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Bulking Steroid Cycle

Bulking Steroid Cycle

Individuals that are into performance sports like bodybuilding, who wants to bulk up and gain mass at the shortest possible time can consider using bulking steroids.

This type of steroid is the most preferred anabolic steroids on the planet and include every anabolic androgenic steroid known to man; however, one needs to do some research work before getting into steroids.

Furthermore, bulking steroids are also considered to be efficient in cutting cycles just remember that not all bulking steroids are created equal. Some are better than others.

Here is a short guideline of some important things to remember when looking for the best bulking steroids. Also, to fully understand the effects of these hormones, one should take into consideration his or her objective.

Anybody can take bulking steroids, from amateurs to professionals and even field athletes who happen to need a boost on mass or a simple gym rat who has a knack for being bulky.

Whatever the case may be, getting the desired mass of the body has been largely dependent on food intake and proper dosing, but genetics also plays an important role here. For that individual who prefers a mild boost, Anavar and Primobolan will work just fine.

Quality is Important:

qualityDozing off with anabolic steroid means adding size and bulk. One common myth is, a person taking in anabolic will also have an increase in strength. It is not always the case.

However, there are specific anabolic steroids, like Halotestin, that can increase strength quickly, but will not add any weight to an individual.

Then there are several steroids as well that causes the body to hold excess water, add this to a huge amount of food intake, will result in a bloated effect to the user.

One needs to consider the quality of the added mass to the body. Many anabolic users, especially the new ones do not fully understand the cause and effect of an anabolic steroid. The common perception is if one wants to gain mass, use steroids and go to the gym. It is not as simple as that.

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To cite an example for the above scenario, after taking in the best bulking steroids money can buy and take in an abundance of food and gym hours once can immediately gain 20 to 30 pounds within a few weeks. The feeling is great when one thought of gaining 20 pounds of muscle in a very short period of time. However, sad to say this, but it is not 20 pounds of muscle.

Gained weight does not translate directly to lean tissue buildup and 20 pounds of pure muscle is a hard feat to conquer, even a seasoned veteran will consume a lot of gym hours to gain this amount. Strength and weight gained is not a good gauge for success. Nevertheless, a mirror is a good measurement of success and only the one. The reflection is seen by a bodybuilder is the measurement of success.

In order to achieve success, one needs to consider a lot of things here, especially for those who will be using bulking steroids.

Best Available Bulking Steroids on The Planet:

Best Available Bulking Steroids on the Planet.

Steroids are known to be a catalyst in gaining a huge amount of muscle mass. Individuals who are planning to have a body as big as the Hulk will not have a problem with regards to steroids.   There are bulking steroids available that can make this dream come true.

The best-known steroids for bulking, in no particular order, are Testosterone, Dianabol, Trenbolone, Stanozolol, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon and Boldenone. It is also known that a certain combination of these drugs can create better results.

An ideal drug for bulking, cutting and strength gain is testosterone. It is composed of three esters, cypionate, enanthate and propionate that can be used for cutting cycles. However, propionate is known to play a big part in keeping those muscles mass.

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Enanthate, on the other hand, is known as the base for bulking steroids and can be combined with a wide variety of steroids. Individuals who are sensitive to estrogenic side effects are advised not to take this in.   A dose of 500 to 600mg of enanthate ester is advisable for novices or persons considered to be of average weight and should be taken every week for a period of six to eight weeks.

A dose of 1000 mg and more, is recommended for advanced bodybuilders and should be taken per week. Too much dosage intake can have harmful effects on the body. It is known to be painful, causes itching and may also cause limping for a day.

Bodybuilders who are familiar with these steroids are attesting that Trenbolone is the best steroid so far, which is subdivided into two types - Acetate or Parabolan and Enanthate. Acetate or Parabolan is effective in gaining a huge amount of muscle mass and at the same time, taking out a lot of fats.

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As a general rule in choosing bulking steroids, an individual needs to weigh in on the results it can produce. One needs to choose the most efficient and effective steroids but still considering the possible side effects if too much were consumed. Each individual anabolic steroid has its own downside. So this is a calculated risk.

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Seasoned bodybuilders will definitely vouch for the effects of testosterone as the best one there is and considers it as the king. They are also advising new users to make testosterone as the base for bulking steroids and in reality, it is the only steroid that an individual needs. Although there are some individuals who try to combine testosterone with some more in order to hasten out the mass-gaining process.

Rearranging the steroids based on the benefits they can provide, the list will end up like this:

For an individual who still wants to doze in bulking steroids during the low months or off-season, the options to consider are Equipoise and Winstrol. These steroids can still create those additional muscles mass, but that much compared to the top five steroids mentioned earlier.

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