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Lift Weights To Lose Weight




         There is a common stereotype related to cardio and weight training. If you want to melt away fat, concentrate on cardio training, and while for muscle growth lifting weights is what you need. It’s time to rethink this assertion and give credit to weightlifting as being a great way get lean.

             Lifting weights are very effective for burning fat with the main condition you do it properly. A number of circumstances have to be taken in consideration to direct weight lifting workout toward burning fat deposits. What are these aspects and how to set up an exercise program able to support your fat loss aim you will find by reading this post?

Weightlifting Induces a Higher Metabolism Rate

Weightlifting Induces a Higher Metabolism Rate

          In order to get rid of fat, you have to increase the metabolism rates. Cardio training is good for this purpose as it elevates the metabolism rates, but this effect lasts for an hour or two.

          Contrary to this, resistance training has a far better impact on metabolism. It increases in a noticeable degree both in short and long term.  After a weightlifting session,n the metabolism will be high for the next few hours, triggering an intense fat burning process.

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           Aside of this, by lifting weights you manage to keep on the muscle mass you already have because of muscle tissue breakdown that happens while working out muscles. This way, the only who go away is fat, while muscle mass is preserved.

           The same cannot be said about cardio training, as it takes the body into the catabolic stage, when muscles are burn away. Catabolism is the reverse of anabolic effect induced by weight lifting. So, the more intense is cardio training, the powerful catabolic process is holding on the body.


             That’s why a runner will never look like a bodybuilder. Because the entire muscle mass is melt away during this destructive process. And so we got to the idea that weight lifting training is burning just fat, while the cardio is more targeted toward weight loss in general, whether this muscle and fat taken together.

           Losing fat using weight lifting method you will look in the end of the cycle as all the fat was turned into muscles, but you know this is not so. The simple explanation is that the fat layer covering the muscles was melt away. While muscles got relief due to lifting weights training.

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             So, you will not just look skinny, you will get a muscular look.

Weight Lifting Exercise Program For Burning Fat:

Weight Lifting Exercise Program For Burning Fat

             If you aim to lose fat, than you can not follow the same weight lifting program designed for muscle building. Since the calorie intake is reduced to support a fat burning purpose, the workout program should be adjusted to new requirements too.

                First of all, it is about reducing the training volume, as the body receives less carbs, hence is unable to hold high stress on it. Ignoring it and going with high reps training will not allow you to fully recover between training sessions, as that very soon you will see you results going down.

               Set up a lower reps training program, with maximum five reps for each set of exercises. Keep the training sessions to 2-3 times per week not longer than 45 or one hour length. These are the minimal recommendations to follow to keep your body functional, and avoiding getting overtraining.

Keep the Same Workout Intensity:

              You may be tempted to lower weight you work with, as it allows you to perform more reps and so create a better calorie burn. This is a wrong approach if your goal is to burn fat and keep the muscle mass you have. A higher reps training cause you lose weight in general, but not fat alone, so that you will not keep lean muscle mass as well.

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               Lift weights using the same loads during the diet period and you will gain another big advantage. When the time comes to begin your next bulking cycle, you will begin working out with the same weights you left off a few times ago. Undoubtedly, this is important for every bodybuilder as all of us are advised to progressively increase the weights lifting.

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Make Use of Circuit Training:

               This is a kind of resistance training using high aerobics movements with short rest intervals between the exercises. A “circuit” means completion of all exercises included in a program. Taking a max 10 seconds pause between going to next set of exercises. Circuit training was recognized as one of the most effective method to work aerobic system while increasing body strength a well.

           Using this method of training will give you a lot of benefits, but most important of them is that it will increase your testosterone level, and so cause muscle growth, and will help you perform the entire workout in shorter time.

              Circuit training is more common among women whose goal is to lose fat. Many bodybuilders are quite skeptical about using it in men too, but it’s not the case. Circuit training method proved to be a time-efficient way, which worth to be a part of your workout program.

                So, losing fat using weight lifting program is more productive than cardio training alone. Going this way you manage to keep the muscle mass you already have and melt away fat deposits, ending with a lean body. This is much better than looking skinny after a dieting cycle.

                By taking into consideration the above-mentioned adjustments. You can build your own weight lifting program meant to help you burn fat and get a lean look. Just make sure you do things properly and results will not delay appearing.


Building muscle mass is what I like to talk about. If your aim is to build a solid body, then my posts would be very beneficial to you. I always want to know your opinion, so don't hesitate to drop a line below or contact me.



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