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Pyramidal System for Building Mass and Strength



Pyramidal System for Building Mass and Strength

Being well known in old bodybuilding school,  the pyramidal system method is ideal for those who wish to increase muscle mass and strength, applicable, with the greatest success, for the classic bar and dumbbells. The pyramid system is relatively simple, the only variable being the user’s goals. Increasing the weights on the bar will be steadily from series to series, reducing the number of repetitions.

The main advantages of this method are both low risk of injury, and insurance of 100% exhaustion of the worked muscle. It’s time to mention the practical sets and reps of exercise for the pyramidal system. Specifically, if we know that we worked chest and you know that you have a  maximum power lay with the dumbbell bench press 100 kg for 4 reps, you may do the first of the four series with 80 kg (after a good previous warming exercises) for 8 reps.

For the next series, you will add 10 kg on the bar and will decrease the number of repetitions, two, and 90 pounds for 6 reps. After making the series, you have to take care of the rest to be sufficient and maximum concentration, then you may go to series 3, with 100 kg on the bar, that will do 4 reps. The last series will consist of only two forced reps with 110 kg.

Pyramidal System for Building Mass

The pyramid is known as the major consumer of energy and stimulates muscle growth because high adaptation needs to weights increasingly higher. Weights adaptation is essential difficulties and should be individualized according to parameters of every person.

Keep in mind that weights on the bar are not essential but the increase of weight system and decrease the number of repetitions per set is mandatory for this method. Also, you have to consider the size of muscle groups, because it is very important not to attack a small group, such as biceps, with the same serial number as the thigh muscles.

As a particularity in all workouts, the initial number of repetitions per set in lower part begins with 20, the explanation is very simple - leg muscles have a higher threshold of resistance to effort. For example, squats. Suppose that you can do with maximum160 kg of 10 reps.

Then, it goes from 120 kg for 20 reps, and then increase by 10 kg load, decreasing by 2 reps in the series, reaching the end of the 5th series to do 10 reps with 170 kg. It’s very important to know and to follow this rule all exercises in the pyramid system must be executed with a partner for support and help at the last reps who are forced!

Usually, using the pyramid training program aims to train a muscle group only once a week, giving time as a proper recovery and overcompensation. The possibility of using pyramid method in training programs designed for 2 times a week of muscle groups exist in particular, only in preparing high-performance athletes.

But, this method with two workouts per week group, pushing peak power (or exclude it) for a longer duration between cycles, and the danger of overtraining increases. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain this high level of demand and especially for long periods without a break.

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Pyramid method provides a major incentive to develop muscle mass and strength; it generates weight gain about 20 kg in 6 months, but you have to take into consideration the somatic type and excess calories from dietary supplements rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

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It should be noted that the threshold exceeded 100% of the workforce will be made at least 3 weeks and it’s highly indicated that this cycle to remain constant. Also, increasing the number of kilograms will apply to the initial series, so that the final series, after 6 weeks of pyramid training, to have an increase in maximum weights of 120%.

This popular method can be combined or integrated into muscle workouts, but also can be used in superset methods, with obvious lower weights to obtain a higher muscle higher. Note that this method is not recommended for overweight people who want to lose weight, people with a low-calorie diet or recovery periods.

A Dietary Supplement in Addition to Protein Diet is very Important:

It will provide a minimum of 1000 calories above those consumed, which will ensure energy intake and nutritional building new muscle tissue, and energy reserves. Creatine and Glutamine will help maximize muscle growth process, and to restore the body's energy reserves.

A protein concentrate containing approximately 65% protein is required to support the body. Also, vitamins and minerals play a role in supporting this kind of training.

Another important detail is fluid intake since intense biochemical processes in the muscles is made in the presence of water and disposal post effort occurs also due to water. So, the pyramidal system is a very important and efficient tool for building a great muscle mass and strength.  Enjoy your workouts and surely you will get great results!

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