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Niacin: Major Anabolic Steroid Side Effect Treatment




Anabolic steroids cause several side effects. These side effects can affect the liver, heart, behavior, and mood. For example, since the liver eliminates toxins from our body, steroids can cause tumors and a rise in the level of bad cholesterol. It can provoke a chain reaction, causing problems with blood pressure and coronary diseases.

Gynecomastia, or the formation of female-looking breasts, is also known as the problem with anabolic steroid intake among male bodybuilders. There was not much research in the area yet. However, connecting anabolic steroids with erectile dysfunction and aggressive behavior has been possible.

There are numerous reports of criminal and violent behavior from individuals on steroids. Another known side effect of regularly taking anabolic steroids is ecstatic happiness. Also, one develops problems with sleeping, anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoid behavior.

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Research has shown that it will increase the level of HDL cholesterol more effectively than medications. Bodybuilders who use steroids have a low level of HDL cholesterol in the blood. HDL is essential because it removes LDL cholesterol from the blood. If LDL cholesterol does not separate effectively from the blood, it can seriously endanger an individual's cardiovascular health.


Helps With Anabolic Steroid Side Effects

You can buy it in the pharmacy as niacin pills and use up to 500 mg 3 times daily. You might experience temporary flushing for about 20-30 minutes, but it will go an ay. Some said a small aspirin dosage (80 mg) is half an hour. That is, before taking niacin helped with the flushing problem. Some people tried to get over it by taking it in the evening, to sleep through flushing.

It is advisable to start with a smaller daily dose of up to 250 mg. You can then gradually and slowly increase to 1000 mg daily. After a month of 1000 mg daily dose, check lipid lev s. See if you need to increase the daily amount to 1500 or 2000 mg.

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Niaspan Is A Pharmaceutical Form Of Niacin With Extended-Release.

Niaspan has effectively reduced LDLcholesterolerol. Additionally, levels of triglycerides were 21% lower with 1000 mg daily dose and 28% lower with 2000 mg daily dose. Some 85% of trial patients taking Niaspan were experiencing flushing, but the amount of flushing did not affect the daily dose, whether it was 1000 mg daily or 2000 mg daily.

Niacin Hex is another pharmaceutical form of the drug that, besides free niacin, contains inositol that should help with flushing and prevent this unpleasant side effect of niacin use.

However, there were no conclusive and definite results on whether niacin with inositol effectively lowers cholesterol levels. One independent study provided info that it can take as much as 2400 mg of inositol niacin daily to lower LDL cholesterol levels. Another study even indicates that it is ineffective in reducing cholesterol levels. One interesting study measured free nicotinic acid (the main compound in regular niacin) of no-flush niacin forms in the bl od. Results indicated that after 1.6 grams of niacin was taken, as little as 0.6 micromoles/L of nicotinic acid was in the blood.

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Besides taking the pharmaceutical form of niacin, you can try to intake even more natural niacin, as numerous foods are rich in niacin. Natural sources of niacin are yeast, meat, chicken meat, certain fish, such as salmon and tuna, cereals, beans, seeds, dairy, and green vegetables.

You can get some niacin from tea and coffee as w ll. Niacin is beneficial for the decrease of LDL cholesterol and is something that should be regularly taken by athletes using anabolic steroids.

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