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How Has Your Two-Week Steroid Cycle Protocol Changed?




It is going to take some patience and time before you are ready to proceed with anabolic steroids. It is common for bodybuilders to start using them from day one, but it seems even more common for them to not be able to successfully train without steroids. The longer you can wait and then by using a consistent on/off cycle you will see the desired results when bodybuilding.


Things have changed since 10 years ago and that includes with the two week cycles. You have to be careful and protect yourself from gynecomastia. There was a time when Clomid or even Nolvadex was recommended since Anastrozole was not really understood when it came to the amount of doses to be taken. When you are taking the wrong amount of dosage then your estrogen levels will become too low.

Estrogen Control

When bodybuilding you have to be aware of your body and what is being properly produced at all times. For instance if your estrogen is out of control there is the risk of developing gyncomastia, males will experience their breast tissue growing abnormally. Using an androgenic/anabolic steroid could cause some bloating in the body. For reducing the bloating you could use an anti-estrogen.


Taking an anti-estrogen is going to do three things for you with some being noticed quicker then others. It will do the following:

 Increase your sex drive
Aids in muscle growth
Lean body mass is supported

One thing to remember is when taking the anti-estrogen it is going to block aromatase enzyme. This is how testosterone is converted to estrogen. One of the most powerful anabolics your body produces is testosterone. This hormone helps with any muscle building the body is experiencing.

Anastrozoleimages (1)

When using large amounts of steroids called aromatizing, or when one has a higher risk of getting gynecomastia. It has been known for achieving estrogen blockage. When taking Anastrozole there is a risk of making your estrogen levels fall too low. In order to make sure you are taking the proper dosage, after using for a week, get tested. It could be done either with a blood or salivary test.

It is only going to take a small amount of Arimidex each day for getting the testosterone to a moderate level. When taking 0.5 mg each day some bodybuilders have experienced that being too much and have had to reduce the dosage.


imagesLetrozole is aromatase inhibitor that is a third generation type II and is used for estrogen control when body building. The medical field actually uses this for treating women with the following:

• Postmenopausal in women with positive estrogen receptors
• Postmenopausal in women with estrogen receptors that are unknown breast cancer

Before women can get letrozole prescribed, they have to have a tumor that will be considered estrogen receptor unknown or positive.

When using it for bodybuilding though it is used for either eliminating or reducing excess estrogen that was caused by taking aromatizing steroids.

Comparing Cycles

In order to make proper comparison time frames will need to be equal along with the dosage of drugs consumed. In other words, it is not reasonable to compare a two week cycle against a ten week one. To properly achieve the comparison you would have to do a cycle on then off 10 weeks at a time and then do five two week cycles on then off in order to compare results.

If you are in doubt about what will work for you then consult with a professional before proceeding with a new program.


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