from essential minerals that support the body. These ingredients are D-Aspartic acid, 1 gram per 4 capsules, for the best post-cycle therapy support. This product is straightforward to use because it is a 30-day dosage. Take it accurately to help boost the natural production of testosterone in the body.


             Nolvadex PCT is the most popular method. This product is also known as tamoxifen citrate. It helps to speed up the natural production of testosterone.  Nolvadex helps reduce estrogen levels and boosts the body’s natural testosterone production to a stable and healthy level. It is used for moderate or heavy cycles, including several compounds for extended periods. This drug’s usual dosage is from 10mg to 40mg daily between two to four weeks.  This product has to be planned according to the performance-enhancing drugs used. Nolvadex is not available over the counter, but it is a prescription-only drug with few side effects like headache and nausea. This drug is a rapid way of restoring hormones.

Clomid PCT

            Clomiphene is also known as one of the most vital post-cycle therapy compounds. It is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Clomid PCT is commonly used by bodybuilders who have gone through heavy anabolic steroid cycles to help bring estrogen levels to normal, which have increased after finishing a cycle. The Clomid dosage is between 20mg to 50mg daily for two to four weeks, depending on how nasty the person's hormones are. The standard dosage recommends 50mg for two weeks and 25mg for another two weeks. It is powerful compared to other drugs, so we do not advise overdosing.

             By reducing estrogen levels, testosterone levels increase. Clomid is so far the most muscular post-cycle therapy. Clomiphene is prescription-only, meaning it cannot be found over the counter. It has side effects like blurred vision, vomiting, and nausea.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition post gear PCT

        Rich Piana, 5% Nutrition, is a post-cycle therapy supplement for men/estrogen blocker/ liver health/milk Thistle with 240 capsules, a 30- day dosage. Piana's 5% nutrition post-cycle therapy product has all the anti-estrogen compounds and enhancement needed to stop a cycle. It helps to build more muscle because it has D-Aspartic Acid that is scientifically proven to balance cortisol levels which helps to come off a cycle. It also helps to balance hormones and maintain muscle growth and strength. Rich Piana 5% Nutrition also helps to reduce estrogen because it has natural aromatase inhibitors. It helps protect the liver and reduce the damage caused by free radicals produced when it metabolizes toxic substances.

Build PM Night Time Muscle Builder and Sleep Aid Supplement

            It supports deep sleep, reduces restlessness, and enhances a good night's sleep. It helps build stiff and lean muscles for men and women. Building PM enhances muscle growth, strength gains, and endurance as it improves sleep. It enhances post-workout muscle recovery as well as reduces muscle soreness. The Build PM takes it before bedtime.

ix VMI Sports/A-XR PCT

           A-XR PCT is the best solution to help increase testosterone levels and libido and maintain muscle gains.  A-XR Post Cycle Therapy is a potent initiator that gives high post-cycle support. So many men experience negative side effects post cycle like high estrogen, decreased libido, high body fat, and reduced strength and lean muscle growth, but when A-XR PCT use as a supplement, you will have a complete spectrum formula that deals with all the post cycle side effects. A-XR PCT promotes anabolic drive, increases the average production of testosterone, and boosts performance, energy, and hormonal support.

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            The most efficient way to check if one needs it is to go and see a doctor. For a checkup on the testosterone levels or by looking for signs of depression and low libido. Post-cycle therapy is essential, just like the cycle. The type of PCT you will need highly depends on the type of cycle that you run. PCT is crucial after finishing a cycle because very severe effects happen if one skips. After all, the body can take a very long to recover. For best results, order all the needed products before the cycle begins. Make sure to get the best products to improve testosterone production fast.

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Getting Back on Track After Contracting Covid-19 (A Bodybuilder’s Guide)





           The Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (Covid-19) is considered one of the most dangerous viral infections affecting mankind. The disease has left an ugly scar in sports that may take decades to erase. Towards the end of 2020, the virus had brought the entire world to a standstill. Every sport was curtailed, and participants and respective management were confined to their homes in worldwide lockdowns of biblical proportions. The level of inconvenience was unprecedented in recent history, and Covid-19 seems to have changed our world forever. Whether you’ve been infected or not, everyone has been affected somehow. Back on Track After Covid-19 is not very difficult.

