Short Steroid Cycle

Short steroid cycle

People tend to believe that building muscle using steroids is very easy to do, and do not require much knowledge about it. This is a big misunderstanding. Like all other things in this life, building muscle require hard work, to be very well informed and discipline.

One of the main issues relating to the use of anabolic steroids, is a cycle of therapy. To be clear, a cycle is a  period of time during ti a person takes steroids. This duration  can vary from 2 weeks to even few years. Yes, it is true that a year-round cycle of anabolic steroid is surely too much, and do not fit even professional bodybuilders with a long experience in the gym.

We have talked in one of the article shared on this blog about steroids cycles. That’s why further we will discuss namely about short steroid cycles, as is considered most effective and with minimum or even no side effects on our body.

Short cycles are usually based on "2 +4" principle, where 2 is the number of weeks of taking anabolic steroids, and 4 the number of weeks required for recovery. Another scheme is "3 +3", which is considered better than the first one. An interesting difference between this type of cycle is that it uses a similar scheme not just anybody, but the elite of professional bodybuilding.

Let’s see further the advantages and disadvantages of short cycles.
The main advantage of short cycles is obvious - the suppression of natural testosterone production begins after 15-21 days after the first injection (the first dose of oral medication). That is, following a short cycle, you can not suppress the production of endogenous testosterone, so you can take a break in anabolic steroids use with no losses of muscle mass. In addition, you will always increase the achievement, and not have any regression.

Also, it is much easier to adjust your workout to short, as it naturally embedded in a periodization.

Among drawbacks, the first one is the narrow  range of steroids recommended for use during short cycles. Secondly, the cost for a such cycle is somewhat higher than than longer or medium cycles, due to use of more expensive drugs. Thirdly, within few weeks can not be achieved impressive progress in muscle gain.

A steroid cycle of 21 days is the maximum period over which is not suppressed by the body's own testosterone production - more precisely, luteinizing hormone (LH).  Despite it has a high degree of risk, choosing maximum number of days  will give great results.   The fact is that during the whole cycle will be used only drugs, the more "gently" relating to LH. At the same time, there will be a day without the drug, supporting the production of this essential hormone for our body..

On the other hand, our body need  minimum 21 days for significant change in the hormonal background, and thus achieve a more or less impressive results in muscle gain.
So, as you see three weeks are minimal time required to restore production of testosterone. The same amount of time is allowed to take anabolic steroids in short cycles.

Once we understood why choosing a short steroid cycle based on three plus three is the most advantageous for us, let’s see further what  steroids have to be taken in this period.
Naturally during short cycles the best steroids are injectable ones with relatively short half-life, such as the suspension of Testosterone, Testosterone propionate, Testosterone isobutyrate, Drostanolone propionate (Masteron), Trenbolone acetate, Nandrolone phenylpropionate, injectable Stanozolol .

In addition, during three plus three cycle can be used oral steroids such as Methandrostenolone, Oxymetholone, Anavar, Trenbolone Stanozolol, Halotestin, Primobolan, Orabolin. This list is not an exhaustive one, and you can easily consider other drug too.

Compare to other drugs, Sustanon  has one major advantage of using during short cycles- the growth of testosterone aromatization process in the body when it is taken is not as sharp as in the case of the same testosterone Propionate. Also in the Sustanon is only one long-lived ester of testosterone - decanoate, and then only in an amount which can be quickly eliminated from the body.

Omnadren doesn’t have at all in its composition long-lived esters. These two types of drugs are recommended for use during the first half of the cycle. During the second half of the cycle will be taken short-lived drugs.
It would be ideal to use throughout the recovery part of steroid phase Trenbolone acetate, which has a very low half-life (1-2 days), and do not aromatize. This way it has a very limited impact on the process body's production of luteinizing hormone. Also, in the first phase can be used Primobolan, which is another painless drug. But it use is limited but it high price, and  secondly, would not give an impressive gain in strength and mass.

It will be great for you to know what drugs will be wise do not use during short cycles. The first one is Gonadotropin, a very strong drug which inhibits LH production, and this is something that shouldn’t happen.

How training program should be adapted to steroid cycle?
There are many people concerned about how a exercise program should look when taking steroids. It’s is true that workout suffer some modifications, but they are not essential. During the first three weeks you should focus your attention and all your efforts on muscle gain. Is advisable to combine strength training with pumping, without focusing on any type of muscle group.

During the second phase of short steroid cycle, namely recovery, the selection of exercises and movements must be individual. You can opt for very hard training, performed in the style of ultraslow reps. The main difference is that this kind of training will be performed only 2 times week. After this take few days off, and then come back in the gym for a intense training which goal would not be to increase muscle mass, but to keep it.

Since you will probably gain about 15 or even more pounds during short steroid cycle is very important to do cardiovascular exercises, as your heart to be able to handle your new body. For this purpose you can opt for a 3-4 times a week cardiovascular program exercises for no more than 30 minutes.

The most important is do not underestimate the importance of workout during steroid cycle and come to this problem with maximum seriosity. In case steroid use is not associated with hard training, it may cause bloating or other serious side effects unless you do not work hard in the gym to burn fat and water caused by anabolic steroids.

Summarising the above, we can say that short cycles will help you to get a decent increase of muscle mass, that are quite higher than you could do as a natural. Short cycles are are recommended for most part of bodybuilders who want to gain a nice lean body, but do not that massive body professional bodybuilder have.

Short steroid cycle offer you a faster Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (HPTA) recovery, and this means you will have minimal or even no muscle mass loss after steroid cession.

So, bodybuilders who are concerned about potential side effects steroids may have on your health, but still want to try them, can easily use short steroid cycle. Short steroid cycle has minimal or even no side effects on your health, and will allow you to keep a big percentage of gains achieved during cycle.

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