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Universities with Best Gyms In the U.S




            Fitness is a phenomenon that not even college students can resist. Apart from keeping form, working out increase the level of understanding among students. It is for this reason that most institutions of higher learning have invested heavily in recreational resources. It is also important to note that some colleges offer diplomas and degrees in sporting activities. However, finding a college with the best resources for your fitness may prove to be difficult. This article will look at some of the universities with the best gyms in the United States. Note that this list has not put the facilities in any particular order.

Ohio State University

              The university in Ohio state has a vast recreational center that’s one of the best in the country. Most importantly, the facility offers weight training programs with experienced trainers. Students can choose to train in groups or solo, whichever works best for them.

           The institution’s climbing center is one of the most famous among all the states. That is not to mention outdoor recreation which includes yoga and stand-up paddleboard. Finally, Ohio State University gymnasium is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help you take your bodybuilding to another level.

University of Missouri

             This institution boasts of having the best gym facilities in the whole of America. After scrutiny, we have established that indeed this institution is one of a kind when it comes to recreational facilities. The University of Missouri is home to numerous lifehack places you can perform any form of exercise.

          The institution did a facelift on its recreational facilities in 2005 that is rumored to have cost $50 million. Most importantly, the gyms are open for a minimum of 16 hours. The facility's Olympic-size swimming pool has hosted 52 Olympic medalists as of today. The University of Missouri ranks top among universities with the best recreational center not only in the United States but also globally.

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Colorado State University

             Popular for its Rec Cams, this university allows students to monitor the activities in the gym from any part of the institution. The cameras also show which stations and equipment are not in use at any given time. Colorado State University has invested heavily in physical maintenance equipment such as treadmills, barbells, and more.

         Students are also offered a myriad of choices of various training activities. The student recreation center in the institution also offers several outdoor activities such as sand volleyball courts. Colorado State University should be among your top choices if fitness is your priority.

University of Arizona

             University Primetime places the University of Arizona at the top of higher institutions with the most impressive recreation centers. The university has been expanding its recreation facilities with the most recent being an addition of 51,000 square feet of space in the fall of 2009.

        The most notably gym equipment includes high-quality cardio machines, lifting equipment, cycle studios, courts, among others. Most importantly, the facility offers solo and group training in a wide range of physical exercises. The gym is open for at least 12 hours so you can go there at your most convenient hour.

University of Texas – Austin

            The southern university boasts of multifaceted recreation centers that are every fitness enthusiast's dream. With three outdoor gyms and several other field facilities, the University of Texas recreation center is among the best in the Americas. For bodybuilders, this is the ultimate place to be, thanks to quality training programs and equipment.

       Most importantly, gyms at the University of Texas offer personalized regimens to help lifters concentrate on their gray areas. If you’re an aspiring bodybuilder who is about to join college and looking for a healthy training environment, consider this facility among the best.

Auburn University

           Auburn University has consistently appeared at the top of the list when it comes to gym facilities. Most importantly, this institution has a culture of promoting physical activity as an integral part of learning. As such, it has equipped its gyms with state-of-the-art equipment to help students in training.

            The facility's most notable programs include the 'Healthy Weight Challenge" which guides students on weight management. Additionally, Auburn has outdoor facilities such as swimming pools which are aimed at providing students with as many sporting options as possible. This facility boasts of having professional trainers who guide students in various sports. Finally, Auburn has 250-ft climbing walls that cater to all levels of climbers.

UMass – Amherst

             The University of Massachusetts in Amherst is a force to reckon with in matters of fitness. It is one of the few higher learning institutions that give students an all-around preparation for what life has in store for them. Most importantly., the institution encourages students to incorporate fitness and wellness in their daily lives. It has one of the most competitive recreational centers you can find globally. Notably, the institution’s gyms are equipped with modern lifting equipment for every physical exercise.

           Additionally, students who would like to be trained are assisted by experienced trainers in the facility. UMass also has several jogging tracks, one of them being the 6-mile North Pleasant-Pine's Peak-East Pleasant track. The institution offers free nutrition sessions to interested students, that is not to mention meditation corners that are open to all students at any time.

University of Maine

            MSN places the University of Maine first in its ranking of universities with the best recreational centers. The $25 million New Balance Student Recreation Center building has one of the best college gyms globally. The gym, equipped with modern, high-quality equipment every bodybuilder dream of. The University of Maine also has many outdoor recreation facilities such as jogging tracks and an ice-skating rink.

California State University – Long Beach

           This university's recreation and wellness center are one of a kind. The facility is open to both students and staff members. Notably, the gyms within the facility have the best equipment you can find on the planet. California State University has a pool of professional trainers who assist students and staff members in various training activities.

              The institution also praise for its excellent outdoor recreation facilities such as sand volleyball and huge swimming pools. Students in the university have access to a vast beach where they can go for sailing adventures.

University of Pennsylvania

                Universities along the east coast continue to do well not only in academics but also in other sectors such as recreation. The University of Pennsylvania is home to many playgrounds and gyms with the best resources you can find.

          Apart from its famous Olympic-size swimming pool, the facility also has sophisticated physical training equipment such as cardio machines and unique treadmills. Most importantly, the facility boasts of an extraordinary golf simulator and massage studio that are unmatched by any other institution.

The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

               UCLA is famous for producing some of the best sporting talents in the country. This has been made possible by the Recreation Department in the institution that is equipped with quality, diversified equipment.

             Most importantly UCLA has incorporated a daily fitness schedule in most of its activities to promote health and well-being among its community.

University of North Dakota

             Have you heard of 'Cosmic Climbing' before? Well, the University of North Dakota is the undisputed home of rock climbing among much other fitness and activity-based events. Apart from beneficial workout programs and modern lifting equipment, the university also offers healthy cooking services in the culinary section. That means bodybuilders can monitor their diet and even have their meals prepared by professional nutritionists.

            Most importantly, the university offers special fitness classes for students and members of staff at a time of their convenience. Its most popular sessions include cardio boxing and Bootcamp that are open to any member of the university community.

University of Alabama – Birmingham

             Last but not least is the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The recreation center on this campus focuses on bodybuilding and general fitness. Students are offered beneficial training programs and fitness classes in a range of fitness areas. For instance, some fitness classes take students through yoga exercises, Zumba, Pilates, among others.

         Most importantly, the institution has come up with several team-building activities to challenge students who wish to push their fitness limits. The fact the institution organizes internal contests in various fitness activities makes it the best for bodybuilders looking forward to participating in IFBB competitions. Finally, fitness rooms at the University of Alabama give students a breath-taking panoramic view of the campus.


            Campus gyms are quite instrumental in helping students who want to pursue careers in fitness and bodybuilding. The best thing about these gyms is that most of them are free so you don’t have to pay membership fees. Being a student or staff member in the institution is enough to give you access to all the resources in the recreation center. Most importantly, college gyms create a perfect environment for people to train in groups and to motivate/inspire each other. These are only some of the many well-equipped gyms found in various Universities across the states. We hope you find one that best suits you. Also, scroll through our blogs for plenty of inspiring articles and training programs.

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