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How To Know If You Are Training Too Much



How To Know If You Are Training Too Much

              The common belief is that the more you workout, the faster you will pack on muscle mass. Also, increase body strength. Actually, it is not so at all. Not all the time more training equals gains in muscle gains. Even contrary, it may hamper you from getting bigger. Most of us know the signs of not enough challenging training, but how to understand when you overdo it. This is more difficult that may seem at first glance.  That’s why in this article you will find information about how to know when you are exercising too much. How this affects you and what you have to do to minimize its effects on your body.

            First of all, you have to know that only 20% of fitness gains are achieved in the gym though hard weightlifting. The other 80% comes from the time you are out of the gym: your off time. That’s why ask yourself if you really need to spend entire hours in the gym. It’s better to reconsider your workout routine and get an advice of a coach or more experienced bodybuilders. This is especially when your goal is not to become a pro, but just to stay in a good shape. Also make bodybuilding a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Signs which Talks About too much Training:

Signs which Talks About too much Training:

  1. You feel exhausted, complete lack of energy after each workout. Contrary to this, training has to leave energized, and if it’s not your case then is time to put yourself some questions.
  2. Getting sick easily and often. More than this, if recovery after a simple cold takes more than usual then surely there is a problem.
  3. The quality of sleep has worsened suddenly. Whether you find hard to get asleep or wake up feeling tired, both of them can be a sign that you are exercising too much.
  4. You feel pain in legs and it seems to persist.
  5. Pronounced soreness days after working out.

High-Intensity Interval Training Requires more Rest Time than Other Training Methods:

High-Intensity Interval Training

         Depending on the training routine you follow, rest time has to be set accordingly. You cannot do high-intensity training and workout more than 3 times a week since it’s become counterproductive.

           It’s tremendously important to allow your body enough time to recover and rebuild damaged muscle tissue and then return to the gym.

          In all other cases, your efforts will not lead you where you expect to get: too much training shows a more destructive influence, hence not training at all is quite better than it.

          If you use to push yourself hard, then special attention has to be given to pauses between training. Those who use to enter the gym from time to time are less exposed to overtraining, so from this point of view, they are advantaged. But if you stubborn to get big fast and think those hours of hitting weights in the gym is what you need, be more attentive. Keep in mind recovery is at least as important as the training itself, and learning to listen to your body and give it feedback will definitely help you to reach the goals you sought for.

Diversify your HIIT to Gain Muscle and don’t get Overtrained:

Diversify your HIIT to Gain Muscle and don’t get Overtrained

               The longer you follow the same workout routine, the higher chances that your body reaches a plateau- the stage where no increase in muscle mass is registered. And even gains discontinue coming, the risk to get overtraining is still present. Therefore, to keep packing on muscle mass you are recommended to switch or mix to other types of exercises too, such as strength exercises, core exercises, stretching or anaerobic movements. Set a well-rounded training program filled also with other exercises than those incorporated in high-intensity training method. The more variety you can add to your exercise program, fewer chances for your body to get adapted.

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            Yes, HIIT is indeed the best routine to build muscle mass fast and you may be tempted to stay on it. Hope that results will continue to come as in the beginning. But it is not so. Aside from diversifying by rounding training routines, makes sure you continue up the loads you work with and push yourself to the next level with every training session. But all this, with a close eye on your recovery time between sessions.

Less is a Better Effect

Less is a Better Effect

             Don’t run for big results, when little steps can take you there faster and safer. When following a high-intensity training method ( so popular due to great effects on Human Growth Hormone), training less the proper path to follow. Especially when you are fit, no fat to melt away. Just slow but steady gains in muscle mass are needed.

              A three times per week is quite enough while passing behind this threshold can trigger a noticeable increase in cortisol, which has a destructive effect in muscle mass. It usually occurs when too much exercising is done and just “eats” the muscles. It is supposed that the first 30-45 minutes of workout is safe, while with every minute behind this level the cortisol goes up and undermine all your efforts to get big.

              To know if you are training too much or not is important too. First of all, to look up for body signs. If you feel energized after working out, no prolonged soreness. Hit the gym three times a week and eat and rest enough. You add inches to your muscles with every week. You have a good general condition than you do nothing wrong. In all other cases, time is to reconsider what you are doing and where is the mistake.

            The general rule for HIIT training when you are fit person. Also, look up to sculpt a nice body shape is to lift weights for three times a week. Progressively increasing intensity by changing the training volume, training frequency or other parameters and REST enough. Just remember: recovery is the second you need for muscle growth after training. And yes, add to the equation the diet and you get the magic formula for building muscle mass while staying safe.


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