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Best Supplements for Energy



Best Supplements for Energy

Workouts aren’t easy and take a great amount of dedication, focus, and stamina to get the most out of your time in the gym. Great gains can only be made when the body is pushed to the max and the human system in its normal state can only go so far. That’s exactly why more and more bodybuilders are turning to supplements to give them the boost they need to push themselves harder than ever before in the weight room.

But when you’re looking into energy supplements it can seem overwhelming with everything that’s on the market. With so many options out there it’s hard to figure out what will work and what will best suit your needs. Well, the search is over because we’ve compiled a list of the best energy supplements on the market each broken down by the type, how they work, and examples of the best brands.

A note on how to take energy supplements: The great thing about energy supplements over vitamins or nutrition medicine is that energy supplements are meant to be short term, which means you’ll know day-of if that supplement works for you or not. If it does, keep it going, if it doesn’t try something new the next day.

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The Best Supplements for Energy:

1)      Caffeine:


Caffeine is number one on our list because it is the most accessible energy supplement and the most widely accepted. How Does It Work? Caffeine works by blocking adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter with soothing properties. When adenosine is blocked it raises your adrenaline levels which make you more alert and energized.

Caffeine Supplement Brands:

-          Supplement Direct Caffeine: Supplement Direct is a powdered caffeine supplement which makes it easy to add to your daytime workout and eating routines.

-          Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump 250: Though this isn’t a “caffeine only” product it’s a great pre-workout “all in one” with plenty of caffeine to get you up and running and keep you alert for your workout.

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2)      Cordyceps:


Cordyceps is new to the energy supplement world and is revolutionary. It’s from a natural mushroom that’s been used in the mountain climbing world since the early 1930’s. How Does It Work? These helpful mushrooms enhance cellular functions allowing cells in your body to carry more oxygen which makes the system feel more energized and focused.

Cordyceps Supplement Types:

-          Millennium Sports Cordygen5: This supplement is considered the most effective cordyceps product available because it combines over four different Cordyceps species.

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3)      Geranium:


Geranium supplements are known to the bodybuilding world as “the next level”. They are taken from the oil of the geranium flowers and this oil is actually much like epinephrine in compound and side effects. How Does It Work? Geranium users can expect extreme energy and clarity that performs well under increased pressure.

Geranium Supplement Brands:

-          ErgoPharm ErgoLean AMP2: This specific supplement is not only great for energy but is also formulated for fat loss so you can burn the fat while you enjoy a rush of energy.

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4)      Rhodiola:

This all natural herb has been taking the sports world by storm as it has virtually no side effects and maintains endurance. How Does It Work? Rhodiola works similarly to Vitamin B compounds where it repairs nerve damage in the brain and speeds up cell functions metabolically. The side effects of this are energy, focus, and reduced stress.

Rhodiola Supplement Brands:

-          Now Foods Rhodiola: This supplement contains the highest legal dose of Rhodiola extract on the market.

-          Gaia Herbs Rhodiola Rosea: These concentrated capsules are the perfect “get up and go” to add to your day and because they’re capsules they will break down easily in your system.

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Energy Supplement Warnings:


Because bodybuilders lead extreme lives you’re probably used to seeing and looking past warnings. However, when it comes to energy supplements no one is immune from possible negative side effects and it’s incredibly important you both a) run past any energy supplements with your medical provider and b) only take them as directed. Energy supplements increase adrenaline and overdosing can cause serious heart damage, even death. Please make sure you only use these supplements with caution and with medical clearance.

All of the above energy routes are great for boosting your workouts and keep you from feeling burned out afterward so you have focus leftover for the rest of your day.

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