Trenbolone Side Effects: Night Sweats And Reduced Cardio Capacity

Although there are people who take Trenbolone and have no side effects at all, there are others who use it and face unpleasant side effects, such as extreme night sweats. Although those who suffer of such side effects consider the results worth it, despite the unpleasant, extreme sweats, they were still wondering whether these issues are normal or not. Also, those people facing such issues were wondering whether they will always suffer of these side effects or not.


The trenbolone users have complaint many times about its side effects, which mainly included less cardiac as well as night sweats. However, these are not generally met effects, which mean that not every user of trenbolone has them, although there are many who accused such side effects in their case.

ResponsesTrenbolone  The cardiovascular problem is mainly associated with eminent hematocrit. This happens in some of the cases of trenbolone users who accused this issue as a result of their trenbolone use. As it has already been established, athletes who participated in utmost level of viable cycling have sought great hematocrit stages. The high levels of hematocrit helped them by sustaining the bigger power productivity, which means they developed a better cardio performance.

Further Explanation

However, this cardio performance due to the high levels of hematocrit is not a universal regulation. This can also cause higher blood viscosity or greater blood thickness, when it comes along with:

-          Higher oxygen transporting capacity

-          Higher hematocrit

Other Examples

It has been established that even if the hematocrit levels remain in the usual limits, according to one study, the aerobic ability of some athletes can be better with mid-range otherwise low-midrange hematocrit levels, rather than with the high-usual hematocrit values.

It is possible that during an anabolic steroid cycle, the hematocrit level goes drastically above the normal range. As far as the anabolic steroid user observes a negative side effect of this drug, it is recommended that he checks the hematocrit level, as this may be the cause that determines the apparition of such side effects. If the hematocrit level is around 53 or even higher, then it is highly recommended that the user discontinues the use of anabolic steroid for the moment.

Other Problems

However, in the case the hematocrit level is in the normal range, there is no answer to explain the lessen cardiac capacity. In such case, there were people claiming that lung pain could be one of the factors that determine this reduced cardio capacity. For this cause, however, it is needed to consult further medical evidence, as this is not one of the known causes by users of trenbolone.

Dosage Limitation

In order to avoid or deal with this cardio issue that might be caused by the use of trenbolone, some users get to limit their dosage of trenbolone for 50mg/day instead of 75mg/day or 100mg/day. The Trenbolone is an effective steroid, so that 50mg/day of trenbolone offers amazing effects as a fraction of a steroid stack.


About night sweats

As for the problem regarding the night sweats, there is no explanation, as it seems to only strike randomly, which means that not every trenbolone user suffers from this side effect. It also depends in the case of the similar person, as it might occur in some cycles, while it may not occur in others. The only recommendation that can help avoid the night sweats as much as possible is to get the room as cool as it is possible. Also, the user who faces this issue, may also use beach towels in order to sop up the sweat.

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