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The Full Body Training During A Session



The Full Body Training During a Session

Training the whole body during one session considered the fastest way for 99% of bodybuilders to increase muscle mass, strength and burn fat. Despite being very effective in achieving these goals, total training continues to be the most underutilized routine in the gym. If you are on a split routine for an extended period of time, then switching to total training workout will give you a lot of benefits. Total training workouts are highly indicated for beginners or experienced bodybuilders.

There is two types of full body workout: the performance in each session of the same set of exercises, or the performance of different exercises on the same muscle groups. The first type is most common among powerlifters, as well as in gyms with a limited range of sports equipment. Currently, there is no consensus on the effectiveness of the system. She has both its supporters and opponents. Here is why.

Let’s further quickly discuss what category of bodybuilders can use total workout for best benefits:

-First of all, the total workout is highly recommended for overweight people. Namely, people who belong to endomorph body type, and people with an intermediate type between the endomorph and mesomorph). Using this method they will be able to greatly deal with the accumulation of fat. It is recommended to regularly perform such workouts, 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps with average weights.

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- The total workout is very effective for bodybuilders who are in the stage of sports plateau. Perform 2 of 2-6 reps and you will get incredible results. The diversity of exercises using, in this case, is limited to 3 main types: squats, deadlifts, and barbell shoulder press. The full workout should be performed once a week, alternating it in other training days with hyperextensions and barbell shoulder press.

-Another category which full workout fit best is starter bodybuilding. Is highly advisable to use this method during the first 8-12 months of training. Also, it’s very important during this period you can do the same exercises since muscle adaptation is not occurring during such a period. But after this, you have to make some changes in your training program.

-Full workout perfectly fits bodybuilders in the precompetitive period, namely up to 4 months before this event. It is perfect for muscle definition. Workouts have to be done in a high-intensity mode with 8-20 repetitions and 4-6 sets with a work weight for each exercise.

-And last but not the least, the total workout is perfect for all bodybuilders for diversifying exercise program and for struggling with muscle adaptation. The length of the full workout should be no longer than three months.
Also, in this category can be included people who train two times a week.

Not everything that works great for one category of people can be utilized by others with the same success. This is available in case of total training. Despite it works great for endomorph and mesomorph, it totally not fit ectomorphs- people with a lean body. The main cause is that these people will not have enough time to recover between workouts.

Also, the total workout is not recommended for people who enjoy training just from time to time. Firstly, because this type of training requires a lot of effort and create a significant burden on the cardiovascular system. And without good pharmacological support, they are simply unable to recover body resources between workouts.

Let’s further the advantages and disadvantages of working your whole body during a single session:

Body Training During

-During each session are involved in work all group of muscles, which is very effective for avoiding body’s atrophy.

-During each training is synthesized enough testosterone to stimulate muscle growth;

-If you choose to do a diversified full body workout each time you go in the gym than during each session muscles are at different angles, in different sequences, making it virtually impossible for muscle adaptation.

-Total body training helps you to reduce the number of workouts to two, three times per week.

-If you do the same exercises during full body training that is developed positive muscle adaptation. It as about addiction of muscle to a particular movement, As you suppose, this fact limits the growth of muscle mass but encourages the development of strength and muscle endurance.

Among disadvantages, should be mentioned the following ones:

-Full body training is tiring, and if you are not very well prepared it may cause in time overtraining;

-Performing the same exercises for 2-3 months can cause a loss of interest and reduces the motivation for training.

-The length of full body training is somehow longer than a traditional one, that’s why the latest exercises are performed usually at the limits of efforts.

-Since full body workout includes shoulder barbell press, squats and deadlifts the stress on the joints and the cardiovascular system is high. That's why people who have some health issues with these regions should avoid this program method.

Full body training is totally different from split style training. The last one is the most useful in the gym and is great to use as it offers more time for recovery. Also, you can choose upper or lower split, push or pull split and so one. You can choose whatever type of slip you want, depending on your personal preferences and experience.

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Another important advantage assigned to the split method is the possibility to focus on weaknesses and work them the way you want. Only compound movements can help you with this, and it is no room for them in case of full body training. Compare to split program training, full body workout make you focus on most useful movements, that work great for more than one group of a muscle of your body.

Since it composed form 2-3 types of exercises, you have to choose one exercise for the lower part, other. For the upper part like push and pull. Also, for a great impact on your body, you can include in your full body training one explosive movement, as deadlifts with weights.

With the points above in mind,  can be said that full body training is a great alternative to split training method. Full body training includes basic movements while splitting one compound. However, the method you decide to use for your training depends only on you. It is influenced by goals, training history and other factors specific to your daily life.

Keep in mind that our body needs contracts in order to do not get stuck at a level and have no progress. And all this despite your hard work in the gym. That’s why if you are on a split training method is the right time to take in consideration full body training during a session. And vice versa.  Nevertheless, be careful to all the disadvantages of full body training, if you find that it does not fit you is better to avoid it.

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