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General Instructions for a Successful Training Program



General Instructions for a Successful Training Program

If you are one of those bodybuilders who want to achieve great results in a convenient period of time and to focus all your resources on this then you should know that is not enough just hard training. There is some interesting and highly important advice that once you get will help you to obtain the wanted level quickly and successfully.

As a general rule, you should know that listening to the advice of more experienced bodybuilders is a great thing as you have the chance to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, below you will find most important tricks about building an enviable body.

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The first instruction says that the break between two series of exercises must be at least 1 minute and up to 2 minutes. While between two different muscle groups it can be up to 5 minutes.

II Keep in mind that during exercise you should drink water in big quantities in order to avoid dehydration. Experts advise us that is better to drink water or sports drinks who are specially made for being used during exercise since they are enriched with needed vitamins.

III Weights should always be chosen so as do not allow you, alone, doing more than 8-10 reps but no less than 4. So, 8-10 rep is the gold middle!

IV Be aware that two-three forced reps, performed with the help of a partner, only after you have made the proposed number of repetitions, are very effective and are highly recommended for those aged over 18 years.

V Do not forget that exercises should always be replaced with new ones every 3-4 weeks, by turns, so you return to the same exercise as early as 6-8 weeks and try to do it with a heavier weight, but to make the same number of repetitions, or do it the same weight but more reps 1-2 the last time. The main concern for you should be the increasing of weights.  It was already proved that if you stick with the same weights for months you will not get visible progress.

VI Another great advice is about that before starting a training program you should always check with your doctor to ensure if you are perfectly healthy and to establish what kind of exercises you can do.

VII Before starting any exercise you should make 2-3 casual series, progressive as weight, heat and then start the first series with the proposed maximum weight. During the exercises slow down the weight if you can not make a minimum of 4 reps without someone help.

VII For back always combine exercise traction with one of the cable exercises. For pectoral muscle always combine an exercise for the lower part (horizontal or declined) with one for the top part (inclined).

VIII For getting great results for shoulders muscles always combine a pushed exercise with one of a lateral wave. The third exercise must always be for posterior deltoid muscle(90 degrees bent).

IX If you think that you have no necessary to work for certain muscle groups then you can remove them from your program. It’s your choice to choose which part of your body you want to work on it.

X All experimented bodybuilders will say you that it is good do not eat anything for 2 hours before training. Exceptions are concentrated supplements, because they are digested quickly, and can be taken at least 1 hour before training. Also, for getting maximum results from the training program is very important to follow exactly the prescribed diet and enough to rest during the day.

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In conclusion, we can say that learning from more experienced bodybuilders who achieved already great results it’s a big plus for everybody us. Stay tuned to our blog for more interesting and useful posts!

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1 Comment

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