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6 Gym Myths Need To Die




       Health Is Wealth and this is one statement that no one can argue about. To keep yourself healthy is so important that people put all their efforts into this. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, walking, jogging, workout, sleeping early, waking up early, avoiding alcohol and cigarettes and it continues till a health-conscious person lives. Out of all these things, there is one health-oriented activity that most of the people prefer today; going to the Gym.

      Now gym-ing is not something that everyone is obliged to do. But in this hustle life when it is difficult to keep the check on your eating habits, your daily step count and other health precautions, going to the gym can be a savior. Just some hours from your daily routine needs to be fixed and here you go!

     You can enjoy your daily delicious meals and still have a perfect body by going to the gym. Gym keeps your body fit and active. While you tie those laces of your gym shoes, you have this immense sense of motivation to do something for your body. Your mind is distracted from all other worries and you are motivated to nail it.

      When you meet other people at the gym you have a good social circle and can have health talks too. The gym is also recommendable for lazy people, as they don’t usually prefer being active, gym hours will make them do everything.

     But... there are some misconception or myths about the gym that actually needs to die. What happens is that when something is over talked and is the topic of the town, people usually link irrelevant things to it which have nothing related to reality.

 1. Gym Every Day:

Gym Every Day      It is believed that it is compulsory to go to the gym daily, whatever the situation is. Otherwise, you won’t get a toned body. This is completely wrong. To take one or in some cases, two-day rest is must in a week.

      This cheat day from your gym will help you not to have body aches and in case you already have them, your muscles can relax. You can have less fatigue and a peaceful day at home.

       People who are addicted to some kind of workout can have a little walk to give their body some work. Take a chill pill each day, because you need it.

 2. Cardio Not Good For Muscles:

       A myth is also around the corner, that cardio is not recommended for the bodybuilders or for people who want massive muscles.

        This is not TRUE. Cardio will not make your muscles weak instead it will help them to grow and give it a lean shape. Also if you have intense cardio for around 30 minutes you muscles buffering ability will also increase.

So if it’s easy and good, why not do it?

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 3. Sweat As Much As You Can:

Sweat As Much As You Can

      Firstly, sweating is not in anyone’s control. It varies from body to body and its hydration level. Secondly, this is the most common myth and needs to be cleared. Sweating has nothing related to burning your fats.

       It is a natural phenomenon and maybe you are the sweatiest person in your gym and you haven’t reduced a pound on weighing machine.

         Obviously, when you have a tough session of the gym, you can be sweaty due to the body temperature or maybe the weather condition. So breath in, breath out and don’t gym to sweat out!

 4. Crunches Are For Abs:

Crunches Are For Abs:

        Bodybuilders believe that crunches are their way to abs. They can have a perfect six pack body by doing this difficult exercise of all time. But wait NO! Professional trainers stated that by relying on crunches for abs is not a good idea.

       The builders who have the most beautiful abs have done many other things like squats, deadlifts, interval training, and chin-ups.

       Not only this is a good amount of sleep, a balanced diet and less fatigue and stress are also very important for the desired body. So never do wrong by having those crunches only!

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 5. Weight Training Is Not For Women:

Training with too Big Weights:

        When the word weight training is heard, men are associated with it and women are of no consideration. Gym believes in gender equality and women are equally obliged to participate in weight activity. Men have the tendency to have those massive muscles easily as compared to women.

           This is because the hormone named testosterone is found more in males than in females that helps for muscle building that’s why women body takes time to develop. But this shouldn’t be the reason to bound women.

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 6. Muscle Soreness Means Better Gym:

Is Muscle Soreness  Needed after a Workout?

        Bodybuilders usually believe in this myth that sore muscles are an indication of better performance at the gym. This is so not true, muscles are sore because the body prepares the muscle to bear up the pressure applied to them.

      Once the muscle is adapted to this pressure it won’t be more like your first day at the gym. This soreness is also called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and has nothing to show off which most bodybuilders do.

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How to Deal with the Myths?

        Myths are something that holds you back from doing better at anything. You will be in doubt and kind of relying on every myth. Usually, the people in your gym will make you believe in the totally irrelevant thing that has no link with reality.

        In order to vanish these myths from your life or clear the misconceptions about exercising and gym, you need to consult a professional trainer or even a doctor. They can guide you better on what to do and what to avoid. Everything that is the topic of the town is not true and people should be aware of the facts.

        The gym is a good ad healthy activity and nothing on this earth shall stop you from doing this. If you got enough motivation then do start it, concentrate on your body goals and most importantly consult a doctor or a professional trainer to get your mind clear from any doubt about your health.

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