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The Straight Bar Curls Set



The Straight Bar Curls Set

The straight bar curls are by far one the most difficult and meantime the most effective in stimulating overall growth. Straight bar curls involve a large number of muscles during execution like calves, femoral biceps, quadriceps, butt muscle, lumber muscles, dorsal and trapezius muscles, deltoids posterior neck extensor muscles, forearms.

Maybe this is the main reason of being so efficient, by requiring so many large muscle groups; the shock on the body is enormous compared, of course, with other exercise's that involve only 2-3 small groups. The shock is even greater as heavier weights are used and on in case of straightening exercises can be very big weights.

It will be easy for you to observe the difference between the mechanical work done by your body to do 10 bicep bar curls with 50-70 kg and the mechanic work done by your body to make 10 straight bar curls with 180-220 kg.

Body, shocked by the effort size, has no alternatives and triggers all mechanisms that lead to increasing of muscle mass, as a measure of adaptation to the effort it has undergone. Of course, you this will happen in conditions you will not over-strained and you will eat well. Also, do not forget about high-protein supplements that should be included in your program once you looked for rapid progress in your weight.

In such periods, you can take up to 8 cups of protein shakes per day (by 2 per ounce) plus meat, cheese and eggs. Also, it’s not a good idea to restrict carbohydrates in such periods, but be careful do not to take to much as you risk getting fat.

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The Straight Bar Curls Set

All of us are aware of the fact that in gaining muscle through hard exercising the correct execution plays the biggest role. This principle is available for straight bar curls too. So alway's perform them correctly but if do not know how to do it then you can find out here. Following this rule is highly important If you do not to be injured, because straightening bar is dangerous, especially for the spine.

Starting position should be as follow: feet shoulder-width apart or wider, even 2 times larger if chosen style called "sumo" peaks outwards at an angle of 30-45 degrees, buttocks lowered at maximum, head was thrown back, back straight, very slightly arched in the lower back, arms stretched, socket joint wider than shoulder width 20-40 cm or narrower than shoulder width, where style "sumo" and, a very important moment, the bar must touch tibia.

The initial motion must be made mainly by feet; the bar has to circulate very close to them, even to rub it. After the first part of the movement, made, as we said, more of leg strength, the effort will move to the lower back, which should always be slightly arched, and finally when the body is almost straight, falls largely on trapezius muscles.

Be careful do not curved column during execution, to keep your body back and, finally, when the state law does not allow the trunk to the rear because lumbers muscles will be forced to contract strongly and will settle with time, the last vertebra.

Being a very demanding exercise, it is highly advisable to perform once a week or even once in two weeks if you feel a chronic fatigue. Generally, four up to six heavy sets of 5-7 reps are considered ideal for the development of muscle mass through straight bur curl in relatively small terms.

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