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Building Your Own Supplement Plan



Building Your Own Supplement Plan

Supplement plans are important for any bodybuilder because they help support the system during workouts. Before now building a supplement plan or “stack” to best suit your bodybuilding style could be difficult if you didn’t have a degree in nutrition. However, with this guide, you’ll now be able to break down exactly what you need based on your own bodybuilding goals and your skill level.

A note for picking your level: Don’t put too much stock into the labels “beginner” or “expert”. If you’re unsure of which to pick, always start with “beginner” and work your way up. Pushing your body too much without the proper build up can result in sickness or injury which will only set you back even more.

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Health Stacks:

Health Stacks:

If you don’t have a specific building goal to be supported by a stack picked out yet, this is definitely the one for you. Health stacks are great for budding an even advanced bodybuilder because it's difficult to support your system’s vitamin needs with food alone.

-          General Men’s Health Stacks: Calcium magnesium blend, green food supplement, multivitamin without iron (men don’t need a whole lot of iron), and zinc.

-          Health Stack for Joint Support: Glucosamine and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

-          General Vitamins and Antioxidants: Green food supplement and a multivitamin.

Stacks For Lean Muscle Mass Gaining:

Stacks for Lean Muscle Mass Gaining:

Lean body mass stacks are all about preparing your muscles for gains. Your biggest goal in this stage will be to keep your muscles well fed with carbs and proteins through food and stacks for your muscles recover quickly after workouts.

-          Beginner:

·         Morning: A carb source, casein protein, creatine and whey protein.

·         Night: Amino acids, a carb source, casein protein, creatine, and whey isolate.

-          Expert:

·         Morning: BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid), a carb source, causing protein, creatine, nitric oxide supplement, whey isolate and whey protein.

·         Night: BCAA, a carb source, casein protein, creatine, nitric oxide supplement and whey isolate.

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Stacks For Fat Loss:

Stacks for Fat Loss:

Stacking is essential to fat loss as a bodybuilder because your body can sometimes lose muscle mass as you burn fat which is contrary to your overall goals. Stacking will help support your muscles so you only lose the fat and keep all your gains.

-          Beginner:

·         Morning: BCAA, casein protein, creatine, glutamine, thermogenic and whey protein.

·         Night: BCAA, a carb source, casein protein, creatine, glutamine, caffeine-free thermogenic and whey isolate.

-          Expert:

·         Morning: BCAA, casein protein, creatine, glutamine, nitric oxide supplement, thermogenic and whey protein.

·         Night: BCAA, a carb source, casein protein, creatine, glutamine, nitric oxide supplement, caffeine-free thermogenic and whey isolate.

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Recommended Supplements:

-          BCAA: Sportpharma Amino Max, Scivation Xtend

-          Carb Source:  IDS Waximaize, CEL ReFuel

-          Casein Protein: Optimum 100% Casein

-          Creatine: Axis Labs CEE, CL Green Bulge, IDS Creatine Extreme

-          Glutamine: Higher Power Glutamine, IDS Glutamine with MSM

-          Multivitamins: CL Orange Triad, Opti Men, Techline Vita-Tech

-          Nitric Oxide Supplements: IDS BetaNox, Magnum A-Bomb, Scivation NO

-          Thermogenics: CEL N-Generate, Goliath Labs Thermal oil, IDS Lean Up

-          Whey Isolates: IDS Whey Isolate

-         Whey Protein: Scivation Whey, SportPharma Just-WHEY

What to Know Before You Get Started?

1)      Read all of the warnings and ingredients: While stacks and boosters are perfectly safe and incredibly effective it’s important that you pay attention to all of the ingredients you’re putting into your body. Read up on any “blends” that have multiple ingredients so you can make sure you aren’t doubling up on anything. Doubling up on nutrients can cause an overdose.

Also, make sure you keep track of the warnings and any negative physical or mental changes. If you notice any of these changes you should seek medical attention.

2)      Check with your doctor before getting started: Certain nutrients can affect health problems differently. It’s best to get a doctor’s clearance before putting large amounts of any vitamin into your system. By keeping your doctor in the loop you’ll have the best chance for success.

Follow and adjust the guide as best suits your routine and you’re sure to see great results. You can even work your way through the levels and the goals as you move along with your bodybuilding mission.

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