Elucidation Of Best Bulking Steroids

When working on bulking, you want to think about testosterone. Even if you decide to use another steroid as main in the cycle, you will still need certain amount of testosterone (let's say 200 mg) to keep bulking process steady.

Best bulking steroids for the cycle
As already said, when you are deciding which steroids to choose for your bulking cycle, you will not make mistake if you go with combination of three from these: Testosterone, Tren, Dianabol, Deca, Anadrol. With these steroid combinations you will probably get best results when building mass and adding strength.

Examples of bulking steroid cycles

Cycle I: Testosterone, Dianabol and Deca  stack

This one is combination of Testosterone, Dianabol and Deca and it lasts four and half months. Cycle is designed for longer because it will be easier to maintain gain then with shorter cycle. You will go with 50 mg per day of Dianabol for first month and half. Along with it (but also until the end of cycle) you will use Testosterone in amount of 100 mg daily. Deca will be used for first 41 months in amount of 600 mg per week.

During this cycle, you should work with weights daily (leaving one day for rest) and putting on weight as well as repeating sets as much as possible. With this cycle you can easily get at least 30 lbs of muscle mass or more.

Cycle II:Testosterone, Tren and Anadrol stack

Here we have combination of Testosterone, Tren and Anadrol, and cycle lasts 4 months. Throughout cycle you will use 600 mg Testosterone per week along with 400 mg of Tren per week for first 2 months of cycle; Anadrol will be used during first month of cycle in 100 mg daily amount.

This is excellent combo for both mass and strength. Anadrol can give you as much as 11 lbs of muscle daily during first half month, which indeed sounds fantastic. It will also provide you much more strength then you would expect. Yes, when you stop with Anadrol you will notice significant loss in bulk, but there will be lean mass thanks to Tren. In the end, this cycle might give you around 30-40 lbs muscle mass gain when you finish with cycle, while at the same time losing over 15 lbs of fat.
Both of the example cycles give good results, and you will not go wrong with either.

If you are considering bulking cycle with oral steroids, it would be good to go with 100 mg per day and to cut down cycle to month and half, as oral steroids put too much of strain on liver and kidneys as they are more toxic. Additionally, with oral steroids it is good to use Lagosa to help liver work out through steroids during bulking cycle.

Possible side effects during bulking steroid cycle and what to do about it
However, one should also take into an account possible side effects of steroid cycles that suppress natural testosterone production, which in addition also decreases natural resources of estrogen levels. Although it might seem strange, men also have certain amount of estrogen in body, and lack of it can cause problems such as low sexual drive, or complete lack of it, mood swings and depressive episodes and problems with joints.

In order to go over such problem, you can get hcg hormone, which is easy to get online from abroad. Usage of approximately 100 IU per day will help you keep normal testosterone level and prevent problems with estrogen level.
Of course, above given cycles are examples that can be adjusted per your individual needs.


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