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The Difference Between Male and Female Bodybuilding




It's no secret that in recent years the interest of the women in bodybuilding has been increased significantly. Some people believe that there are almost as many female bodybuilders, as men! But men and women regarding the athleticism have some physiological differences. In general, men are stronger than women and have greater endurance, mainly due to the fact that their heart is larger and the blood contains more oxygen transporting particles.

The Difference Between Male and Female Bodybuilding

Muscles of the legs of the women are almost as strong as men if we take into account that the weight of their body usually is less. But the men train hard with weights, while many women shy away from it, mistakenly believing that they can harm their body or that will make them masculine.

Sure, men and women differ anatomically and physiologically. But in many, the physiological system is the same. For example, women have basically the same set of skeletal muscle (more than six), as well as men.

These muscles need exercise to stay strong and healthy, and they respond to training with progressive weight training, getting stronger, stronger and acquiring a nice shape. A woman's body tends to flourish under the influence of regular exercise program, diet, and recovery, just like men.

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What are The Differences Between Men and Women?

- The average male is stronger than women;
- Men are more enduring because of the volume of the heart and higher hemoglobin concentrations.
-Maximum oxygen consumption is more significant in case of men;
- On average women are more flexible than men;
- Women tend to have a higher pain threshold than men;
- Relatively males are stronger in the upper body;
- Women relatively stronger in the lower body.

Women have proportionately more powerful and broad structure of the pelvic region, compared with men, ensuring them a stable equilibrium, as their center of gravity is lower. This has little effect on training, while women are usually more flexible than men and therefore can exercise their muscles on a wider range of motion.

The lower part of the women body is relative more powerful and stronger than the upper. Men have a more significant circle of the shoulder girdle in relation to the bottom, while the women all look just the opposite. So, naturally, women tend to increase the strength and volume faster in the lower parts of the body. And yet women have to perform the same exercises as men.


Nevertheless, women should be careful when doing the exercises associated with the raising at the expense of burdening the upper body. Because women shoulder and elbow joints already, they should be careful not to cause them too much stress. In athleticism does not need to perform classic weightlifting exercises.In a woman's body is more fat than in a men body.

The average female athlete in competitive form in 10-16% of fat is concentrated mainly in the pelvis and legs, which aggravate the process of achieving muscularity. When you exercise, keep that in mind. To maximize your muscular legs, perform a greater variety of exercises using lighter projectiles and a greater number of repetitions in combination with a good low-fat nutrition program.

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Women respond to bodybuilding in the same way as men, gaining strength and burning fat. Once all this is less pronounced. Males develop large amounts of muscle because they have several different hormones and the constitution of the body.

Athleticism is the perfect sport for women. Athleticism is extremely versatile. You can train for strength and power, or to raise the tone of muscles and burn off fat, or specifically train for competitions. Women should train the same way as men, just as hard and as long on each lesson. Athleticism is tailored to body shaping and achieving its beauty.

Women can create a graceful symmetry, the force ratio, energy and health and stay in good physical condition all your life.  Forget about the differences in training men and women. In conclusion, we can say there are no restrictions for women to do bodybuilding. It’s up to you to decide how you want to look and which part of your body you want to fortify.

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