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How Much Does it Cost to Make Your Own Steroid Brand?




Make Your Own Steroid Brand: 

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       Yes, you can make your own steroid brand, but you should know first how you can make steroids.  For this purpose, you must have a powder of a requisite compound and oils to cook the powder in proper quantities. The most important thing to consider is to obtain a pure and authorized powder.

Is it Safe!

     You must follow accurate steps and if you work carelessly, it will cause something bad with your product. You must be cautious about ingredients, right combinations and proper steps to make the best product in the best way.

Bottles for own steroid brand 

Proper Ingredients:

Proper Ingredients

        Decide first what steroid you are going to make, you need powders and oils to make steroids. Consult with professionals for accuracies and concerns.


       To start a brand, you must be familiar with the requisite equipment. You need powered products,   steroid producing kits, beakers, syringes, and sterile filters, oil of sesame/Arachis, purified water, and Benzyl alcohol.

Proper Steps:

     For every steroid, there are little variations in the procedures. For 10 grams powder,  consider testosterone cypionate,  you need a small quantity of Benzyl Alcohol about  0.08ml,

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     Benzyl Benzoate 8ml, oil of 23.2ml,  syringes 3cc & 5/10cc, gauge needles18 or 20, beaker and sterile filter. Add powder form in a sterilized beaker and then add benzyl benzoate and Benzyl alcohol then heat slowly to dissolve the powder, take out the solution through a syringe.

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      If you take 1 kg of steroid, you need a liquid that is oil and you can take oil 100 ml to mix with 1 kg of powder. You can mix it in the sterilized pot or container. After it, place it in a moderately heated environment, you can bake it to make tablets and keep it as a liquid form. You can order online to buy the powder form. You can consider these basic steps and can evaluate how the quantities can be increased and decreased according to the production targets.

Be Accurate!

      You must be familiar with the exact recipes of steroid production. You can consult with the professional and can read more: Step by step guide to cooking your own injectable steroids from raw powders

      First, you can start with the small, and further expand it. The making process is not tough but it is a technical process. The current work is about cost estimation. The basic cost is imposed by hormone powder, and every hormone has a different cost.  I consulted with Chinese sellers about the prices of medicine grade steroid hormone powders. You can order 99% pure products if you search online sources accurately:

  • HGH raw powder: Cost per box is the US $35-100 and you can order a minimum of 500 Boxes.
  • Testosterone steroid/Clomiphene citrate:  For 1 gram of testosterone cost is the US $9.00-$10.00, and you can minimum order 1 gram powder.
  • Raw Anastrozole/Arimidex Steroid powder:  Cost of 1 kg Anastrozole is the US $4000.00-$4500.00.  You can minimum order 1 kg of anastrozole.
  • Raw Progesterone steroids powder: The cost of   1 gram Progesterone steroids powder is the US $1.00-$10.00. You can minimum order 1 gram of powder.
  • Raw Epiandrosterone steroid Powder:  The cost of 1 kg Epiandrosterone steroid powder is the US $100.00-$ 650.00.  You can minimum order 1 Kg of steroid powder.
  • Albuterol Sulfate/ Salbutamol Sulfate/ Mozal Steroid powder:  The cost of 1 kg Albuterol Sulfate white powder is the US $1.00-$500.00 and you can minimum order 1 Kg of the powder.
  • Raw Clomiphene Citrate/ Clomid Steroid powder:   The cost of Clomiphene Citrate powder is the US $1.00-$700 and you can minimum order 0.01 Kg of product.
  • Clomiphene Citrate (Raw) / Clomid Steroids powder:  The cost of 1 gram of Clomiphene Citrate is the US $1.00-$ 100.00, you can minimum order 1 gram of product.

General Prices

  • Tadanafil (Raw) / Tadalafil steroid powder: The cost of 1 gram Tadanafil steroid powder is US $1.00-$ 10.00, you can minimum order 10 grams of powder.
  • Raw IGF 1lr3 peptide Steroid Powder: The cost of 1 box IGF 1lr3 peptide is the US $35.00-$285.00 and you can minimum order 1 Box.
  • Steroid Raw Vardenafil Clomid Powder: The cost of 1Acre Vardenafil Clomid is the US $8.00-$10.00, you can place a minimum order of 10 Acres.
  • Raw Anastrozole/Arimidex steroid powder: The cost of 1 Kg Anastrozole/Arimidex steroid powder is the US $4300.00-$4500.00. You can place a minimum order of 1 Kg of powder.
  • Raw Salbutamol Sulfate/Albuterol Sulfate Steroid Powder:  The cost of 1 kg Salbutamol Sulfate is the US $1.00-$500.00, you can place a minimum order of 1 Kilogram.
  • Raw Clomid/Clomiphene Citrate steroids powder: The cost of 1 g Clomid/Clomiphene Citrate Steroids powder is the US $1.00-$20.00 and you can place a minimum order of 1 Gram.

      The Vials price ranges $140 to $190. The price of other materials and equipment is not so high. You can contact online suppliers to get the information about the powders and equipment you want for steroids making.  

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       You can buy any sort of steroids from the trusted market.  It may be possible that some brand suits you more than the other brand, but if you make steroid by yourself. You can rely on it because you would know about the components.

       The powders form is about 50 to 60 % less costly as compared to steroids, you can easily order the powder form. Moreover, the production time is not lengthy.

Fun Facts:

       You can naturally increase the hormonal production in your body, what you need to do! Lift heavy weights with specified movements, eat more cholesterol diet, and try to sleep early, and meditate for stress-reduction; It will double your hormonal levels.

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