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15 Best Equipped Gyms in The US and UK




             A well-equipped gym is all you need to take your fitness to the next level. We can all agree that a poor training environment not only ruins careers but is also very annoying. However, one rarely comes across a poorly equipped gym in a developed country like the United States or the United Kingdom. These state-of-the-art gyms are the perfect place to set and accomplish goals. You also get to train with the best equipment you can think of. Most importantly, it is where pros go so you will have a chance to share a room with renowned bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. But what are the exact locations of these gyms and what type of equipment will you find there? Let us find out.

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David Lloyd Clubs (UK)

             This London-based multidisciplinary gym comes first on our list because of its excellent facilities and gym equipment. David Lloyd is home to multiple swimming pools., tennis courts, and most importantly, weight rooms. It boasts of having one of the biggest spaces within the boundaries of zone 2. If you’re a bodybuilder in London and want a conducive training environment, all you need is to visit the Fulham Broadway gym within the facility. Equipped with quality modern equipment, the gym will bring out the sleeping beast in you. Additionally, the facility has good trainers who will guide you accordingly.


Life Time Fitness (US)

              This modern gym is found in more than 100 locations within the United States. Life Time Fitness operates on a 24-hours basis, thus offering the flexibility every bodybuilder needs. Prices vary according to the nature of exercise and duration but members pay around $100 a month.

               Additionally, the facility gives various offers such as a free 2-hour childcare visit. However, what many athletes like most about the gym are its performance-oriented training. Emphasis is put on activities such as weight loss, diet monitoring, stationary cycling, and more. Life Times Fitness is worth visiting if you’re looking for a healthy training environment in the US.

Visit it::

Another Space (UK)

              From 4-10 Tower St. London WC2H 9NP, Another Space Convent Garden is the home of flexibility. Unlike many other gyms, this facility offers a flexible payment plan that allows customers to pay as they go. However, there are also monthly payment options in case you want membership.

       The facility favors bodybuilders, thanks to intense training workouts and modern equipment. Most importantly, the gym has a cycle studio that helps bodybuilders with their cycles.

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            Officially a boxing gym, BXR can also be used by other athletes, including bodybuilders, for their various exercises. The facility was launched by heavyweight legend Anthony Joshua. As expected, the space boasts of some of the best bodybuilding and weightlifting equipment in London and the United Kingdom. Some of the equipment you will find in the gym include tractor tires, climbing ropes, treadmills, and more. Most importantly, the place is very neat and provides a healthy, conducive training environment. Once you're done with training, you can soothe your body in the steam room and later have a meal in the lounge.

Visit it::

South Carolina Barbell (US)

            This facility, colloquially known as SCB, is more than just a gym. The facility is arguably the home of bodybuilding, thanks to excellent cardio and lifting equipment.

               Like many other popular gyms, SCB is owned by Mark Bartley, a famous supplement supplier. That is a plus for bodybuilders who want to go the extra mile of topping up with a supplement or steroid.

Visit it::

The Berkeley Hotel Gym (UK)

            Another famous gym in London, The Berkeley has a uniqueness of its own since it is found on a rooftop. It is one of the most equipped gyms in the country with quality modern equipment. Although the space is relatively small, the fact that it is in the heart of the capital makes it rather big.

           Most importantly, The Berkeley has some of the best personal trainers in case you need some coaching. The location of the gym makes it a destination for people wanting to have a breathtaking view of London, specifically Hyde Park. Apart from fitness rooms, visitors also have access to luxurious spas and mod cons.

Visit it:: The Berkeley

24 Hour Fitness (US)

               24 Hour Fitness is a chain gym found in more than 400 locations across the United States. Apart from quality modern equipment, the facility is also incredibly convenient and affordable. As the name suggests, this gym operates on a 24-hour basis, allowing you to pick your best hours. Although different locations are known for specific exercises, most of them offer Zumba, kickboxing, cycling, and weightlifting. Most importantly, the facilities provide personal trainers to help you meet your goals more easily. Once you're done with training and your muscles are aching, you can proceed to soothe yourself in the steam room. You can also opt for massage therapy or visit saunas within the facility.

