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Top 4 Female BodyBuilders 2000




           Since the past years, the Female BodyBuilders have also gained a lot of eminence, success, and fame besides the male bodybuilders. The list of the female bodybuilders that is provided below has gained a lot of success and fame all over the world due to the all-around fitness of their body. So, if any of the women of today, want to take wrestling as their career they should be taking the inspiration from the superstar ladies mentioned in the list below.

The First In This List To Be Named

Top 4 Female BodyBuilders

          Chyna, who first came to prominence in 1997 through the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) which promoted wrestling as a profession. She was born with the name of Joan Marie Laurer but had performed under the name Chyna in the ring. She was billed as the “Ninth Wonder of the World”.

       Chyna was the only female wrestler in the WWF Intercontinental Championship for two times and won the WWF Women’s Championship for once. Chyna is also the first woman wrestler who participated in the events for the King of the Ring along with the Royal Rumble. During her time, she became the most famous contender of the championship of the WWF.

           She became famous for her pinfall victories over the most famous male wrestlers like Triple H, Jeff Jarrett and Chris Jericho. They had won the title of the world championship for a number of times. She has successfully earned the name and fame of being a female competitor who was the most dominant of all time.


           In 2001, she left the WWF but she continued exercising her passion and earned the equal fame in 2002 with the New Japan Pro Wrestling and also in 2011 with the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Besides being a wrestler, Chyna has appeared in numerous films and television shows. She has also appeared in the magazine Playboy for two times.

             She was known of having a tumultuous affair with Sean Waltman who was her fellow wrestler. Their sex tape known as 1 Night in China was released commercially in 2004 and after this, she had starred in five other pornographic videos and is also an AVN Award winner for two times. The diet mantra of Chyna is drinking 3 liters of filtered water every day along with Cayenne Pepper, beans, artichokes and beets. She prefers the energy drinks that are not sweetened.

Lisa Marie Varon

            The second female bodybuilder whose name must be mentioned is Lisa Marie Varon who is a former bodybuilder and a professional American female wrestler. She is also known to be one of the famous fitness competitors in the world. In the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE, she is known by the name Victoria inside the ring. She has won the WWE Women’s Championship for two times.

            In the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling or TNA, she is known with the ring name of Tara. She has also been a champion of the TNA for over five times. She started competing in the competitions for fitness and became the winner of the 1997 Fitness America Series held in the ESPN2. Also, She bagged the second position while competing in a fitness event held in New York in 1999. Eventually earned her Professional Fitness Card from the IFBB or International Federation of BodyBuilders. It should be mentioned that it was Chyna (WWF performer) who inspired and encouraged Varon in becoming a professional wrestler.

             For almost three whole years, she trained herself in the developmental territories of WWF before she became a full-time player with the ring name of Victoria. She first appeared on television on the WrestleMania 2000. In June 2002, she won her first WWE Women’s Championship which she won for another time later in her wrestling career. She left WWE in the year 2009. She married Lee Varon in 1994.


             In her interviews, Varon did state that the WWE was much more appreciable to her than the TNA. Besides this, she is also known to have the given the best finishing moves in the world and history of wrestling. She is also one of the greatest 21st-century superstars of the WWE.

            According to Lisa Marie Varon, the lean and ripped girls can get a lot healthier with protein-rich diets and by having plenty of water. It is recommended that along with the rich protein diet, one should also have an intake of the considerable amounts of carbohydrates as the wrong proportion of the proteins and carbohydrates when taken together can cause different problems and especially for the bodybuilders.

           A calorie-controlled diet is extremely important for maintaining a strong and healthy body. She prefers Diet Coke to the other energy drinks and opts for a Kinder egg to chocolate.

Nikki Fuller

           The third name in the list is that of Nikki Fuller. She is also an American female who is a professional bodybuilder. Her primary interest grew in the Gresham High School. She graduated in the year 1986 and by that time she was a State Champion in the Water Polo. While playing sports, she realized that her body was exceptionally strong and henceforth she started to focus on bodybuilding.

           With a proper training at a local gym, she fully developed herself to a human structure ideal for a bodybuilder. The Novice Oregon in the year 1988 was the first contest of her life and she won the first place in this competition. With this success, she started targeting the bigger contests and won the third place in the contest of the Emerald Cup which was also held in the year 1988.


            She won the same contest the very next year. She won the heavyweight titles in the Nationals of the National Physique Committee in the year 1990. In the two consecutive years of 1988 and 1989, Fuller successfully took away the first position in Henry Weinhard’s Handcar Races which were held in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oregon, Portland and also in Labatt of British Columbia. She won the first place in the Jan Tana Classic in 1992 and with this started her professional career.

Ms. International She

             She was also in the top ten positions in the contests of the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International. She was featured as Athena in the TV show –Women of Wrestling after which she continued the professional wrestling with her own name. She was in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling from 2001-2004. The UPW is a company which represents the World Wrestling Entertainment as a talent house of the west coast.

             Nikki Fuller suggests the aspiring bodybuilders to have 5000 calories every day. Calories should be taken in lower quantities for getting lean muscles along with their healthy growth. Along with the other supplements required for every bodybuilder. The aspirant should be having a food diet which will have proportionate amounts of protein and carbohydrate.

             According to her, the female bodybuilder’s diet should have proteins which are equivalent to 1gm for every pond of the body weight. This protein should be taken in form of boiled eggs, omelets, chicken breasts, beef steak and fish.

Laura Combes

             The last name to be mentioned in the list is that of Laura Combes. During her teenage, she played different sports like sailing, archery, canoeing, fencing, water skiing, horse riding and also tennis. She began the weight lifting in the late 1970s to rehab the injuries of her knees which she had suffered earlier while playing the game of rugby.

              Very soon, she became one of the aspirants of the sport of bodybuilding for the females. In 1980, she first won the NPC Nationals. In 1981, she won the title of Ms. America from the AAU. She made a dramatic appearance in the national television on the series of Real People (NBC). In 1982, she acquired the sixth place in the Ms. Olympia. She died of acute poisoning from alcohol and was inducted in Hall of Fame (IFBB) in the year 2002. Winning Women’s Bodybuilding was authored by Laura Combes.

              According to her, after heavy workouts, protein shakes help female bodybuilders a lot to speed up. The process of the building up of their muscles. These shakes are available in most of the nutrition stores and are specially designed for the women bodybuilders. Carbohydrates in the form of tuna, turkey and wheat bread should be included in the diet for the female bodybuilders. Of course for gaining mass in a comparatively short time.

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             She recommended pasta, sweet potatoes and rice for dinner. She had stated that a minimum of 9 hours of rest at night is extremely important. Heavy workout is extremely important for ingesting the carbs. This ensures that the carbs get utilized for the proper building up of muscles and also ensures that the carbs are not added to the body fat.


              Bodybuilding becomes much easier with proper workouts and perfect diet. Diet makes the process faster and one should follow the strict diet in order to get effective and quick results. Female bodybuilders are expected to take more care of their diets.

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