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No Weight Training Program




         Whether you look for a new way to build muscle mass or are determined by your financial status to limit your expenses. Weight training is a great alternative to gym equipment. The same or even better results can be achieved training at home or in any other place. While enjoying a reconfortant ambience and not being obliged to schedule your trainings around gym working hours.

             No weight training gives a great kind of liberty, but require from you discipline and commitment. It is more likely to get distressed when you train at home and escape a training session because of it. If you have a sense of procrastination and don’t feel able to enforce yourself to workout when you are not supervised or just like to train in crowds look for a gym membership and move your trainings there.

No Weight Training

             There is a stereotype among bodybuilders, especially novice ones, who blindly believe that only gym equipment exercises goanna help them build muscle. Nothing more wrong than this. Actually bodyweight exercises are considered by the authorized bodybuilders to be that skeleton on which the whole workout routine has to be build on. Why so? Pretty simple, they are all are compound exercises through which are worked larger muscles Gym equipment exercises. Target smaller muscles and more suitable after at least one year of training.

          Stop complain you have no time or equipment to get stronger and melt away that extra fat as planned long time ago. It’s time to take control of your weight and build a body that everybody will envy. What are the best bodyweight exercises. How to challenge you workout in order to keep it interesting and evolving you can find by reading this post.

Lower Body Free Workout Weight Routine:

Lower Body Free Workout Weight Routine:

            If you aim to get slim thighs, gorgeous glutes, and legs than bodyweight exercises like jump squats, step-ups, stationary lunges and single leg rising deadlifts are the ones to fulfill your exercises program. Aside of being very challenging for muscles causing their growth, these movements carry low risks of injury.

          Perform about 2-3 sets for 8-10 reps for each of them during a one session training dedicated to working out lower body part. The number of sets and the intensity of workout are very important, but sag when proper technique of execution is not followed. To make sure you do movements right watch videos for these exercises and try to perform them behind a mirror, carefully monitoring exercises range from the beginning to end. It’s better to learn how to execute exercises properly for the beginning and take great benefits, than be obliged re-learn them after a while.

Upper Body Free Weight Workout Routine:

Upper Body Free Weight Workout Routine

             You can build a strong, bigger upper body without lifting weights at all. You are told that bench presses are ideal for building big arms and chest and this is the way many bodybuilders know it. Bench presses are indeed effective, but this doesn’t mean that nothing else can benefit you the same way.

              Pushups would increase strength and endurance, burn fat, cause new muscle growth in a degree that you didn’t even imagine. To diversify them you can choose to do different types of pushups every other workout. Wide pushups (hands position wider than shoulder-width apart) or diamond pushups. Hands on box diamond pushups or one arm pushups. 3 sets of 15 reps for each of them would be enough. But  make them even more challenging you can choose to increase/reduce. The seconds you stay low or you elevate your body.

               Pull ups, single-leg triceps dips and inverted rows performed in a number of 2 sets of 15 reps are the others exercises to consider for completing upper body workout. Don’t forget about the overload factor and the need to stress your muscle harder with every workout. Only so you will manage to add more muscle gains avoid hitting plateau.

Be Attentive to Your Workout Intensity:

              Use different method to diversify your training once in awhile do not let your body adopted to stress you put on it. There are many methods to do it-more sets, forced reps, drop sets, cheating, and exercise scheme. Whatever you choose is important to acknowledge that one thing should remain consistent all over the time: intensity.  Check our post "Increase your workout intensity by using descending series"  to try out a method that proved to be quite effective.

              Keep in mind that between maximum intensity and overtraining is little room. So make sure you don’t go on this extreme. Learn to feel your body and don’t push the limits to hard. Allow 1- 2 days of resting between trainings and use few seconds pause between sets. Eat well, rich in protein and carbs food which will fuel your body and muscles.

                If you are about to lose weight and think that weight free workout can be great on a calorie deficit then you are wrong. Starvation will cause your body to eat muscles and you would have no energy at all to workout. And this means less efficiency and higher risks to get injured. Count how many calorie you have to cut back, in order to provide the minimum required for working out.


            Free weights trainings are not useless, quite opposite in fact. You can burn fat, increase strength, endurance and gain muscle mass in the comfort of your home. Also, when no able to hit a gym with the same success as weight exercises do.

            Is not the case to abandon weight training. But simply alternate it for challenging your body and make it more muscle mass. Keep in mind the above mentioned exercised and use them every time you are bored with your gym membership. Simply are traveling and no other options available.

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