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               Sportsmen and women, bodybuilders, had their careers hanging in the balance, especially those who contracted Covid. Consequently, all were asked or forced to train from home. Everyone had to improvise to keep their form; trust me, it came with many sacrifices. Fast-forward to the beginning of 2021, reality started hitting hard, and we decided the virus won’t continue holding us at 00000ransom. Normalcy started returning, albeit with difficulty. Restrictions were relaxed gradually, and we’re now halfway toward complete normalcy. However, just like how people struggled to adapt to the new normal, we’re having a rough time getting back on track. Humans are incredible creatures; we can continually adapt to any change as long as the conditions can be endured.

            Here is how bodybuilders who have contracted Covid-19 can get up on their feet again and resume their careers. Strong!

Get Medical Clearance

              Ensuring you're free from the virus is the first step towards resuming your career as a bodybuilder. However, some scary discoveries continue to be made about this virus. Several recovered patients have continued to experience certain complications even after testing negative for Covid-19. These include the lungs and other organs that don't work in their regular capacity. As a bodybuilder who wants a successful career, this discovery could be quite devastating. Furthermore, some people report having died suddenly death days or weeks after making a full recovery. For this reason, you must get medical clearance from the doctor before resuming any bodybuilding activity. You should first undergo these tests to determine whether you’re fit to resume training after recovering from Covid.

Cardiovascular Evaluation

               Covid-related sudden deaths have been reported among athletes since the pandemic began. Sudden death is caused by a condition known as myocarditis. Recovered patients may have had an injury in their cardiovascular system, which may eventually cause death. A cardiovascular evaluation by a professional medical practitioner will reveal whether the person can resume training and the exercises they should perform. Tests to determine cardiovascular fitness include heart sounds, chamber dilations, pressure at lower extremities, and more. If any of these cardiovascular activities are found to be below or above average, then it means the athlete is not fit enough to resume full training.

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             Additionally, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication and suggest other ways to help you make a full recovery. It is also important to note that Covid-19 affects people differently. People who have had severe cases of the disease are more likely to experience complications after testing negative. Mild cases, on the other hand, don’t come with any additional complications post-recovery.

Hypertensive Evaluation and Medication

               If a medical doctor determines that you’re susceptible to hypertension post-Covid, you must take antihypertensive drugs. These drugs are helpful because they help stabilize blood sugar levels among recovering patients. However, medication such as renin-angiotensin-aldosterone inhibitors may cause adverse side effects. In such a case, you should discontinue the medication and concentrate on other non-medical recovery methods only if the effects are severe.

Pulmonary Evaluation

              Coronavirus affects the lungs more than any other organ in the human body. That means the lungs take longer to recover, and some people report having permanent lung damage. Therefore, a pulmonary evaluation is essential to determine the extent of lung damage, if any. Acute respiratory syndrome, a condition seen in recovered Covid patients, may negatively impact a bodybuilder’s career if not detected. A lung examination by a qualified physician should indicate if you’re lungs are still in distress. The following findings should prompt additional examination of your respiratory system:

  • Crackles
  • Dullness to percussion
  • Egophony
  • Dyspnea
  • Any other signs of respiratory failure

Not that the lungs play a crucial role in bodybuilding training, and any complication may end your career.

Return to Training Progression

           Once the evaluation of various organs and systems is complete, it is time to resume training. You should know that training will be progressive; you won’t start from where you left off. Being a new disease, clinicians and sports managers have not come up with clear guidelines on how to resume training after infection. However, we know that the body may not work at total capacity, hence the need to start with light exercises.

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Stage 1: Low-Intensity Exercises

            A body that has been battling Covid-19 needs time to make a full natural recovery. Light exercises are part of that recovery but will only work under one condition – it must be slow. In the first week of training, after testing negative, ensure to do the following only:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Simple stretches

          Do this for 10-15 minutes every day. It should be enough to prepare your body for what is coming in the second week.

            In the second week of training, increase the pace of walking and jogging. Also, double the time, so you now exercise 20-30 minutes daily. If you feel strong enough to do more stretches, go ahead. Most importantly, monitor how your body responds to the exercises and make necessary adjustments. Please note that the recovery rate differs in people, so you should do everything at your pace. Keep exercising for as long as you feel comfortable, and don’t rush to perform strenuous workouts.

Stage 2: Moderate Activity

           This is the stage where you start toying around with your training equipment. Technically, no severe training is taking place, just you checking out your stuff. Pick that barbell and feel the weight. How does using the treadmill feel now compared to the pre-Covid period?? Grab that rope, do a couple of skips, and then toss it over.

           Stage 2 is when to maximize the low-intensity exercises you did in the first week of training. Perform more stretches and cover a more considerable distance in running or jogging. By now, you should be doing up to two hours of training every day of the week. It will prepare you adequately for what is coming in stage 3.

