Trenbolone cycle

Trenbolone cycle

Nowadays bodybuilders have the chance to choose from a wide range of anabolic steroids to get their muscle growing. Each of them have powerful characteristics and can help you to increase your muscle mass or to cut the way you want it.  But, there is only one steroid who stand above all of them, and this is Trenbolone, or also called Tren. It is considered the king of all steroids, being 3 times stronger than testosterone and exceed 4 time the qualities of nandrolone.

That’s is why further in this article we will talk about  the most effective and powerful anabolic steroid of the last three decades.
Tren became popular back in ‘70s, during the gold age of bodybuilding. And continue to be very solicited among bodybuilders nowadays too. The main advantage of Tren is its versatility. Most of anabolic steroids are used  just for cutting or for bulking, or in other words they have a narrow range of function. Contrary, tren is the only steroid who can be equally well used for bulking, cutting, leaning out or for increasing strength.

Tren is an injectable steroid, which comes in many forms. The most popular of them are Trenbolone-Acetate (small ester version) and  Trenbolone-Enanthate (large ester version). Trenbolone Hex (parabolan) is another form of Tren, but not as popular.
The main difference between these variation of tren is their duration of their half life: 2 days for Trenbolone-Acetate, 8 days for Trenbolone-Enanthate and parabolan has about 10 days of half life.

Along with many forms of tren esters, it can be found in tablets too. Tren tablets has high level of toxicity and damage your liver. They are produced in small quantities, since are not required by bodybuilders.

Tren is a derivative of Nandrolone, but it is very different from its predecessor.  Nandrolone under the influence of 5A reductase converts into much weaker dihydronandrolone, and thus has no great effects on body. On the other hand, Tren is not subject of 5A reductase and the functions of androgen are fully revealed.  There are only two steroids -Trenbolone and Fluoxymesterone- which were made changes on ring B and C.

trenbalone cycle

Due to its structure, tren do not aromatase, but it has the ability to activate the progesterone receptor. This advantage put tren in the same line with nandrolone or anadrol. If stacked with other anabolic steroids, tren can improve estrogen features of these steroids.
Generally, tren has no estrogenic side effects as gynecomastia and water retention.

Tren use has a lot of benefits, and to make them clear we will mention them below.
Here they are:
-Greatly increase muscle mass;
-Help to burn body fat;
-Increase strength;
-Fasten recovery;
-Keep the muscle mass;
-Improve vascularity.
-Help you to get a lean and hardened look.

If all anabolic steroids are great for building muscle mass, tren do it to a far greater degree. And this is it big plus.  Bodybuilder who use it should expect big increases in strength and size, and with no side effects if follow the right dosage.

Tren side effects
Like in case of drugs, regardless of their type, tren has some adverse side-effects that you have to take in consideration. But in this case, the occurrence of side effects depends on each individ and his sensitivity. There are many people who use tren for years, and had no issue with it. Meantime, there are bodybuilders who fail to use tren since its  the side effects occurs from the first administered dose. It will be right to say that it is all about individual reaction and sensitivity to this drug.

The most important adverse effects associated with tren supplementation are hair loss, high blood pressure, acne, suppression of testosterone production. But all of them can be diminish by taking special drugs, meant to counter the occurrence of these side effects. Do not forget to take some forms of exogenous testosterone, since this will help you to keep your muscles growing.

Along with these important side effects, there are few that are very common, that occurs especially in cases of using high doses of tren. So, if you decided to take tren be ready for anxiety, low libido, erectile dysfunction, insomnia,  high heart rate. This doesn’t means that you will experience all of them at once, there can be just one or two occurence of them. Every time before getting involved in tren cycle make sure you follow the right doses. Do not go  for higher dosage hoping that this will bring you better results. It can be possible, but along with it you may get serious health issues.

Tren dosage
If you are a newbie in chemical bodybuilding know that every steroid cycle, regardless of its type and goal, has to include testosterone. All of them suppress natural testosterone production, with main difference that they do you it in a different degree. Tren is considered one of these steroid that shut down natural testosterone production in a hard way, thus adding a test product is imminent. There are people who rely on tren strong characteristics, and avoid adding test to their cycle. But this  is a huge mistake, be wise and make sure you will not repeat it!

For beginners, tren stacked with test would be great first steroid cycle. Such a cycle should be 8 weeks length, since you have no previous tren experience. If you have it you can do it 12 weeks. Take 50 mg of tren every other day throughout the cycle, this being considered the safest dose. You can choose to use higher doses if you have previous tren use experience, otherwise you risk to develop some of the above mentioned side effects.

Generally, tren stack well with any kind of anabolic steroid. However, for bulking up is best to stack it with test and dbol. For cutting stack it with test, winstrol or anavar.

Regardless you are looking to cut, bulk or lean out, you have to carefully run post cycle therapy. Mising this stage, may cause loss of results achieved during tren cycle. Post cycle therapy (PCT) has the same importance as the cycle itself.
You can opt for standard PCT based on HCG, Clomid or Nolvadex. Advanced tren steroid cycle users are advised to extend the duration of post cycle therapy.

Do not forget about rest and diet. Follow a protein rich diet and rest at least 8 hours per day.

As you see tren is one of the most powerful anabolic steroid that have ever exist. It is perfect for goals like cutting, bulking, strengthening or leaning out. Instead, it has serious side effects, that you have to consider before getting involved in a such steroid cycle. Tren shut down testosterone production, may cause hair loss, acne, erectile dysfunction,  and increase of blood pressure. Most of these side effects are caused by the use of higher doses than recommended. That’s why most of experienced bodybuilders advice to begin with 50 mg each other day during 8 weeks. This is a safe dose, with minimal or even no side effects. During the next tren cycle you can use higher dose, 100 mg each other day.

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    Body builders are using Trenbolone cycle for muscle growing but there is a limit of using Trenbolone cycle. Our dosing will be at 50mg every other day that people should note.

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