Testosterone: Is It A Must For All Steroid Cycles Or Not?

There is a long debate on the steroid world about the importance of testosterone for running a successful cycle. Most of people recommended it to be the basis of any steroid cycles, while others share the belief that it absolutely possible to increase performance by using other compounds excluding testosterone. And all this with minimal side effects on your body.

Indeed testosterone have a lot of horsepower compared to other chemical agents. The big advantage being that is well tolerated while providing with very good results. It can be stacked with every anabolic steroid and, what is really great about it, it has a powerful synergic effect. But from this one point to saying that it is indispensable to any steroid cycle is a long way.

The rough truth is that you can make you muscle get bigger and your body strengthener with or without the use of testosterone. Whether it surprise it you or not, testosterone is not irreplaceable. Yes, it was the first ever developed anabolic steroid, but the great spectrum of steroids that followed it are quite strong too.testosterone

However, the need to put a must before testosterone use is not accidental. We all may have different reasons for using it, but if we are asked why we have the same answer: for it great range of effects which other steroids are not able to provide with especially when used alone, or stacked inefficiently. There few chances to go wrong while using testosterone. Results will come whether you go with higher or lower doses. The same can not be said about all other steroids, when an increase of dosage or uninspired stack may lead to serious side effects and gains that go off once you cease them.

A dosage of 500 mg of testosterone per week is quite reasonable and provides with nice results. A 750 mg per week is a bit stronger dosage, but still safe and very beneficial for your body. The highest dosage 1000 mg of test per week is maximum allowed and, have to say, allow you to reach best results even seen by using an anabolic steroid alone. No one other steroid is able to give the same increase in body performance by using the same dosage and most importantly, not stucked with anything else.

Individual use of chemicals not gonna take you to the same level test is able to do. Largely abused drugs like Dianabol, Primobolan, Anadrol, used in any dosage are far from what test use alone brings to you. You may think the higher is the dosage the better results, but don’t kid yourself- achieving maximum effects by using these drugs alone is not possible. You just risk to harm your health in an irreversible way.

If alone use of these drugs are not able to give what you want, by stacking with test you do the best you can. Due to its synergetic effect test get out the best of all these drugs and help your body to use all substances at higher degree. Therefore, including test for its chemical characteristics is good, but its synergetic feature makes it even better.

The way steroids alone are not efficient to you, the same can be said about random combination of anabolics. By simply adding any other steroid to your cycle is not able to cause you serious gains in muscle mass or strength. Or maybe could- in side effects. Well, of course this is not what we want.
You need a proper approach to steroids stucks, otherwise there is nothing good to expect. Adding some Anadrol to your Dianabol is not gonna provide better results than Dianabol do alone.

On the other hand, a good steroids combination can make wonders even with no test use at all. Let’s take for example trenbolone and dianabol stuck. A dosage of 50mg of each of them daily is more powerful and effective than taking 700 mg of test weekly.

This is good evidence that test is not mandatory to be a basis for each steroid cycle. You can get impressive muscle gains by ignoring this drug at all. But smart people don’t do it. You should know that test can be avoided, but making it a part of your cycle will keep you always in a safe zone and up your performance.

So, let’s simply answering the question from the title by simply replacing “ must” with “should”. It is up to you to add or not test to your cycle, but every time you do it you put yourself in a free of risks zone and make sure all the bases are covered.

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