Stage 3: High-Intensity Exercises

             Once you have bonded with the equipment, it is time to do some serious training. At this point, you're recovered entirely and are hungry for it. However, you must be sure that your body can endure intense training before hitting the gym. Exercises in this stage should involve every gym equipment and workout you’re used to. These include bench presses, treadmills, barbells, and push-ups. High-intensity exercises are necessary to compensate for muscle mass and general form losses. You may not be able to resume normal training if the body is not returned to its normal state before the pandemic strikes.

Stage 4: Resumption of Normal Training

             The body is now ready to resume normal training after successfully going through stages 1, 2, and 3. Stage 4 is where you return and pick up where you left off. This stage should begin in the second month of training and involve full play. Depending on the kind of exercise, you can always increase the pace and do longer to compensate for lost time.

The table below summarizes various types of activities and planning at every stage.

Stage Activity Level Objective Duration Exercises Involved
Stage 1 Rest & Low Intensity ·       Facilitate full recovery

·       Introduce the body to training

10-15 minutes Jogging


Simple stretches

Stage 2 Moderate Training Prepare the body for high-intensity workouts 20-30 minutes 2-3 km run or jog

Stationary bicycle ride

Less than 50% weight training

Light resistance training


Stage 3 High-Intensity Training Restore and develop endurance for full-play training 2-3 hours Intense aerobic workouts

At least 4 km run/jog

Stationary bicycle at up to 140 watts

Full bodyweight training

Advanced resistance exercises

Stage 4 Normal training Standard fitness and return to regular training As determined by yourself or your trainer Pre-Covid (normal) training


              Training and bodybuilding in general after contracting Covid-19 may not be a walk in the park. One must prepare psychologically and mentally, and physically before hitting the gym. The power of a positive mind is your greatest weapon against this virus. Waking up every day and deciding that it won't change your life for the worse is the first step toward a comeback. But even as you resume training, be careful not to strain the already-compromised body. Most importantly, ensuring a well-balanced diet is appropriate because it goes a long way in ensuring your resume training fast. Good luck!

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Post Cycle Therapy Vs. B&C: Which is Best for You?





              There has been a heated debate among bodybuilders about Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) and Blast and Cruise (B&C). Even as we aim to choose the best between the two, it is essential to note that what works for someone else may not always work for you. Whether to go PCT or B&C is determined by certain factors, and most of them are beyond your control. For instance, old age and physique are significant determinants of choosing the technique. But first, what do you understand by the terms PCT and B&C? Well, we will explain them in this article and hopefully help you pick the best for your current physique.

Bodybuilder PCT

           You must have come across this term if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder. For those who might not have heard of it, PCT is a recovery and self-care technique bodybuilders, and other athletes use to overcome a steroid cycle. Its primary purpose is to help the body to adapt to its new form after a successful cycle. There are no significant changes in body weight while on PCT, even when the diet is changed. Considered the most body-friendly, PCT is commonly used by beginners unable to adapt to post-cycle changes immediately. However, bodybuilding pros still use the strategy after coming off cycling or changing from one cycle to another.

             As you may be aware, coming off a cycle is easy and challenging at the same time. This option is usually for those who want to come out as fast as possible without taking a toll on them. Although considered an option for ‘weaklings’, PCT has helped many would-be champions keep their form. The myth is that people who blast do not PCT well, but that is entirely misguided. On the contrary, some bodybuilders have succeeded in alternating the two rather than going with one. It all comes down to what you can or cannot handle.

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Blast and Cruise

              Blast and Cruise is a term used to refer to an initial increase and then decrease in cycle dosage instead of coming off steroids altogether. Blasting involves taking a certain Xmg of a steroid for a fixed period, say four weeks, while cruising is taking (X-Y) mg of the steroid for the next four weeks. For instance, if you blast 500mg of tren and 1000mg of another steroid for five weeks, you should cruise only 500mg for the next 10 weeks. The cycle should be repeated for as long as necessary, each time adding or dropping a particular drug when blasting and not necessarily altering cruising.

             However, the time for blasting and cruising may differ depending on the bodybuilder’s preference and the type of steroids. Similarly, there is no fixed dosage for a particular steroid while blasting or cruising; it depends on how your body responds to the cycle. While most bodybuilders prefer keeping it proportional, some would want to use different steroids to blast while maintaining only one for cruising. Additionally, pro bodybuilders usually make a blast and cruise proportional all year round, irrespective of the steroid combination. Most importantly, it is only considered a blast and cruise if someone uses testosterone to cruise. The type of steroids one uses to blast doesn't matter, but a successful B&C must use testosterone as the base. Bodybuilders who have tried to deviate from this rule have found it challenging to achieve their cycle goals.

