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Ugly Bodies After Steroids.




      Steroids have good effects and as well as bad effects on users. The current work is about steroids ugly side-effects that may be internal or external. It may give rise to multiple problems within the body while externally, it changes the appearance and sometimes the user has to go for surgery option due to permanent body changes.

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Long-term use

         Most athletes use steroids and doctors also use them for medical purpose, but misuse and irregular use develops serious illness symptoms. If you take steroid medication, do not stop its’ use suddenly. Otherwise, you will face problems, as the steroid use stops immune system functioning and the user may get infectious diseases and many other health problems such as high sugar levels.


        Steroids are synthetic hormones that resemble natural hormones. Steroid use for short periods does not have side-effects. Initially, the user has pleasant feelings but long-term use causes depression and mental issues. Long-term use has severe effects, and the common impacts include behavioral and mood changes, osteoporosis, weight gain, and other external and internal body issues.

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Steroids types

      Popular steroids are:


Anadrole here >>


DecaDuro here >>


Stanozolol here >>


Euipoise BD >>


Anavar here >>


Winsol here >>

         Dianabol: People take Dianabol orally and it is in the market since 1955. Scientists it is the most popular anabolic steroid that increases body mass significantly. Dianabol prolonged use produces gynecomastia factors such as man boobs, voice, and features changes. Also, it gives rise to water retention problem and high BP. It basically promotes masculinization effects along with many other internal and ugly bodies.

D-Bal is a Dianabol alternative that is also a famous steroid.

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Appearance Problems / External issues

      Steroids use negatively changes body appearance and thus, lowers self-esteem. Serious symptoms include weight increase, skin and hair oiliness,  and development of cysts, bloating,  high cholesterol & blood pressure, high sexual desire,  acne,  behavioral changes, shaking and body stretch marks.

Other Ugly Body Problems are created such as:

  • Anabolic steroids are male endogenous sex hormones that exactly work like natural hormones. These hormones stimulate and accelerate male characteristics development for example voice deepening, excessive facial hair increase and male sex body organs growth. Anabolic steroids promote the development of muscle and bone tissues.
  • It gives rise to skin problems, for instance, thinning skin, reddening, and appearance of colored- spots on the skin.
  • In women, it causes the appearance of male characters that alter the whole personality.
  • Anabolic steroids use has numerous impacts as it alters the regular pattern of hormonal production. If you stop drug use then some effects are reversed while some persist for instance,  in women deepened voice problem is irreversible.
  • The skin develops severe acne problem and becomes very oily, moreover, heavy hair growth seems visible that damages the personality.
  • Mood fluctuations, aggression, irritability, and depression are other problems; depression symptoms remain even after the one year of drug stoppage.
  • In men, it causes breast enlargement that is irreversible.
  • In men and women, it fastens the process of balding due to severe hair loss.
  • Steroid use gives rise to muscle dysmorphia disorder in which a body part becomes de-shaped and gives the ugly appearance. Changes appear such as the crooked nose, uneven smile, and eyes structure modification that gives a monstrous look.

Internal Body Problems 

  • Steroid use causes cataracts and duodenal ulcers that will bring indigestion problems.
  • Sudden withdrawal from steroids’ use develops problems because your body can not resume the natural steroid production levels that cause weakness, sickness, tiredness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, low sugar level, and low BP. However, a gradual reduction in steroid in-take helps the body in gaining balance and poses less severe impacts.
  • Growing boys, it results in delayed puberty.
  • Causes the failure of gonads, physiological activity, and impotence problem.
  • Women, it causes breast cancer, and hormonal imbalance also leads to other problems such as anemia, osteoporosis, and endometriosis. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle, infertility, excess body hair, and voice deepening are other potential problems. It may also cause menstrual dysfunction and enlarged clitoris.
  • It also impacts major internal body organs such as the liver, kidney,  and heart.

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  • It affects body cholesterol level and blood lipids.
  • It results in high blood pressure, testicles shrinking, the risk of prostate cancer, painful urination, and even sperm absence and infertility in men.
  • In teens, it results impeded growth.
  • Use of unsterile injections causes infections spread in the body.

Mode of Intake to Avoid Ugly Bodies

      The steroids are taken through injection, mouth, and skin routes. These are also available in creams form that is applied to the skin.  Injection mode is most famous and steroids are directly injected into body muscles. Athletes use 100 times higher dose than the recommended medicine dose. Moreover, the “stacking” process involves higher dosing.   

Mode of Action

       Anabolic steroids are testosterone synthetic derivatives, for example, oxandrolone, methyltestosterone, and danazol etc., that enhance performance by increasing protein synthesis rate for muscles and whole body while fat mass remains the same.

Fun facts

        Steroids use is prohibited and strictly restricted in Sports. Athletes use steroids to build heavy muscles, strength and to improve performance. Steroid use is not allowed in any sort of competition by Anti-Doping U.S. Agency or USADA and World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA and International Committee of Olympic or IOC and Athletic Association National Collegiate or NCAA.

     Anabolic steroids use can affect the user of any age resulting in ugly bodies. NIDA institute indicated that athletes were the major user group of steroid products. A survey was conducted in 2017 determined that people have no awareness about steroid’s impacts. The ATLAS program for Adolescents’ Training and The ATHENA program for athlete nutritional guidance have been launched for awareness of steroid users.

Precautions to Avoid Ugly Bodies

  • You must consult with a doctor to check your blood sugar and BP on weekly or monthly bases to avoid complications.
  • Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs when you are on steroids otherwise, they will develop a stomach ulcer.
  • You must be highly careful about the drug dose, and your condition.

         People with a serious illness must avoid oral steroids.  Steroids’ effects are very harmful, and physical effects and ugly bodies seem obvious, while internal damage also is irreversible. The treatment centers offer particular recovery treatment programs for steroid users for treatment of cancer, AIDS, jaundice etc. The user may become addicted to its use and centers also offer therapy sessions for recovery.

Steroids –The abuse and Ugly bodies

      Long-term use changes brain functionality with time, and make the patient of anger, delusions, paranoia, heart attack, kidney failure, stroke, liver tumors, and blood diseases. Data shows that above 40 % of steroid users have developed negative symptoms after steroid use. Doctor Edward Craig, professor of sports medicine said that steroids use highly affects younger body than professional mature athletes’ body.

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