Visit it:: 24 Hour Fitness (US)

Reebok CrossFit (US)

               Found in New York’s 5th avenue, Reebok CrossFit sits on a 10,000 square fit space. However, its prime location makes this gym very popular not only in New York but across the Us. If you’re looking for Olympic lifting, then this place is perfect for you since it boasts 12 lifting platforms of this nature. Additionally, the space offers various other forms of exercises, including rowing, climbing ropes, CrossFit, and more.

Equinox Bishopsgate (UK)

              Equinox is a US luxury gym that is also found in the UK. This GYM is so far the third largest gym space in the entire England capital. With state-of-the-art equipment and a prime location, Equinox attracts visitors in the hundreds every month. Unlike many other gyms, Equinox has adapted an open layout plan. This gives users a chance to access a range of equipment and facilities in one place. The gym also boasts complementary facilities such as yoga studios, lounges, and massage parlors. Most importantly, those interested will get grooming products and supplement within the premises.

              If you want to visit Equinox in the US, you will find it in major cities across the country. The facility offers the same services in all locations but there may be small variations.

Visit it:: Equinox Bishopsgate

Gold’s Gym (US)

            By now you know that most popular gyms in the US are spread throughout the country and Gold’s Gym is no different. This luxury gym was first opened in 1965 and continues going strong. Since then, it has spread not only in the US but also in more than 30 other countries.


            Gold’s Gym specializes in strength-training programs, which is just what a bodybuilder needs. You will come across professional personal trainers among other amazing services once you set foot in the gym. The facility is diversified such that one can choose to train solo, with a coach, or participate in group exercise classes.

Visit it:: GOLDGYM

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (US)

           The Massachusetts-based fitness center is one of the best-equipped gyms across all 50 states. Mike Boyle’s is home to some of the best strength-enhancing programs you can find on the planet. Renowned bodybuilders have made this place their home over the years. Expert and customer reviews have cited the facility as having the best trainers in the whole country. Additionally, the gym is an inspiration to many fitness enthusiasts across the globe and they dream of visiting it one day.

Visit it:: Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

12X3 (UK)

         Another popular gym founded by boxers cum bodybuilders, 12X3 is located in St. Algate, Whitechapel, London. Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard both started the facility as a training ground for professional boxers. The gym’s equipment undergoes regular upgrading to cater to the growing needs of boxers and bodybuilders. If you looking to improve your stamina and do strength training, 12X3 is the place to go.

Visit it:: 12X3 UK

LA Fitness (US)

             A fitness is a luxury gym found in the California capital. It is ranked top in the provision of highly effective strength programs. Its membership fees are also friendly for all economic classes.

              LA fitness is considered one of the best big box gyms not only in California but also across the US. If you wish to join this gym, you will have to part with a $99.99 initiation fee and a monthly contract that costs $29.99. The rates are quite reasonable considering the quality of their services and equipment.

Parisi Speed School (US)

            Parisi Speed School is spread across 27 states and 75 locations. As the name suggests, the facility has a program that is exclusively dedicated to improving speed. Bill Parisi founded the facility to train track athletes on speed and strength.

             The gym currently offers various exercise programs that could turn around your bodybuilding career. They even have special programs designed to boost confidence among participants. That is not to mentioned that the gym is well-equipped with modern lifting equipment.

Visit it:: Parisi Speed School

Third Space City (UK)

            Last on our list is this luxury gym chain whose headquarters are at St. Mark Ln, Billingsgate, London. The facility boasts 27,000 square feet of space, with a separate weights section.

            Third Space also has some of the most technologically advanced equipment in London. Most importantly, the facility has a decontamination zone that clears up to 90% of air contaminants over it. That is one hell of a training environment every bodybuilder should consider visiting.

Visit it:: Third Space City (UK)


             We couldn’t exhaust all luxury gyms but our list includes some of the best you can find on the planet. All the facilities highlighted have one thing in common – modernized equipment that heavily relies on technology. Their prime locations also make them popular because they not only attract the best of the best but also have access to various support services. In our next article, we shall highlight leading gyms in other parts of the world.

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