Advantages of Bodybuilder PCT

            Post-cycle therapy has several advantages if you know what you're doing. Our research has revealed that this technique works best for upcoming bodybuilders not used to cycling. Here are some benefits one stands to get by using PCT.

  • There are no significant changes in body weight, so one doesn't have to alter their diet.
  • It is much easier on your body.
  • It promotes natural bodybuilding, thus reducing the chances of one getting hooked on steroids.
  • One can avoid nasty side effects associated with prolonged use of steroids.
  • It allows one to reach their limit by promoting natural muscle growth.
  • It may make your bodybuilding career a bit cheaper without regular jabbing
  • It leads to better consolidation of gains as there is little impact on the body's hormonal balance.
  • The risk of infertility from steroid use is reduced significantly.

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Disadvantages of Bodybuilder PCT

         Critics of post-cycle therapy for recovery have cited several reasons they might never attempt it. While we may not independently verify those claims, you must consult widely before deciding. Your doctor or personal trainer could be the best person to guide you accordingly. Here are the known cons of PBCT.

  • Recovery is not always guaranteed, so cycling may not result in any benefits despite investing time and resources.
  • It is considered a technique for bodybuilders who don’t have the balls to keep jabbing.
  • It may not work if one has gotten used to using steroids over a long period.
  • Recovery might take longer than expected, throwing one into a physical and psychological crisis.
  • It does not work well with aging bodybuilders.
  • It is associated with too much blues, which few people can cope with.

Advantages of B&C

  • One has lesser chances of undergoing physical and mental deterioration.
  • Cruising after blasting allows the body to normalize its functions and get you back on track as soon as possible.
  • Cruising prevents permanent damage to vital organs. If anything, such organs have been found to perform more than usual.
  • Faster progress is made compared to PCT.

Disadvantages of B&C

        Although many bodybuilders prefer getting the jab for their entire lives and career, B&C comes with certain disadvantages you need to know about.

  • The gains decrease significantly as one continues using steroids. It is because steroids, unlike amphetamines, do not increase their effect on the body when the dosage is increased. The result is that the body demands more but without an impact.
  • Increased risk of the permanent shutdown of natural testosterone as one continues using high doses of steroids.
  • If the body develops tolerance to steroids, it may lead to partial recovery, which isn't good from a clinical point of view. Furthermore, partial recovery is considered to be worse than PCT blues, which most bodybuilders fear.
  • It may permanently damage vital organs if cruising is not done correctly. That is because steroid doses in B&C are administered consistently above the psychological range.
  • The risk for infertility is higher because the steroids not only reduce your sex drive but may also cut down the user’s sperm count.


           It is fair enough to say that PCT and B&C are more or less the same, depending on how one views it. For instance, someone who does a 24-week cycle may consider it to be B&C, while in fact, it is just a long cycle. In this case, the cycle may serve as a PCT for a young bodybuilder and a B&C for another nearing retirement. Some people don’t intend to recover, so they assume they’re blasting and cruising. However, without adhering to the proper way of B&C, that could not be considered as such.

Choosing the Best Strategy Bodybuilder PCT for You

            Going PCT or B&C is a personal choice, but you could use advice. First, everyone has their goals concerning their physical appearance, and they can't be stopped until they achieve them. That is quite positive, but you must not be too blinded by the goals to bypass certain precautions. Before you decide on your cycling technique, consider your body’s unique needs.

             Ask yourself whether you're doing this to win titles or to feel good about your body. If the former is your motivation, we recommend the PCT route. The reason for this is simple; you have a lot to do with your life once the physique farce is gone. Trust me; you don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting the choices you made in this regard. Only choose B&C if you’re convinced that is what you want and ready to do it for the rest of your life. Most importantly, listen to your body and do exactly what it wants. Weigh the pros and cons of the two techniques and see if it is something you can handle.


            Bodybuilder PCT and B&C will help you come off a steroid cycle and use them permanently, but one has to do it right. Be honest with yourself about what you want before settling on either method. Also, note that using anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) in fitness and bodybuilding will last a long. However, the use of AAS is regulated and unregulated in equal measure. While we advocate the safe use of steroids, does not advocate the unlawful use, possession, and supply of prohibited substances. Please visit our shop to find genuine, high-quality steroid products to help your cycling.

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