What Is The Highest Steroid Dosage the Body Can Actually Use?

The manner in which one decides to use their steroid goes a long in determining just how effective they are at the end of the day. There have been cases of bodybuilders claiming to have unresponsive androgen receptors. Such cases normally come about as a result of poor steroid doses. By taking in excess steroids, they get to overload the receptors hence leading to their unresponsive nature. Either way, different people have different bodies. The effect tends to be varying from one person to the other; or rather the extent of the effect. However, there is a certain whereby the ‘returns’ tend to start ‘diminishing’ for all individuals. In other words, there is a certain limit that nobody can withstand.

So, what is the highest steroid dosage possible?

The concept behind taking any drug whatsoever is that its effect gets to grow the more one takes the drug. In addition to this, the initial dosage should be little. One starts small and gradually grows into taking heavier doses. There is however a very hard line that can bring about to which extent exactly does the drug’s effect hit maximum. As a matter of fact, previous research has not been all that successful with poor data being the main cause for this. There has not been any clear conclusion as to what extent defines the maximum steroid dosage possible. There have been however a lot of success with the same research for other kinds of drugs. Anabolic steroids as well as testosterone however have not been established with regards to their maximum limit.

Forbes findings:

Forbes came up with the closest findings as to what is the maximum steroid dosage for the normal human being. He performed s series of scientific research tests concerned with the response and dosage of anabolic steroids. According to the results, about 4 grams on a weekly basis is just about 100% the effect. This translates into about 0.6 grams on a daily basis. According to Forbes, anything above that dosage will be more than is required to the body and might have some adverse effects. In other words, this is the highest limit possible when it comes to steroid dosages. All in all, Forbes made it clear that his finding were just but an approximation. Nothing concrete came from the research.

Generally speaking:

The effect of various steroid dosages will vary from one bodybuilder to the other. There are those with higher drug sensitivity than the rest. For such individuals, their maximum dosage will be way lower than the rest. The regular bodybuilder with regular body functions should take a dosage of 2 grams weekly for their near-maximal effect of testosterone. This should be the best approximation for the maximum dosage of the drugs. However, for those with lower drug sensitivity should have an even lower dosage of testosterone. By taking the same dosage of 2 grams weekly, such individuals will be overdosing on the drug and risk facing adverse effects.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the fact that since 2 grams weekly is said to give the near-maximum effect, this does not mean that half that dose will give half the effect. Taking 1 gram weekly would means the individual will look for ways to maintain the same homeostasis levels in his body. This means upping their nutrition schedule as well as training program. The only notable difference that might come about as a result of using half the dose would be a couple of muscle mass pounds.


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